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Monkey Junction residents may not have to pay city taxes after all. State Senator Julia Boseman has proposed an annexation moratorium for New Hanover County. The city of Wilmington wants to annex hundreds of acres in Monkey Junction, which would significantly raise the tax bill for those residents. Senator Boseman said the annexation attempt comes at a bad time. "Now with the economy the way it is, the folks that live out there are having a hard enough time staying in their homes, and now their taxes are going to almost double," Boseman said. If passed, the moratorium would protect that area from annexation until June 30, 2010.

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  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Doing whatever is popular rather than what is fiscally sound

  • greenie

    I am having to come to grips with alot of hurried changes in this country, against my personal political beliefs. I can’t believe that WE THE PEOPLE elected Julia Boseman again. She seems like a caring, somewhat competant elected official, but reality is that her personal life, financial, and legal affairs are a mess. More than 75% of all elected officials (including Barack Obama) would not pass a basic military backround check, much less a secret clearance. I digress..


    Annexation of Monkey Junction is unfair without a vote of the residents of the areas in question. Growth of government helps increase costs for all of us. The City has no plan to decrease taxes with the increased revenue – in fact, they have no plan for the revenue at all.

    Given the current state of economic affairs in this country, ALL government needs to streamline, consolidate, and reduce budgets. 100,000 people were laid off this week. NC state is going to be $3 billion over budget this year, and New Hanover is over $3 million over. I personally have had to cut back, with home insurance going up, property taxes going up, health insurance going up… We got a %3 raise at work this year, with 4-5% inflation.

    The solution is for New Hanover county and City of Wilmington to consolidate. We need to stop paying for two redundant sets of services. We need to reduce government. Does anyone out there get the benefits and retirement that city/county/state employees get? Over a 1/4 of all your taxes pays for benefits for people that no longer even work. That number will increase as government grows, and people live longer.

    I would applaud ANY movement from City/County/State to reduce OUR cost of having the privilege of living here. As for Julia, even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut… and she happens to be right for once.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …is that she had a momentary flash of brilliance, and remembered the principles upon which this country was founded. If the residents of Monkey Junction want to become residents of Wilmington, let them VOTE to become residents of Wilmington, Mister Goebbels.

    Meanwhile, concentrate on getting YOUR taxes lowered. You’re getting ripped off via double taxation, but prefer that everyone join your misery over city residents being treated fairly.

  • Guest7969

    Fiscally Sound? How about Wilmington stops spending money so fast…ITS CALLED A BUDGET! LIVE IT…FOLLOW IT and you have money left over!

  • bollocks!

    If annexation doesn’t happen, then I would expect that all of the “down-with-the-man” county people to discontinue use of any Wilmington services. That means don’t take advantage of living 5 minutes from the city because obviously MJ can sustain itself and all of the needs of its residents. Sure, you don’t need to pay taxes for things that you use, that seems completely fair to the 100,000 residents of Wilmington that pay for those services. It just seems like if the area is going to leech off of the city and enjoy the benefits of close proximity, both for personal gain and for property value reasons, then taxes should be paid. County taxes are artificially low as it is…and thats because the area cities are subsidizing! I don’t support paying more money for anything that I don’t use, but in this case, it seems fair. If Boseman gets the moratorium passed, then so be it. At that point, it would be a new legal issue. But, at this point, the city of Wilmington and MJ have seemingly qualified for all of the legalities of this annexation. That means that according to state law, it’s perfectly okay.

  • informed

    You are absolutey right that this is typical of a Senator that has a long record of looking out for the fiscal/aggregate needs of the county that she serves and has served for a year short of a decade now. this does not mean that this should not be annexed, this means that there should be due consideration of the timing and how we go about these processes to strengthen our communities. Just another way we have the best senator for our area!

  • Kenny Roberts

    How about standing up for what most of us in the Monkey Junction area do not want. Call it what you want

  • I think the City taxes are artificially low and should immediately be raised.

  • greenie

    The Hamlet of Monkey Junction hereby annexes the city of Wilmington and disbands the leadership, mayor, redundant police force, redundant fire coverage, redundant parks and recreation people, etc etc etc. Taxes will here unto be paid to the county only.

    Seriously, what does the city do for Monkey Junction residents? If we go to the city (which is WHAT THE CITY LEADERSHIP, BUSINESSES, AND RESIDENTS WANT!!!) then we pay parking, pay sales and use tax, and bring revenue to businesses. YOU pay needless tax for redundant county sevices and beaurocracy, and the “privilege” of living there. I would have bought a house in the city if I wanted to live there.

  • Guest36528974

    you are missing the point entirely. We don’t need wilmington services.In fact, it sounds to me that the city needs the county worse than we need you. Monkey junction has a walmart and several eating places. GAs, water, and trash pickup. Also fire and rescue. So what exactly do they need wilmington for?

  • Guestwho

    That would be fine with me as a city resident-wonder if Julia would support legislation allowing city residents to secede from the County…

    (just a thought)

  • greenie

    why do you need city government? why do we need ANY local government?

  • Guest8899

    “That means don’t take advantage of living 5 minutes from the city because obviously MJ can sustain itself and all of the needs of its residents.”

    IT CAN! We don’t need Wilmington to sustain… We have police, fire, and we have all the stores we need. We have our own parks…and you know I’d much rather go to the State Park at Carolina Beach then hassell with ANY traffic in Wilmington.

    Go Boseman!!! She’s doing what is right!!!! NO annexation!!!!!

  • WilmMan

    I very seldom go into the City. I don’t go to the mall, movies, downtown, restaurants, etc… why should I have to pay for something I am not using at all. People that travel from Brunswick and Pender use the City and are in the sicty more than I am. If the City really wants to make people pay for using the city then they should set up toll roads for everyone entering the City

  • democrat

    julia never looked out for anyone with out a checkbook. How can you say she is the best at anything other than embarrassing all of us moral citizens. the woman is a plague.

  • guest12345

    I agree with something she is doing! Annexing this area of town would be a mistake. It isn’t about giving these residents access to city services because they already have access to the parks etc. It is about annexing them so the city can get their hands on MORE money they can mismanage. What would be the benefits to these residents by going through with the annexation? NONE!

    No I don’t live in that area. In fact I live right in the middle of town; however, my parents live in that area and have for over 20 years. They are retired and live on a fixed income. The amount of taxes they already pay are enough to choke a horse. Being forced to live in the city would only make it worse!

    I know this is going to happen one way or the other but that still doesn’t make it right.

  • Guestwho

    I can see both sides. County residents don’t want to pay city taxes for things they might use in the city such as parks, streets, public safety — and I can understand not wanting to be double-taxed because the county already provides these things as well, but city residents are paying double taxes for things they don’t use. Instead of annexing, why not cut the county taxes for city residents? And give the city the sales tax revenue that’s actually earned in the city? Currently that is not being done. 80 percent of all sales taxes collected within the county are generated within city limits, but the city only gets 20 percent back. How is that fair? I think if the county was a little more equitable by decreasing property taxes for city residents and giving city government the money generated within the city, annexation would not even be necessary. That way everyone should be a little happier. Hey Julia — you know there are alternatives…

  • Cowgirl

    If your folks aren’t already hooked up to water & sewer service, just wait until they get the bill for that huge connection fee the CFPUA will charge… (of course, that is if CFPUA gets their billing issues straight by then)

  • Russ

    For those of us who oppose forced annexation, we welcome Sen Boseman’s opposition.
    This issue is not a Liberal vs. Conservative one, simply right vs. wrong.
    Ms Padgitt has voiced to me her position twice in emails, and I could not disagree more.
    She is NOT a good steward of our money, rather a spendaholic, who would perevert the original intent of the 1959 annexation legislation, in the interest of financial gain to the city.
    She claims to fight for city residents, but I see nothing to 1) reduce current residents tax burden 2) increase the standards and pay for public servants (read police & fire) 3) reduce the 3) reduce the city budget. 4) actually do something to make our roads safer.

    Keep up the fight on this issue Julia, and everybody needs to come to the council meeting on Tuesday, WEAR RED!

  • Guestwho

    Instead of fighting the annexation, why not attend a County Commissioners meeting and fight for equitable taxation? City residents are paying for things that we don’t use, and we are also paying for things those outside the city use. If city residents had a lower county tax rate than non-city residents, that would be a strong argument against annexation. And if the city received the sales tax dollars they *should* be getting back from the county instead of just a small percentage, this would be a non-issue. Wear red all you want, but as long as the taxation is inequitable, you will see more annexations – right or wrong.

  • Standing next to you

    Now here’s real leadership.

    Less than a 1 year delay in grabbing more wallets.

    If she was any kind of leader, why not make it a 5 year moratorium.

    This way would let the people involved have a period where they could sell the house and move to another county that’s close by. A county that has a more fiscally sound policy than Wilmington’s incredibly inept spendaholics.

    I guess the convention center is a little over budget, or the projected revenues have lessened due to the economy, so the Monkey Junction residents need to make it up.

    1 year? This is the sorriest excuse for leadership in quite a while.

    Nasa trained chimps for jobs like that.

  • MadMonkey

    To Standing Next To You….
    Have you ever heard the saying, “You must walk before you can run.”? Sen. Boseman opposes the annexation, but she can’t go for a five year just so someone can sell their house. Good luck in this economy. The one year at least will get the legislature to a point of considering a comprehensive set of changes to the annexation laws, if not abolishing them all together (unlikely to happen). Pour your energies into contacting ALL the elected officials and lobbying the N.C. League of Municipalities. It’s the LEAGUE that is causing all the problems. They are in the pockets of people like Bill Saffo and Sterling Cheatham and Tony Caudle. I respect your position and wish you lots of luck. I’m Standing with you as well.

  • Guestwho

    Hard to come up with a budget when you are using inaccurate numbers provided by the County regarding taxes. I believe the county provided inflated numbers to the city to the tune of $5 million dollars for what they could expect from property taxes. I don’t think this can entirely be blamed on one entity.


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