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A new cable bridge connected New Hanover and Brunswick County is one step closer to reality. Wednesday, planners presented conceptual designs for the Cape Fear Skyway to the state turnpike authority. Still under discussion is the exact route. The idea is to connect US 17 in Brunswick County with Carolina Beach Road and Independence Boulevard in Wilmington with a cable bridge across the Cape Fear River, similar to the one in Charleston. The new billion dollar bridge is still a ways off. It is expected to be open in 2017.

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  • Don Johnson

    I’m sorry you are inconvenienced with having to spend hours in traffic. Imagine how you would feel if you were…
    1. Inconvenienced daily with the same traffic.
    2. Inconvenienced with the state taking your home at “market price” (which has fallen NOT ONLY due to the economy but also the very threat of the state taking our home has driven down our home prices).
    3. Inconvenienced with having to apply for a new mortgage in a market where banks are ONLY lending to those with prefect credit scores (790+ FICO’s).
    4. Inconvenienced with having to disclose the potential purchase by the state on a real estate transaction to a perspective buyer.
    5. Inconvenienced with having to pack up and leave the very home you worked so hard to obtain.
    6. Inconvenienced with having to begin again at a new location. ie. Moving, Painting, Decorating, Greening up your yard, installing drainage, etc.
    I’m not even sure in this current banking environment, that many of us would even be able to obtain a new mortgage… Four years ago at the age of 35, I was finally able to get out of an apartment living and into the American Dream. Now they are talking about taking it away from me through no fault of my own.
    I would like to see them build a bridge and ease the traffic congestion, but I don’t understand why they keep planning to take our homes when there is plenty of land without buildings just to the North and South of us!

  • Brunswickgirl

    Get on with it already!!!!!! How many hours of traffic do I need to sit in before the realize this bridge should have been built long ago.


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