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All eyes were on Ms. Florence McCoy Monday. She celebrated her 108th birthday. "I enjoyed it, it was wonderful. I just thank the Lord for it," said Florence. Known as Aunt Florence around town, Ms. McCoy said she has been blessed with a lifetime of joy. "I enjoy going to church, serving the Lord and going different places, enjoying myself." And what better way to enjoy herself than being surrounded by family and friends, celebrating more than a century of making her mark on Elizabethtown. St. John Ame Zion Church Reverend Jimmy Melvin said, "She's had a great influence in touching lives of people that live in that community for years on top of years." Florence’s granddaughter, Shirley Brand-Lewis said, "She's just a wonderful person. You can't help but love her." "She used to make quilts for us, she used to reward us by making pocket books," added Florence’s great-granddaughter, Kay Fleming. Described as a legacy in the community, Ms. McCoy, who has six generations of family members living nearby, is full of gratitude. "I just thank the Lord for being here and for giving me this age." From all of us at WWAY, Happy 108th Ms. McCoy!

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  • Chrisy

    What a refreshing story. Thank you for celebrating such a milestone in someone’s life.


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