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As New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David stated, "A murderer takes a life, a drug dealer can destroy an entire community." The District Attorney along with area law enforcement agencies finally sealed a case they've been investigating for two years, which resulted in the seizure of more than 300 kilograms of cocaine, and a kilo of heroin. That's just a drop in the bucket when you consider all of the drugs seized in New Hanover in the past couple years. Sheriff Sid Causey said prosecuting these dealers within our county, isn't enough. "One common thing that criminals are afraid of, is federal prosecution." In federal court, drug traffickers are behind bars from the day they are arrested, until they appear in court, and aren't eligible for parole. Tim Severo, New Hanover County District Attorney, stated, "For those people who continue to traffic in narcotics, and those associated with violent gangs, they will come to know this program, and will come to know the terrible swift sword with the federal prosecutions." State funding allows Severo to follow these cases out of state. The DA and US Attorney George Holding said some of the biggest drug busts in the county's history happened thanks to this money. “It is a success story, and people are amazed at the success. Take the worst of our worst, and put them in the federal system, and not only that but take the information gleaned from those local arrests, and their pleas and help solve other crimes." Local agencies like the Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office, and WPD will ask the City Council, as well as the County Commissioners, to review the program and grant them the money again.

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2 Comments on "After sealing case, Sheriff hopes dealers face federal prosecution"

2015 years 10 months ago

Show me where the arrests are, where are the perp’s? They showed a picture but where were they arrested? Are we helping fund the fed operation? How about getting some of the LOCAL dealers off the street!!!

phace the facts
2015 years 10 months ago

When federal cases like this get built, they take everyone on the totem pole, from the guy who sells an ounce a week to the guy that sells multi-kilogram quantities. Federal prosecutors have their pick of the states best cases and tend to go after well established and long term networks that can bring down lots of repeat offenders and reap large seizures.

Although most of you probably haven’t (with good reason) noticed, there have been major off and on disturbances in the supply of cocaine in Wilmington in the last few years. Taking down entire groups like this, groups with combined decades in the game, causes those disruptions and brings in younger and therefore dumber dealers who are easier to investigate.

As long as cocaine is selling for roughly the same as gold per ounce it’s going to be around, no question. By taking away what was clearly a steady supply and putting the major players away for decades they are effectively preventing hundreds of crimes – from larceny to murder. Oh, and the message it sends to yet undiscovered dealers; it is a well known fact in the drug community that if the feds pick up your case its going to result in numbers like 120 and 240 months. Theres is always going to be somebody to step up next, though… and thats the problem we need to work on.


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