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The fact that the two presidential candidates have been in eastern North Carolina within a week of each other underscores how important a battleground our state has become. Newschannel 3’s Steve Rondinaro covered both the McCain and Obama events. There was in-depth coverage when John McCain visited Wilmington. Steve went to Fayetteville Sunday, wanting to get a similar first-hand look at Barack Obama in action. Barack Obama’s soaring oratory inspires a loyal and impassioned following. At times, he assumes a preachers rhythm, sweeping the willing crowd along with him "I think the winds of change are blowing. Not just here in North Carolina, but in Virginia…," said Obama. Barack wear is high fashion at the event in Fayetteville. From t-shirts to buttons all over. There is even a Barack Obama action figure. Retired school principal, Beverly Scott, was at the event wearing Obama earrings and an Obama watch. "It’s time for change," she said. Super star swooning aside, that is the Obama message that is resonating with his supporters; across racial lines and genders. Carrie Bradley of Hope Mills said, "I like with the older adults what he’s going to do about health care." "I like that he’s the father of young children and cares about the future. That’s what it’s all about, the future," said Eileen Donagh of Fayetteville. "I believe he’s a man of his word. I believe he’s going to do what he says he’s going to do," added Fayetteville resident, Herman Gordon. Obama’s early voting message is being heeded here in North Carolina and across the country. The last break-down we saw showed Democrats in the heavy majority of those who have already voted.

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142 Comments on "The Obama following"

2015 years 10 months ago

I can’t say I agree with GUEST fully, but most Yankees I run into keep saying “this is how we did it up north” “Up north we had this and this” IF IT WAS SO DANG GREAT THERE GO BACK!!!!!

I have lived in NC most of my life and I love this State and Town, but since the influx of “YANKEES” all I’ve seen are more RUDE WHINY people, no more smiles and polite hellos. People from “up north” are afraid to smile at strangers…may get mugged…OH NO!!!

what ever head back up north if you don’t like our ways here!

2015 years 10 months ago

You should be ashamed!!
Obama is the one that the being held as the “Messiah”..

Where is the real concern for our country? Obama’s past affliliations and efforts to cover up his past and current affliations should be of concern to us all! We don’t see the liberal media bringing it to light. hmmm. I wonder why? We are more concerned with ripping apart Palin and making a big deal over her clothing rather than basing this election on truth. Obama is a liar and we are headed for disaster with this man a president. 3 years in the senate is hardly PRESIDENT WORTHY!I know that the argument is then “Palin has no experience either” but she has accomplished more as a governor than Obama has in his 3 years in the senate. Would there be a better choice for McCain for VP? Sure. But it is what it is. McCain would be the president now if elected. Not Palin – unless something happened. OBAMA_ with his lack of experience is who many are choosing as PRESIDENT NOW??? Granted Biden has much more experience but… who is running for PRESIDENT now? And are we willing to sacrifice today for what “could happen if McCain died because he is old?” tomorrow as far as McCain/ Palin go? We used to hold the presidency in such high regard. What happened along the way? I know that many many mistakes have been made with the current administration however let’s not vote on emotion! Yes we need change, however we must be wise and not vote OBAMA simply because he uses the word CHANGE so freely. Discernment, Wisdom, Truth, Honesy, and EXPERIENCE AND KNOW HOW – must be a vital part of the voting decision!

2015 years 10 months ago

God Help Us All! John McCain for President!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

you could be opening a whole can of unpleasant worms for Barrack Hussein Obama, II.

He’s in Hawaii right now trying to suppress a court hearing. If the hearing is succesful, it will require entry of a British birth certificate for Barrach Hussein Obama, II issued by the way on his birthdate, for a child born in a hospital in the then British colony of Kenya.

Do you think Obama really wants that can of worms to open up?

Cause, if that birth certificate is his and is legal, he is not a US citizen. He is an illegal alien.

Unlike Henry Kissinger and Arnold Schwarneger, neither of whom was born in this country or to 2 natural born US citizens, who took an oath of allegiance when they became citizens; Senator Obama has not.

On the other hand, anyone with half a brain knows the natural born offspring of 2 United States citiznes is automatically a US citizen, even if born on the North Pole.

That’s something Senator Obama can not claim.

So to answer your ridiculous question:

Yes Skippy, there is a US citizen named John McCain.

I’m just not certain if you are spouting off like a beached whale or deep down are a supporter of Senator McCain.

Looking forward to your witty response. I hope you use fact and not bluster.

Proud North Carolinian
2015 years 10 months ago

Vote for the American! Vote for McCain!


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