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Volunteers at the sea turtle hospital in Topsail Island are hoping the New Year will be a healthy one for injured turtles. The hospital is nearly at capacity with more than 40 injured sea turtles, many who were stunned by the sudden cold weather. Officials said their New Year's wish is to get them well and return them to the sea, and prepare for the ground breaking on a larger hospital. "We are aiming toward a new facility in 2009 and do the very best we can to protect these animals, teach people about them, medicate them and get them well to get them back into the ocean," said turtle hospital director, Jean Beasley. Around twenty turtles will be ready to be released within the next few weeks in the gulf.

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  • what?

    If people were as concerned about other humans as much as these stupid sea turtles it would be a much better place. Come on people turtles are for eating!!

  • surfcitybum

    there wouldn’t be children *or* turtles suffering…..folks are so concerned about how everything affects *them*, they could care less about the big picture…..

    Like many other creatures, the turtles are suffering because we have invaded their habitat. The ideal way to protect them would be to cease invading/leave their territory, and they would no longer have to deal with litter, hooks, lines, or nets….but that’s not going to happen…so the next best thing we can do it try to minimize the impact we have on their environment.1

    Aside from the fact that the very people you
    want to help seem to do nothing more than spew out more children they can’t support on their own….think what the outcry would be if only one in 5,000 children survived to adulthood, and one in 15,000 of them survived long enough to reproduce…do you think their’d be some screaming for change? Those are the odds that a turtle faces….

    Jean’s operation has already proven that they’re able to reverse that trend….65+ years of gov’t intervention on the other side has proven that no one has yet come up for a solution to making folks be responsible for their own.

    you don’t want to help…fine…contribute to your own cause…or just stand around with your hands out…just don’t tax me to fund it…I’ll contribute to mine. Jean’s is the only operation to run in the area without any federal funding….which means all her money is coming from private donations……you don’t like it – you don’t have to participate….wish there were a few thousand gov’t handouts that could be held to the same standard….I have better uses for my tax dollar than the ones I have no say in….

  • Guest Sipt

    The turtles of yesteryear weren’t up against the same environmental challenges they are now.

  • Guest14

    What did sea turtles do the million years to survive before these people got involved? Why are people so arrogant to think that nothing can survive unless they “do something” or it will perish. Save the turtles, save the planet, save the trees, blah, blah blah blah.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    They didn’t have man throwing plastic bags in the water for them to choke to death on, or block their gastrointestinal track and lead to starvation or a fatal blockage. (The bags look like jellyfish)

    They didn’t get smashed by a speedboat and have a propeller shatter and rip through their shell as it passed over them.

    They didn’t have man fishing with nets that held them underwater until they drowned. (Prior to TEDs being mandated, literally millions were killed by commercial fishing.)

    They didn’t have man killing them to simply clean, polish and varnish the shell for sale to tourists.

    Man has driven them to the point of extinction. It’s only right that man now take steps to preserve them. I’d rather see folks taking steps to save innocent animals than blowing time and money on people who refuse to help themselves.

  • Zippy

    ….But imagine just how many humans would not survive without handouts. Perhaps we should stop that as well? After all humans are only mammals too. Big difference with us though is we are the fools using up all the resources so nothing else can survive.

  • Savvy One

    I can’t believe I agree with one of your posts…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It means that you’re obviously getting smarter.

  • Das Weibstück

    How anyone can disagree with helping helpless animals is beyond me.

  • Savvy One

    Hey Common, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I subscribe to the belief that arrogance, when accompanied by ABILITY, is no vice.

    I simply inspire people to compose better messages containing more logical, coherent arguments to counter my views….

    …so you don’t have to love me….just present good, solid arguments when you disagree with me.

  • sierramars

    I love it how in our society that the unborn turtle is so sacred and the unborn baby is dispensable.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I’m sure that most women would abort an unwanted or unplanned sea turtle growing in their uterus.


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