Boseman facing foreclosure troubles again

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Submitted: Tue, 10/28/2008 - 10:26pm
Updated: Mon, 03/05/2012 - 5:22pm

There are more financial troubles for state Senator Julia Boseman. Two more properties that she owns are in foreclosure. One is a piece of land on Old Mill Road in Winnabow that Boseman owes the bank about $40,000 on. The other is in Wilmington and is a $300,000 commercial building on Oleander Drive where Senator Boseman used to have her law practice. WWAY called the Boseman campaign, and they said they had no comment on her personal financial matters. They said these financial problems stem from other real estate foreclosures the media has already reported on. Those foreclosures involved the residence of Ms. Boseman’s former domestic partner, as well as some lots in Pender County. The latest foreclosure documents were dropped off at our station by an anonymous identity. The Boseman campaign said this is a politically motivated attack and her campaign manager said Senator Boseman has been extremely upfront about her financial situation and she wants to get on with her life. The latest foreclosure proceedings are scheduled for court in November. Ms. Boseman is up for re-election next week.


  • Straight Shooter says:

    The embarrassing facts about Boseman are a real issue, not the way these post are written.

  • DISGUSTED! says:

    This is unbelieveable. Boseman sold the property with the doublewide to a Latino family one month before she took out the equity line for $40,000. She owner financed it for them. She used the equity line for her Oleander office downpayment and less than a month later bought a $1,000,000 home. One week later she bought a boat slip.
    Now this Latino family is losing their home because she STOLE it from them and Boseman is still living in a million dollar mansion in Landfall!


  • Learn of what you speak says:

    How ridiculous that so many hateful “comments” can be posted when the authors aren’t proud enough or brave enough to sign their names or take responsibility.

    More than 1/2 can’t spell or use understandable, much less proper, English grammar.

    I don’t care who you are for against or why. Just get a little education before you make any comments. Deal?

  • 4NewHanoverCounty1st says:

    The best thing that ever happened to this county was finally having a Senator who would and will stand up for us and fight for our seat at the table in Raleigh! We need her now and into the future. I have had enough of the cloak and dagger mess and those who are complicit with them. Go Julia Go!

  • Guest95 says:

    Right or wrong…. Dropping off financial records is beyond spiteful to anyone.. Seems like either someone in her campaign or her x partner has WAY too much time on their hands….

  • Standing next to you says:

    October Surprise!

    Well I guess you could call it that. It seems Ms. Boseman couldn’t buy enought properties to speculate on.

    And she doesn’t have any problem just dumping them off on the banks when she can’t flip them.

    This is exactly why the economy has collapsed.
    People buying properties they couldn’t afford, or to speculate on.

    This is a new developement. Not an already disclosed case like the half dozen or so already known about.

    Get with it.

    Informed, hardly think so.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Exactly how much financial incompetence is acceptable in a person who will be serving in the senate and dealing with multi-billion dollar budgets?

    Who cares if this is a politically motivated attack? The exposure of every corrupt or incompetent politician in the history of the world has been politically motivated. The simple fact however, is that voters have a right to know that the politician is corrupt or incompetent. They NEED to know that, and the specific mechanism for revealing the truth is inconsequential.

    I know that if someone is so disorganized, corrupt, incompetent, forgetful, (or whatever) as to have this endless string of financial train-wrecks, I don’t want that person deciding on income tax rates or how to allocate the billions that have to be divided among many governmental agencies.

  • Informed says:

    Wow! What an Ocotber Surprise! the already vetted material that the Senator has come clean about and discussed has been brought to the attention of the news by an anonymous source..LOL! What a comedy!

    Look..the facts are this…the Senator is our best and ONLY hope to keep NEW HANOVER county in play in the econonic crisis we face…she has been our champion for four years and she is going to continue and she is one of the most effective legislators up there…but more than anything..she actually CARES about where she grew up, the people she grew up with, and making sure we ALL get the best here…

    Her personal life is most certainly up for scrutiny…but not one person out there knows the truth of the matters at hand and at least half of you reading this (given statistics) know how ugly a “divorce” seperation whatever you want to call it can be. Regardless, the facts are that she ALWAYS put the child first…ALWAYS does put the CHILD first….and she has her priorities right…If there is any wood on your backs…then cast that stone..but I would say that this woman has not only gotten it togehter for us…but has gotten it together for her family and herself as well…

  • Guest1022 says:

    If Julia Boseman is our best and only hope in this economic crisis, then we are really in more trouble than we can get out of.

  • PoliGuest says:

    What great things has Boseman done for the area she represents, and what monies from Raleigh has she brought home. Specific facts would be more effective. Yet, I would rather pay less taxes, and have less “pork” thrown around the state.
    Many voters will always care about the personal actions of representatives that involve breaking the law. Comes with the job.

  • Guest7969 says: of her GREAT ideas was to REWARD parents of dead drug users….shes SO GREAT! Thats not the only left wing idea she has had either!

  • Standing next to you says:

    I hardly think so.

    I haven’t seen or heard or read a press release from our wonderful Julia coming clean about her blatant real estate speculation.

    Only when discovered by the media, or interested citizens do we get the standard (by now it has become standard after 6-8 properties) it’s her personal life and does not affect her political career.

    I beg to differ. When someone buys more property than they can afford and it ends in foreclosure,
    they are not a fiscally responsible person.

    Definitely not someone I want spending our tax dollars.

    As for the dropping off of the information at the studio, personally I wish to thank the individual, regardless of his or her party affiliation.

    Julia, how many more properties do you own or are in foreclosure?

    Come clean and tell us before someone else has to dig it up.

    “extremely upfront”. That’s a crock.

  • sameoldsameold says:

    I wonder if Julia will get re-elected. It seems that nobody cares about a politician’s character, honesty, or problems as long as the voter in question is ‘getting theirs.’ Same thing with Congress—people stay re-elected in Congress no matter what they’re guilty of as long as they bring the pork home. Maybe that’s why this country is in the fix it’s in. Neither McCain nor Obama can change much–it has to start on the local level and spread to Washington by means of the quality of people we elect. Before you vote, please think about this very carefully. You have the power.

  • sdsurfer says:

    that the State Democratic Party has given Boseman over $537,000 dollars for her re-election campaign. WHO do you think she’s going to support…the liberal and corrupt mission of her party or us local taxpayers?

    It’s obvious the Democrats will spend whatever is necessary to keep HER in THEIR pocket.

    Mr. Lee…you have my vote.

  • a dog is a mans best friend says:

    personally i never judged mrs boseman in the beggining i thought she was a nice sweet lady as so with coach jarrel,now i have doubts and after learning of her financial troubles and the custody battle between her and ex coach jarrel over there things add up and are explained the wool dropped below my eyes, at the ladies softball field at uncw and this is a fact i thought i was smelling well you no coming from her vehicle and where she was walking at after games at night when she would meet coach jarrel .i could not believe the smell of that was coming from her and her vehicle and i didnt believe this until the leve broke between mrs jarrel and boseman over the custody for there adopted son,and mrs bosemans financial troubles became public . i thought there relationship was fine .now the snake in the grass had showed itself i seen above the wool over my eyes,wow what is this world coming to , sneaky sneaky sneaky im not used to this kinda things in the small town im from in nc i gotta set my idle speed up a few notches .be on the lookout ready for whatever.

  • If only you knew says:

    It is absurd how much people in this country, state, and city are concerned about the personal lives of those running for a position in politics. All you people are are nosy. Did any of you ever think that maybe Senator Julia Boseman has not “fessed up” to her foreclosure issues because it was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? How many houses have been up for foreclosure lately? Thousands? Millions? It is no secret that the economy sucks right now, and yes, everyone suffers. Who was it that said she shouldn’t have bought more houses than she could afford? I am sure she was able to afford them at the time, and I am definitely sure she was not planning on her relationship breaking apart. Believe it or not people, it happens to the best of us. Did anyone think about the impact of all this on her former partner? What a coincidence it was that Jerrell stepped down from her Head Softball Coach position within days of her and Boseman’s personal lives being put all over the local news. Its really sad how much you people care about what goes on in these people’s personal lives. It is their business, and their business only. If they want to publicize it themselves, then let them do it; but don’t go behind their backs and take it upon yourselves to put it all over the news! It is just like how everyone cares more about the cost of Sarah Palin’s clothes and the fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant than they do about what she can actually do (or not do depending on your political views) for our country. If you are going to bash our political leaders or potential leaders, do it for a better reason than her clothes cost too much, her teenage daughter is pregnant (once again people-it happens to the best of us), or she is going through a custody battle with her ex-girlfriend.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I have a professional acquaitance who is a Lesbian, and both she and her partner have decided that the LAST thing they want is this never-ending soap-opera representing them in Raleigh.

    As she told me, “Every time one of these bombshells drops, another person starts to believe that all Lesbians are drama queens who can’t keep turmoil out of their life. We’re sick of it.”

    She said that she knows of several other people who were formerly staunch Boseman supporters, but now plan on voting for Lee simply to eliminate a person they now see as an embarrassment.

  • disgusted says:

    First of all….Julia is no kind of role model I would want for my child. There is a child involved in the divorce that her partner had….and Julia only wants the good times involved with parenting not the major responsibilities of raising a child….she acts like one herself. She is all about good times and the party life…she does have multiple foreclosures….another irresponsible move on her part. I believe that Julia needs a wake up call…and by not re electing her she may be forced to take a look at her life and grow up. She doesn’t want anyone around that isn’t going to hit on her or be the life of the party…is this the type of senator you want?

  • Guest0523 says:

    This is where the principle of Sowing and Reaping comes in….

    Michael Lee, you have my vote!

  • political change says:

    people read the news look at all the gang violence , murders , rape, dwi arrests, bodys being found of women in woods skulls carcasses being sent to labs , look at our public tax paid streets and roads here in wilmington more pot holes than the mexican mafia, our sewer water drainage “warning” dont use the water to drink for 48 hrs near gordon road unsafe , look at the rest homes and the ederly how they get mistreated rest homes being shut down investigated by the state , the cost of medical care insurance , state funded mental health centers being sued south eastern under budget “crisis”,section 8 over budget asking residents to move , price of gas ,our taxes on property are the highest in the state there is no way in he** im gonna get the price they tax me for my vehicle , these politicans cater to people with money, corporations, unions ,yeah they tell you all these sweet lil words and dreams you wanna here but that is not going to happen they turn the other way and avoid the poor tax payer like the plaque , what are these politicans doing the ones we voted for i could not sleep at night in a county with such problems nowing i was an elected leader for the citizens , get out there get a team together and make visits to these places see what is happpening i guarantee if the mayor , the senate and other political leaders here elected to repersent new hanover county residents took the time to go to these places and just visit for citizens well beings that that would make a great difference in quality control for our community

  • Guest1234 says:

    I am one her ‘constituents’, that’s who I am! My background is no one’s business but that is because I am NOT the one running for PUBLIC office!!! I am NOT the one asking for the public to place their trust in me.

    She opened herself up to this type of scrutiny when she was elected to office. If she can’t stand the heat, she ought to stay out of the kitchen!!!

  • kimnel63 says:

    And this is who we want representing us in Raleigh? I think not. If someone can’t take care of their personal affairs how can they be entrusted to take care of a states affairs. Please, please, don’t vote for Julia Boseman!

  • Joseph says:

    Wow, she must be a poor lawyer, can’t make a enough money to pay her bills. not good leader material. Maybe Gov is the only job she has.

  • just a Guest says:

    to comment on her finances except to say that it(her foreclosure notices?) was a politically motivated attack(republicans refused to let her pay her bills) based on her past foreclosures (what?) which were caused because of a bad breakup (I’d love to see that listed as her reason on her credit report). Not only did our senator make horrible personal financial decisions by allowing herself to get overextended in the risky subprime real estate market, she refused to take responsibility for it. Why would any fiscally responsible person vote for her?

  • Boseman supporter says:

    How dare anyone judge Julia Boseman on her personal conduct. This is an elected official hired by us to do the job she has done so well. She sacrificed her personal life for a public one and just because she is in the middle of a divorce she is being smeared by the republicans who cast the first stone. This is an attack on her because she is a lesian and not because she is a good senator. If you are going to alk bad talk bad about her being a bad senatro which she isnt. And just because she says the n word doesnt make her a rasict she is friends with my family, my grandmother worked for her family for years and we were always treated real nice. And by the way I am not white like you haters all are.

  • amyd says:

    Julia Boseman works for US, therefore, we have every right to “judge” her based on her personal dealings. I couldn’t care less that she’s a lesbian, or for that matter that she said the N word. I do however question someone that forecloses on her property and defaults on her legal obligations. That proves to me that she made stupid choices/decisions that were irresponsible. Btw, she isn’t going through a divorce, as she isn’t MARRIED. She is going through a break up with her partner who as a softball coach, was clearly not the one who was primarily responsible for paying for all of the properties for which Boseman has defaulted. She may be a very nice person, with a good heart, however, I can not cast my vote for someone who has proven themselves to be so irresponsible.

  • Guest84 says:

    I agree. Senator Boseman has been one of the most effective Senators for New Hanover County in history. Yes, she does have personal finance issues, but has she ever been accused of using political funds for personal use? No. Other Senators would and I believe that speaks for Senator Boseman’s character. Senator Boseman has put her job in front of her personal issues and I believe that is an admirable thing to do. I wish I could say that same for Liddy Dole who has been nothing but a public embarrassment for the State. Before you judge Senator Boseman and decide to vote for or against her, please look at her record. She is an incredibly adapt woman who knows how to work Raleigh to get things done for New Hanover County. Senator Boseman, thanks for everything you’ve done, and I hope you go back to Raleigh to represent me and the rest of New Hanover County.

  • Joseph says:

    It didn’t take your last sentence, to know U were black.

  • Matt says:

    Boseman’s personal life is personal? Hardly. What sacrifice has that lawbreaker made in her PAID job? She was elected to serve and represent. She serves by breaking the law, avoiding her financial responsibilities. She certainly doesn’t represent anyone who lives by the rules. Like it or not, elected officials climb upon their pedestals by their own choosing and leave themselves open to public scrutiny by their own misdeeds. And to the woman who inferred haters are white? What race is Julia, and what does race have to do with setting a good example? Get real.

  • Guest Ex Boseman Supporter says:

    Let me preface by saying, that I do not hate Julia. I believe that she has a big heart, good intentions and truly does want to make a difference for NC. I sympathize with the problems she is having, and that they are being made worse for being made public. I sincerely wish the best for her.

    Having said that, I think it’s time Julia step back in to private life. You’re right, her personal problems are personal, and maybe she is one of those people who can manage anything better than personal/emotional issues. But the hard truth of the matter is that her constituents badly NEED someone who has their life together. We NEED someone who has shown personal and profession integrity, and who does not have all these tragic distractions that bring scorn and distrust.

    I really and truly do support Julia on a personal level, but I cannot for her sake and ours, support her on a political level. She needs time to focus on her life.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Yeah, she’s a real jewel.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Is the only reason why we should judge her personal life. And let me just say, she has a very active personal life. She is often seen drinking and lip locking with her girl friends week and weekend nights at our downtown clubs. This women is an embarassment to our community.

  • Guestly says:

    …does race have to do with this? You just proved that you’re racist by saying all Boseman haters are white.

  • JBSSR says:

    How can we NOT judge Boseman by her personal conduct? Boseman’s personal life would be private, if she were not a public official. Let’s face it – her personal life is a mess. Her sexual preference is contrary to nearly all of the people she represents, and she doesn’t handle that side of her life well, either. Witness the dissolution of her relationship with her “partner”, and the ensuing blowup there. And her fiscal abilities are abysmal, to say the least. Additionally, her racism is well known, as the recent articles in the Wilmington Journal affirm.

    It’s time for her to go.

  • JBSSR says:

    How can we NOT judge Boseman by her personal conduct? Boseman’s personal life would be private, if she were not a public official. Let’s face it – her personal life is a mess. Her sexual preference is contrary to nearly all of the people she represents, and she doesn’t handle that side of her life well, either. Witness the dissolution of her relationship with her “partner”, and the ensuing blowup there. And her fiscal abilities are abysmal, to say the least. Additionally, her racism is well known, as the recent articles in the Wilmington Journal affirm.

    It’s time for her to go.

  • guesty says:

    Ummm, no. She isn’t going through a divorce since she is not married to a man. She should not be a public official if she doesn’t want her personal life judged.

  • guesty says:

    Doesn’t she need to be MARRIED to a member of the OPPOSITE sex to go through a divorce?

  • amyd says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would vote for this woman – she has proven over and over that she is completely irresponsible. If she can’t even handle her own personal matters, why would anyone trust her with the matters of our state??

  • Straight Shooter says:

    How can we expect her to properly manage ours?
    Too busy partying and making a fool out of herself, and us, downtown.

  • GuestPBR says:

    Prove it, if I see a pic or see some video I will not believe this. If I have to hold my nose and vote for her, because of what she is against, I will.
    As far as what and whom she chooses to sleep with, is of no concern of mine.
    She does not have a child to get custody of IMO, and she needs to pay what she owes on those houses.

    Signed, Not decided.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    preface my comments by noting I do not live in New Hanover County. We do a lot of shopping and dining there; but we do not live there.

    In sworn testimony, during the hearing for dissoultion of her relationship with her life partner, she confirms she has used illegal drugs.

    She is a Lawyer. She took certain oaths to uphold the law.

    WHY has she not identified the drug dealers, from whom she made purchases, to the DA?

    In the absence of voluntary cooperation, why has the DA not called for a Grand Jury to investigate illegal drug activities in New Hanover County? Obviously, she would be the first witness called.

    In the absence of any action, how can the NC Sate Bar Association allow her or the DA to maintain law licenses?

    I guess I am missing something here.

  • sdsurfer says:

    that Julia is the subject of an investigation as to her forging her campaign manager’s signature on financial disclosure forms. This hasn’t been “broadcast” in the same verocity of her personal financial problems, but nonetheless is still, if not more, serious. It speaks volumes as to her credibility…if the allegations prove to be true.

  • sdsurfer says:

    Julia Bozeman has a duty to effectively manage the spending of OUR tax dollars. Given her personal financial problems, is she really competent to function in this capacity. She has a record of voting in favor of tax/fee increases that impact all of us.

    I personally feel it’s time for Julia to get her own life in order before she attempts to further wreck her own as well as ours by merely following what the NC Democratic Party tells her to do. Without their funding as well as that from the Gay & Lesbian PAC, she’d have little money to spend on getting re-elected.

  • Guest1234 says:

    Give me a break!! This woman is a DISGRACE! She has absolutely no business being in office. How can I trust her to represent me fairly or with her full attention when she can’t even manage her own personal affairs? Why do I want her to help manage our state’s financial matters when she OBVIOUSLY can’t manage her own?!?!

    Oh, by the way, she is not getting a divorce. She was NEVER married. Gay marriage has not been legalized in NC!!

    As I stated before, she is a DISGRACE to the city of Wilmington. I am embarrassed by the fact she is from this area. She doesn’t deserve to be re-elected and WHEN her butt is thrown out of state office and she returns to Wilmington for good, she should be run out of town on a rail!!!!! Good bye and GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • next guest says:

    who are you to be so judgemental of someone,what about you and your background,could it stand up any better in the publics eye??

  • SurfCityTom says:

    does Senator Dole have in this? What personal issues in her life do you allude to?

    Time to put up some specific fact rather than blow hard rhetoric.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Senator Dole is 93rd, where is Senator Obama in that ranking?

    But again, what relevance does a reference to Senator Dole have in a local election?

    Looks like some folks will throw mud wherever they can.

    And for the record, please do not tell me what facts I need to know. Democrats are real good at wanting to limit public knowledge.

    If you want to go down this road, let’s talk about Senator Obama’s African relations who are in this country illegally.

    Let’s talk about Senator Obama’s yet to be produced birth certificate.

    Do you really want to keep going down this path?

    If so, let’s go. But then can Democrats stand the light of day?

  • Guest84 says:

    uh; Liddy Dole is 93 in effectiveness. She does NOTHING for NC. That is the only fact you need to know. I’m sure she’s a good person, but she’s a lousy representative of NC.

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