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New Hanover Count Sheriffs and Wilmington Police team up for arrests


A collaborative investigation between the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and the Wilmington Police Department has netted 2 arrests, and cleared 47 separate cases. The investigation stems from a string of car break-ins in the areas of Landfall and Middle Sound Loop Road. Nineteen year old Jonathan Kiger and seventeen year old Heather Elaine Strider have been arrested. Authorities are still looking for eighteen year old Stephen Fowler and twenty-one year old Kylen Padgett Jr. Officers have recovered some of the stolen goods, and detectives are now working to return this property to the owners.                                                              

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keep it up it may be you

at least it was petty things stolen like a cell phone, tennis rackets, or a golf club and not your living rooom tv or your car.. if you think about it they seem to not be advanced criminals. so you should look out for more serious criminals. the same weekend there were 4 other breakins in other parts of wilmington which are unrelated. you never know you may have a son or daughter later on whos stuck in the same situation. just learn from this, theres no need to carry this on. there are to many rebelious teens out there. move on. check up on the potential rapist or molesters on myspace or facebook.

got to love it

Oh, since they only stole small items it should be ok? Since other thieves were out in town what these mutts did is ok? I love how you can can justify their illegal activity by what they stole and that other thieves were out stealing. No, no child of mine will be in that same situation because he is being raised to know the difference from right and wrong and that there are repercussions from doing wrong.

Oh, WELL, so it's ok they

Oh, WELL, so it's ok they ONLY STOLE cell phones,tennis rackets, or a golf club? I don't give a RATS behind..stealing is STEALING!! I'm sure the people that they STOLE those things from WORKED to pay for those items!! Oh, and I DO know that my son nor my daughter would do this!! My kids made the choice to further their education and have good jobs and WORK ethic. Yes, there were other crimes going on at the time...hopefully those CRIMINALS will be caught TOO!!! I don't care if these CRIMINALS broke in (key word) took a ink's still WRONG!!!!

You can't tell me that these

You can't tell me that these teenagers at their age didn't know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG! If they didn't learn it at home then I'm sure they learned it at school.. SURE they knew what they were doing was WRONG..I'm sure they didn't do their breaking in while people were WATCHING!! So doesn't that tell you that they KNEW they had to SNEAK to do what they were doing? What gave them the right to take what was not theirs? What are we suppose to do sit back and make excuses for people that break the law? Make excuses as why it's ok to steal? If that is the case looks like everyone who works hard for what they have won't have to work anymore..they can just steal what they want! Look how many times they did this..there is NO excuse. Times are hard enough right now for hard working people..I for one am NOT going to sit back and make an excuse for some low life TAKING anything that I work my butt off for!! They should have been in school furthering their education...doing something productive with their time!! I hope the judge gives them plenty of time in jail to learn the difference between right and wrong..and plenty of time to READ and educate themselves in jail!

Hey Looksee!

This my friends, is a living definition of white trash. GOOD JOB DETECTIVES!!

i know all four of these people

first heather is a miss guided young girl that got married at 16 and had 2 miss carridges. her brother steven is a career criminal he minipulates the minds of those who can benafit him. kylen is a miss guided young man hes been to jail for some situations that he did not cause.kylen does not use drugs he drinks on occasion and thats not a crime hes 21.jon kiger is the king in all of this mess he minipulates minds injects heroin smokes crack smokes pot and is an alcholic hes been involved in the lives of these 3 for 6 years jon kiger is the real king pin criminal in this case ....... the three were brain washed by jon kiger into keeping there mouthes shut when they could have notified athorities to the illeagal activities jon kiger was participating in and now they are all in trouble because of jon kiger ! look at his whole family a family of 5 and the only one not on drugs ,in jail or on the run is his father who wants nothing to do with them.

Oh poor little Heather

Funny how some people think female criminals are merely "misguided" and "manipulated" while males are just hardened career criminals and drug addicts who were born evil. Trust me... not all little girls are REALLY made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

To all the people who were offended...

Too friggin' bad! Get over it. Look at their histories at the DOC website. DWI's, drugs, and most of all THIEVERY. They are **ALL** previously convicted thieves. You can cry and whine until the cows come home, but the measure of these four people's worth is found in their actions. And you're right - I DON'T respect them. Why would anyone respect them? They're thieves.

Goodness your right

Goodness your right Commonsensenotc!! I just looked up these thieves on the NC DOC web site all I can say is WOW..what a list of priors!! I have ZERO pity for individuals/thieves who STEAL from anyone..they can work to earn the things that they steal from hard working folks! Our home was broken into on New Years Eve..thank goodness the THIEF in our case was captured too!! I think hard time needs to be handed out by the judge..heck with a smack on the hand! We work our behinds off for what we have..NO ONE has the right to invade peoples privacy and help themselves to what does not belong to them!!


Sounds like you need God in your life!!!! People make mistakes, especially kids/teenagers. Whatever happened to forgiveness??? Eph 4:31,32 "Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ." You are not the one to be judging anyone or deciding anyones worth, none of us are. Mat 7:1-2 “Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you, for God will judge you in the same way as you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others." I feel sorry for you & I never said you had to respect them, but respect their families & refrain from making comments about them dying. Act like a mature adult & not a child! You are in no place to be deciding who's guilty or who's innocent.I'll be praying for you, those kids & their families.


That's a great mentality, really it is... This guy named John Darwin once proposed a theory he had about evolution. You might not realize it, but you are a walking example. It goes something like this... Those with the strongest traits for survival will live long enough to pass them along to future generations, thereby providing them with the genes needed to survive. You must realize that not everyone is inherently good. A thief is and will always be a thief, unless they facilitate the change. Keep forgiving everyone, everytime they commit a crime. I only hope it is you that becomes their next victim, not any of us with sense. But I'm sure if you were to get shot by a criminal that you forgave, everyone at your funeral would feel sorry for you...

I agree with most of what you say

I do believe it is CHARLES Darwin.

Here's one you left out

Thou shalt not steal.

They are old enough to know

They are old enough to know better! The bible does speak about punishment on thievery as well as forgiveness.. The Bible says that poor thieves, who cannot make restitution for what they have stolen, are to be sold into slavery. If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep. ... If he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft. -- Exodus 22:1-3

negative people(read my words)

If you only hear 1 side of the story your initial instinct is to go on what you've heard. In reality by the court system your innocent til proven. Kylen was innocent in the last case and was proven innocent. This is a new case which dosent only involve him its three other kids younger then him trying to plea out so they dont get in trouble by their parents. Court is on thursday and we will see how this plays out. I also sat in the court room as they said not guilty on all the charges and will sit in again on this one as they say not guilty again. Stop looking up padgett, look up kiger and his history or even his whole familys history. seems like you low lifes have nothing else to do but sit on here writing NEGATIVE remarks on people. get a life, stop spell checking peoples remarks, checking records, and being cold hearted. If anybody ends up ODing on something it would be you, on antidepressant meds. that you take b/c nobody likes you b/c you a negative 1 sided fool.

So one not guilty?

So padgett was found not guilty once and that makes him a wonderful person? His list of crimes he has been convicted of is lengthy. They are all common thieves and lowlifes.

Are any of you the victims

Are any of you the victims of these crimes?? I don't know what you're permitted to say, but I'd like to know if any of those items were actually identified as the stolen property??? They just state that they're trying to return it to the rightful owners, but does anyone know what they actually recovered? What evidence do they have besides finger pointing???? I'm not seeing any info that directly establishes these kids as the theives. I'd love to to hear some actual facts on the case instead of opinions on their character.

negative people

I'm glad we still have people in this world like you......We need to let the court system do exactly what it was established to do. We are citizens who have nothing more than opinions & none of us can say who did it, but no one needs to make comments about ODing!!! People are so quick to jump to conclusions. We need all sides of the story to be heard. We don't need a lynch mob. We need the truth!

If thec ourt system had done what it was suppose to..

they would not have been put back on the street to continue commiting crimes. It obviously failed on MANY levels; with the kids as well as the community.


Let me just clarify some far as the whole attempt murder a armed robbery.....i was in the court room for the whole case! the " victim" was a strung out crack head trying to find drugs and tweaked out on kylen! self defense after a some guy freaked then realized what he had done, so he then turned the story around on kylen though not to get into trouble himself. from the court room he said his family didnt know he was on drugs and didnt want it to come out so basically he lied........which my friends is why he isnt in jail. This is just another case where you will find out its not all what you think it is.....

Once again, like I said in

Once again, like I said in my prior posting replying to Kylen's fiancee, he was trying to buy drugs from the 'crackhead', but chose to rob him instead. Jon then got on the stand and lied, under oath, saying it was self defense. How do I know? They both told me what happened. Continue to read below.

Check the DOC website

Every single one of them is a previously convicted thief. What a crew!


Kylen was in jail for attempt murder and armed robbery and he was let out of jail because he was found not guilt it was a self defense case so if u don't know the whole story then shut your mouths and thanks a lot he is my x fiance' He took that case of attempt murder to trial just like he did before. He is not guilty and will not be charged guilty

Actually, someone does know

Actually, someone does know the whole story....He was trying to buy drugs from the victim, with Jon Kiger, then decided rather to rob and attempt to kill him. Why he was found not guilty is because Jon got on the stand and lied saying it was self defense. How the jury was too dumb not to look at all the evidence and realize Jon was lying under oath is beyond me. Just another great accolade for our wonderful law enforcement, court/probate, and legal system in New Hanover county and North Carolina. Way to go Ben David!

Where there's smoke....

If he really is the little angel you want us to believe in, why was he charged and arrested for armed robbery and attempted MURDER? These are NOT lightweight crimes, you fool! You don't just stumble into ARMED ROBBERY and attempted MURDER. Even if the attempted murder charge really was the result of self defense (and I'm NOT inclined to believe that it was), how do you explain armed robbery? What...something or someone tried to mess with him and he HAD to rob them while brandishing a weapon in order to defend himself? Wake up, little girl. If you can't see the big picture, then shut YOUR mouth.

Glad he won't be charged

His record with the Department of Corrections couldn't get much longer without their having to buy another server.


Also.....These are somebody's kids, brothers, sisters etc....If you don't have respect for them, at least have respect for their families. Comments about overdosing are completely unecessary....& remember that what the media says is always hearsay & never the full story!!!

make that a farm

Given the record number of "Let them walks" in NHC this year, I'm pretty sure I saw a budget item for a new DOC server farm.


There's likely some really good reason they were out breaking into cars, that we should all understand, right?


Were you there? Were you a fly on the wall?? Then you don't know who's responsible. None of us do. The only ones who know are the ones who did it, but that's beside the point....Don't talk about somebody fataly overdosing, that's just wrong. I don't care who they are, you don't say stuff like that. That's an ignorant comment filled with uneccessary hate towards people you don't know. What if that was your kid & you read that. I'm sure the families are going through enough w/o having to see comments like that. Let them have a fair trial & the truth will come out, no matter what it is....Until then, keep your built up hostilaty to yourself! There's only one who can judge & it's not any of us.