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There was another hearing Thursday on property owned by Senator Julia Boseman; this one happening in Brunswick County. It was the second foreclosure hearing for Senator Boseman in 2 days, but for the Castillo family, it was more than just business. Juan and Javier Castillo waited eagerly to hear a decision regarding their home at 2096 Old Mill Creek Road in Winnabow. In January of 2005 they signed a land-sale-contract to buy the house and property from Senator Boseman for $55,000 over ten years. Attorney Rob Serra said these types of contracts greatly favor the seller. “Until all the payments are made, the buyer doesn’t get a deed. If the buyer misses any payments along the way, usually the seller can keep all the payments they have received and not have to give them a deed.” The Castillos chose not to comment after the court ruled the property could be auctioned off in December, but Senator Boseman called us late Thursday afternoon and said she has been working with the banks to try to come to a resolution, and is happy to say they are dismissing the foreclosure proceeding. The property will be deeded to the Castillos and they will be able to keep their home. Serra said this problem could have been avoided if the Register of Deeds had been notified about the contract between Boseman and the Castillos. “Once that contract is recorded, your priority of ownership, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, or your right to a deed, is documented.” We were unable to confirm the dismissal as of yet, but Senator Boseman said she has called the Castillos to update them on the situation. The Castillos said they have already paid Senator Boseman over $25,000 towards the cost of the property. Boseman also told us that the more recent foreclosures are a result of one property foreclosure stemming from the break-up with her former domestic partner.

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