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Governor-elect, Bev Perdue, is looking for ways to spur the state’s economy. Tuesday, she brainstormed with business leaders in Charlotte on ways to bring new jobs to the area and boost family incomes. Bob Johnson, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team attended the meeting. He said in this struggling economy, the entertainment sector is being hit hard by families who cannot spend cash on non-essentials. “When people have to decide where to spend their disposable income, and they have to look at the necessary, the needs that they have, then things like sports, museums and going to the movies, and going on vacations, sort of have to be considered. So we’re getting impacted by that. But at the same time to say, we’ve got some loyal fans,” said Johnson. Monday, Perdue held a similar meeting with biotechnology executives, who want her to create a public-private partnership that could help supply cash to struggling companies.

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  • and her budget-writing cronies in Raleigh that have contributed the largest to the budget problems we’re now facing in North Carolina. And even more sad is the fact the voters continue sending the same folks back to the NC House and Senate…and those same voters are the first to complain.

  • Guest3652487

    I agree. Change is not sending the same people back to raleigh to run the state.

  • Guest4444

    “Bev Perdue, is looking for ways to spur the state’s economy”.

    You’ve got to be joking.

    Every commercial I saw with “Bev” had her saying she KNEW WHAT SHE WAS GOING TO DO!!!!!

    She had it all planned out.

    Business executives want public-private partnership so we can supply cash, and exactly what do we get?

    This is real leadership, asking Bobcats owner how can we help him.

    Congratulations, at least the owner knows he can’t survive on “change”, but the taxpayer better get used to it.


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