Boseman still dealing with foreclosure troubles

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Submitted: Thu, 11/13/2008 - 10:46pm
Updated: Mon, 03/05/2012 - 5:21pm

There was another hearing Thursday on property owned by Senator Julia Boseman; this one happening in Brunswick County. It was the second foreclosure hearing for Senator Boseman in 2 days, but for the Castillo family, it was more than just business. Juan and Javier Castillo waited eagerly to hear a decision regarding their home at 2096 Old Mill Creek Road in Winnabow. In January of 2005 they signed a land-sale-contract to buy the house and property from Senator Boseman for $55,000 over ten years. Attorney Rob Serra said these types of contracts greatly favor the seller. “Until all the payments are made, the buyer doesn’t get a deed. If the buyer misses any payments along the way, usually the seller can keep all the payments they have received and not have to give them a deed.” The Castillos chose not to comment after the court ruled the property could be auctioned off in December, but Senator Boseman called us late Thursday afternoon and said she has been working with the banks to try to come to a resolution, and is happy to say they are dismissing the foreclosure proceeding. The property will be deeded to the Castillos and they will be able to keep their home. Serra said this problem could have been avoided if the Register of Deeds had been notified about the contract between Boseman and the Castillos. “Once that contract is recorded, your priority of ownership, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, or your right to a deed, is documented.” We were unable to confirm the dismissal as of yet, but Senator Boseman said she has called the Castillos to update them on the situation. The Castillos said they have already paid Senator Boseman over $25,000 towards the cost of the property. Boseman also told us that the more recent foreclosures are a result of one property foreclosure stemming from the break-up with her former domestic partner.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    serves me correctly, there may be a legal requirement to record the document if its term is greater than 2 years. This was a 10 year contract for deed.

    A couple of follow up points:

    1. During the time payments were made, who maintained insurance on the property?

    2. During the time payments were made with an interest rate of 9%, were the Buyers provided with an annual interest statement for use in filing income tax returns?

    3. The file, at the Courthouse, is a public record. If the bank dismissed the action, there will be a letter to the Clerk of the Court in the file.

    If the action was merely postponed, there will be confirmation from the Bank’s attorney to that effect.

    Someon should take a look at the file.

  • Gueste235e says:

    Another question. If the payments from the Castillos included taxes, & insurance escrowed; would she need to have an escrow account for that?

  • the giant says:

    this scumbag needs to be in jail
    everyone know what she has done
    drug use,ethical violations,forgery,
    communicating threats.
    why isn’t she being prosecuted?

  • the giant says:

    this person is scum
    what will it take to have honor, dignity and
    ethics in this world

  • francis smith says:

    I cannot imagine who voted for this crook. It sure was not me!

  • LeftView says:

    It does appear that Ms. Boseman is working to resolve her problems. I am sure that this has not been easy given the media coverage and the glee of the conservatives. I, frankly, am more concerned about the two war criminals in DC, Bush and Cheney. As soon as he is sworn into the presidency, President Obama should send them both to the Hague for trial. They have done more damage to this country and the world than a state senator struggling to resolve some personal problems.

  • some people says:

    Nice use of “smoke and mirrors”. This has nothing to do with Bush or Cheney. Things are not always left and right. Bottom line is that she has screwed up time and time again and seems to be held above the law. She needs to answer for what she has done and stop relying on status to keep her out of trouble.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    ….or should I say, lib-NON-think. To these people, felonies like perjury and fraud mean nothing if it’s their heroes committing the crime.

    It’s all about Bush. He killed some Iraqis, which offends their Barney-like sensibilities.

    Of course Cheney is not even in the operational chain of command for the military…so I’m not sure WHAT they want to hang him for. Shooting his hunting buddy? Telling Patrick Leahy what I tell EVERY liberal?

  • Guest7493 says:

    Resolve some “personal problems?” What rock have you been under? She didn’t even bother to call this family to tell them the home she sold them was in foreclosure and if it weren’t for WWAY, she wouldn’t try to resolve anything! She’s already scheduled her Thanksgiving vacation in the Bahamas.

  • Judge and Jury says:

    I totally agree. This is a perfect example of the immorality this country is facing with this current election. She is a crook and I am ashamed she is representing North Carolina. Our country is in crisis and with the extreme liberals who have taken office, our children and grandchildren will live in a time where immorality will be the norm. So sad. I bet if there was an indept investigation in to her finances, drug use, etc…. we would find a a whole lot more.

  • Guest1022 says:

    Some of her personal problems are felonies.

  • the giant says:

    just a few questions,
    what oath did the LAWER boseman take?
    what oath did the SENATOR boseman take?
    what did she do with the money she received as payment for the house ?
    what will happen to the people in that house?
    will you open your door to them?
    do you belive it’s the media coverage that makes it hard to resolve her personal problems , or do you think,
    she is a pot smokin’ comunicating threats, forger,law breakin’ criminal
    and common law “partners” is that legal, moral?
    why wasn’t she standing front and center at this weekends protest of prop 8?
    the media has not done their job in exposing this criminal like the should have

  • Standing next to you says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see an investigative piece on Julia Boseman?

    Granted it would take a little more time than Kitchen Cops, but it would be information the public is clamoring for.

    Isn’t there someone at TV3 that could make this happen?

    Come on. Give the public what it wants. We want the facts, not Julia’s press release.

    Dig deep, and give us the truth. That will stand you above the crowd, and earn viewer’s trust and loyalty.

    Please, it’s time for a hard hitting expose’ on the financial fact’s concerning these foreclosures.

    The truth, not fluff.
    Fact’s and figures, not more of Julia’s fairy tales.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    She says one thing, the victims in Brunswick county say another. The authorities say one thing, our various media is all over the map. And all along Boseman blames her ex-girlfriend for her mess. So which is it, what are the real facts? It would be nice if someone from our media, perhaps WWAY, could have a reporter dig deeper into this issue and get the truth out for us. After all, she is our state Senator………

  • SurfCityTom says:

    TV-3 is not going to do an in depth expose. Probably a man power issue.

    Too Bad

  • SurfCityTom says:

    in lieu of an indepth expose which could lead to an altering of the representation in the Senate in Raleigh, perhaps TV 3 can follow up in about 30 days to ensure Ms. Boseman did in fact deed the property to the Buyers.

    That should not strain the TV 3 staff.

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