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New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey surprised a lot of people when he announced his retirement Tuesday.

At age 64, Sheriff Causey is taking the county's golden parachute, the early retirement package aimed at trimming New Hanover County's payroll.

WWAY’s Jenna Caiazzo sat down with Sheriff Causey late this afternoon and spoke to him about his 39 years with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department.

Causey's career in law enforcement started on a whim. Back in 1970, Causey quit his job in construction and took a position as a police officer at Carolina Beach.

"Children growing up have ambitions to be firemen, doctors, lawyers and everything, and I never thought I had a desire to be a law enforcement officer,” Causey said.

It wasn't until he cracked his first breaking and entering case that he said, he was hooked on fighting crime. He's come a long way since the days of the Carolina Beach PD, where he said the two police vehicles each had more than 150,000 miles on them.

"Six days a week, no overtime, no flex time, one pair of pants and two shirts," Causey said.

At 25, he moved on to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department where he got his feet wet in every department: patrol, criminal investigations and vice narcotics.

Thirty-nine years later, Causey said it's time for something new.

"It's just going to be a new time in our lives," he said. "I'm a little anxious about it. I'll be around. It's not like I'm moving out of town. I'll check on them, see if they're doing things right, and if they aren't I'll let them know, ha ha."

Causey will step down on July 1. He will then make a nomination to the Democratic Party for someone within the office to take over for the interim. That person will fill in through December. At that point, the party will make another nomination, and there will be an election for a new sheriff.

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  • WilmMan

    Well, before you throw your opinion into things maybe you should learn a little more about the situations and about the departments in general. The ERT team are the ones that serve warrants. If your so called department (of what 2 officers) don’t use an ERT team to serve warrants then so be it….but does that mean you should condemn NHSO? How about Chicago PD or NYPD…they do the same thing.

    And before you compare one incident to another, you need to know more of the facts that surround that case. As I pointed out above, there are several reasons why the ERT team would be serving this warrant, and not just one ERT member.

  • Guestleo

    If I were to have made the call to send an ERT to serve a search warrant on Strickland I would be fired. The other kids arrested were not brought in with a paramilitary operation. $5 says neither was the taxi driver that was suspected in killing those two women on Carolina Beach Road.

    Either the sheriff’s guys are a bunch of cowards or they are poorly supervised. My guess is both.

  • WilmMan

    You really need to learn a little more about reading comprehension. I didn’t say just owning a gun made people dangerous. What gave LEO and the ERT a reason for being there is a compilation of things. First, the type of crime that initially occured. Secondly, the pictures on the internet (not of Peyton, but of one of the other suspects – it’s all about association). Thirdly, Peyton was charged previously with another type of physical abuse. Fourth, there was known to be drugs or drug use at that house and according to the Supreme Court, where there is drug use you can expect weapons. Fifth, Peyton did have a gun in the house. Do you need more reasons why the ERT team showed up? If you do, I serously doubt that you are in LE.

    Now, you say LEO saw Strickland playing a golf game on the playstation just before LEO entered the house. Well, that is news to me. NEVER has anyone reported that happening. If you are a LEO like you say you are, then you would know you only have seconds to react. The ERT team came to the door, knocked serveral times with no answer, the door is knocked open and there is a kid standing there was a black object in his hands. Should Long have shot? It’s easy to sit back and so no, but if you are the one whose life was in jeapordy that decision isn’t so easy to make.

    One last thing…every department does things differently. In NHC, the ERT team serves warrants. That is why they were there. Most big cities have a warrant squad that serves ALL warrants.

  • WilmMan

    Did Deputy Long have a criminal record? Was Cpl Long found guilty of murder?

  • we do have the right to speak our opinion whether you agree with our opinion or not. While we cannot stop “Sir Sid” from retiring, had he continued and ran for re-election, we could have “retired” him by not re-electing him.

  • gun shoe

    Once again for all of you that have not been around this here town for very long. It is normal practice for a retiring Sheriff to name his replacement. No One I mean NO ONE has the right to say anything. You will have NO choice in the matter. The Democratic party will agree with Sir Sid and the County Commissioners will also and we will have a new Sheriff! No One can stop Sir Sid from retiring when HE wants too! This is the way it has been done forever! So get ready because you don’t count. They will not have a speciel election!

  • Guestleo

    How is it you can say Peyton Strickland was a criminal? He has no criminal convictions, only one charge of popping an obnoxious drunk guy in the jaw at a party and he dropped the charges.

    What other charges did this boy have? A speeding ticket and a hunting without a license.

    The young Mr. Strickland was far from being a hardened criminal worthy of an ERT invasion. My God man, if I called out ERT every time I had to served a warrant they would be working round the clock.

    Don’t forget Deputy Long was charged with murder, is he a hardened criminal?

  • Just another thug off the street.

  • guesty

    Oh yes, poor lil’ peyton did have a record. I would also bet he had one up in Durham. Daddy must have thought moving him down here would help straighten him out. Didn’t work. I know he had an assault inflicting serious injury here in Wilmington.

  • Guestleo

    What are you saying? If you own a gun you are dangerous? You serious? You mean to tell me law enforcement officers should approach individuals differently because you suspect they may OWN a gun?

    Sir I work in the rural area of another county and nearly every single house I walk up to has a gun or two tucked away somewhere inside. Eleven year olds have shotguns in their closets. So according to you I need to have ERT back me up to serve a warrant? I’ve been to countless front doors, banging away to serve warrants ranging from felony assaults to serious charges of strong armed robbery. Probation officers knock on doors all the time to find an absconderer without riot gear and automatic shoulder weapons.

    Peyton Strickland’s juvenile record is sealed, he had no convictions. So in your head NHS and UNCWPD assumed it was dangerous and that gave them the authority to go in heavily armed. And to you it is perfectly OK for a kevlar covered trained point man looking right at a kid that seconds before was seen using this video game controller “weapon” to play a golf game on the tv in the open front window had every right to shoot through the door and into the head of Strickland because he flinched for a second in fear?

    Whose to say Chris Long should have never been at the door because of some drug problem? Whose to say that UNCW and members of the NHSO didn’t intentionally kill this kid because of poor training?

    Intentionally, that’s right I said it, ask Chris Long if he mean to kill Strickland or not. As any of the ERT guys is killing was an option in the game plan.

  • WilmMan

    Peyton DID have a criminal record. He had a juvenile probation officer at one time so that means he had a criminal record as a juvenile. He was also charged with an assault, but I believe that charge was later dropped. And having a father as a lawyer, there is no telling how many times he was able to get out of trouble that a normal person would not. I also NEVER saw one article or report saying that Stricklands gun was locked up in a safe. And even if it was, it doesn’t take away from the officers knowing he had a gun…they can’t know where it’s at inside the house. LEO also found drug paraphernalia inside the house. Another reason to raise LEO’s suspicions.

    Of course Causey apologized for the act that happened. McDonalds apologized to the lady that spilled her coffee on her lap and burned her. That Lady also won a huge out of court lawsuit. I bet you are one of those people that believe she was right also.

    I guess you forgot that that night, the ERT team knocked on the door several times and nobody came to the door. When Strickland finally did come to the door he had a black playstation controller in his hand. Who’s to say that looking thru a small window that controller couldn’t have looked like a handgun?

  • Guestwho

    I believe the costs for maintaining the SABLE helicopter are shared between the city, Leland and Pender County. When the two helicopters were donated by the Army in 2006, New Hanover County said they didn’t want to participate. Guess they changed their mind.

  • Guestwho

    Actually, the SABLE helicopters were donated by the Army and are shared by Leland and Pender County with the city. If I remember correctly, NHC was offered the opportunity to join the SABLE team, but they declined. It wasn’t until later that they bought their own helicopter.

  • Guestleo

    The two helicopters the WPD has were free, picked up from 20 years of use in Central America used fighting drugs. The operating cost is split between 4 other agencies. Causey was offered to participate and refused saying, “It was a waste of money” The sheriff then bought his own helicopter for $680,000 with a government grant for $267,000 and drug money he was expecting in the future. The rules for use of the “drug money” states that the money is to be used to eradicate drugs, not find lost drunk women in their backyard. Money is not allowed to be spent PRIOR to the money actually being seized. Causey is actually on record stating that he would be able to pay for the helicopter from future money coming in, not money already in hand. He could actually be brought up on misappropriation of funds charges and share a cell with Ron Hewett.

    Lt. Scott Gerow, the pilot, has a home building company he operates as well as his “on-call” position with the Sheriff. He is paid a little more than $50,000 per year.

    The helicopter cost $174.16 per hour to operate, not including the cost of the pilot.

  • Guestleo

    You said: “The deputies KNEW before they got there that this young man had weapons in the home, particularly GUNS. The deputies ALSO knew that this young man was NO altar boy…he had quite an eventful criminal past AND had bragged of his disdain for law enforcement officials.”

    Peyton had one gun, a shotgun he used for hunting, it was locked in a gun safe.

    Peyton had no criminal record.

    Who knows what Peyton thought of law enforcement PRIOR to those gunslingers shooting him in the head.

    Don’t forget Sid Causey apologized for the wrongful act that killed Peyton and the county paid out 2.5 million for it too.

    I am supportive of those who wear a badge. I wear one. But I have also no support for this sort of operation. Don’t forget, Peyton Strickland had NO prior criminal history and was shot through a door that had a window in it. Chris Long should have been criminally charged for manslaughter.

  • WilmMan

    Exactly how much money did the Sheriff’s Office pay for the helicopter? How do you know the pilot only works part time? Why would this helicopter cost more for maintenance than the ones the City has?

  • Friend

    You need help. Seek treatment, please…SOON.

    First of all, your spelling and your grammar are ATROCIOUS. It is very difficult to take you seriously at all when it does not appear that you have a firm grasp of English.

    Second, I’ll agree with you on ONE point you raised. I too am NO fan of Sid Causey. I don’t like him, did not vote for him, and cannot wait for him to leave.

    Third, your statement about “being petrafied of being shot down/murdered in my own home” (btw..it’s PETRIFIED, not petrafied” is ludicrous. Try to think of that situation for just a moment from the deputy’s point of view. The deputies KNEW before they got there that this young man had weapons in the home, particularly GUNS. The deputies ALSO knew that this young man was NO altar boy…he had quite an eventful criminal past AND had bragged of his disdain for law enforcement officials. If that deputy had been your spouse…your child…your friend, even – would you still believe that he did not have a right to defend himself from what he TRULY believed was a life or death situation? If it was me or anyone I knew, I’d DEFINITELY want my loved one protected. If it comes down to the choice of whether or not that disrespectful criminal or my loved goes home to their family that night, I’m voting for my loved one EVERY SINGLE TIME. Unless you are a cold-hearted toad, I bet you would too.

    Also…are you serious??!? You think that you can finally go to your door at night without fearing that someone – ANYONE – will shoot you down/murder you in your own home??!? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What the hell kind of fairy land do YOU live in? ONLY law enforcement officials make you fear being shot and/or murdered?

    Yes, I’ve heard the argument that Peyton had a family too, and that they loved him, miss him, and are angry and hurt that he is gone. My heart really does go out to them. HOWEVER…he chose to act OUTSIDE OF THE LAW. He chose to believe and behave that he was above the law! Had that not been the case, would ANY of this have happened? Nope. The deputies were there because of Peyton’s criminal actions. The deputies knew that he was armed, and they knew that he had no respect for law whatsoever. We as a society ask our law enforcement to do things that the rest of us do not want to do. Because of that, I cut them WAY MORE SLACK than ANY criminal. This truly is an instance where walking in someone else’s shoes is the ONLY way to truly understand what happened. Go for a ride-along with ANY local law enforcement agency. Make sure you request the REALLY high traffic times for criminal activity. Sign up for a bar closing on a weekend night with WPD or the NHC Sheriff’s Deptartment, preferably a Saturday. Ride along and listen as the officers and deputies are asked to respond to endless calls for help…see for yourself how thinly they are stretched. You can’t help but walk away from something like that with a better understanding of what it feels like to find yourself face-to-face with someone who is armed to fight you and has made it known that they have no problems whatsoever with shooting YOU. Go on even a few of the calls like that and find yourself DESPERATELY hoping that your backup unit arrives SOON. That feeling stays with you long after that call is over. As a result, even though you might someday find yourself preparing to make entry with your fellow team members alongside, your first instinct to defend yourself and those with you FIRST AND FOREMOST will undoubtedly be at the forefront.

    Fourth, your claim that the deputies are all in on the “good ole boy” system is utterly ridiculous. Unlike you, I’ve WATCHED Sid’s deputies in action. I’ve been on ride-alongs, and I’ve seen how they treat citizens. I’ve even seen them deal with people that they know and like on a personal level, and I can honestly tell you that from my own experience as an observer that they treat everyone the same. THAT takes solid moral fiber. I have witnessed on more than one occasion when deputies had to arrest people they have known for YEARS. Difficult to do, wouldn’t you say? But to all of their credit, none of the deputies shirked their duties by letting a buddy of theirs go just because they knew them.

    In closing, let me add…if any of what I’ve typed here offends you, too bad. Get over it. Free speech in a free society means that I have the right to say what I think, and it also means that you have the right to ignore what I say.

    So yeah, SERIOUSLY, seek professional help IMMEDIATELY because you are definitely delusional.

  • Guest1111

    Why don’t you tag along with her, maybe you can get a group discount. Have you had this meaningless rambling problem for very long?

  • pilot

    Yes and the WPD has TWO helicopters but Causey would rather pay a pilot $78,000 for part time work and buy a million dollar helicopter thta has a annual a maintence budget of over $200,000 a year than pay the WPD for the gas for the use of theirs.

  • Marilyn G

    TOTALLY ELATED can not describe how I feel about Causey retiring. Finally I can go to my door at night(or anytime as far as that goes) without being petrafied of being shot down/murdered in my own home! Causey is “the supervisor” so he suppossedely trains/oversees his employees…??? In my opinion, the entire dept has been POORLY ran and only wish we as NHC residents did not have to admit we ever knew of him or even his name. I agree the dept is ran under the “good ole boy” system, personally knowing several deputies. I’m SO GLAD he’s leaving ONLY WISH IT HAD BEEN SOONER!!

  • Guest A. C. Craver

    Seems the Democrats will do anything to keep absolute power as to avoid elections. I know eastern N. C. is a Democratic hotbed but look out. Foreigners from other states and other parts of N. C. are moving here and quite a few are Republicans.

  • WilmMan

    There have only been a very few that have retired from the sheriff’s office and all of them have been upper level staff…so I’m gonna have to say BS. You are making everything up, but nice try

  • Guest1111

    So, if I am reading this correctly, they will end up holding a special election to replace a sherriff taking early retirement? Special elections cost tons of money. How is this going to help the budget?

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Why not just do away with all these small towns and make Wilmington cover the whole county. Consolidate it all into one :)

  • Current Deputy

    We DO need a new leader in the department. However, I don’t think any organization will ever be totally free from political infighting and partisanship.

    I have to disagree with you about the helicopter. In my opinion, it paid for itself a few weeks ago. A young woman called 911 on a frigid Saturday night and stated that she lived “somewhere” off of Murrayville Road. She said that she had gone out into her back yard to retrieve her dog that she had let out earlier, and she wound up walking into the woods behind her home. She became lost and disoriented. The area that she was in is HEAVILY forested, and several deputies and EMS were dispatched to locate her. SO1, the helicopter, was also utilized. It is my firm belief that the young woman was found as quickly as she was because the helicopter was able to spot her from above and then guide those of us on the ground to her. In my opinion, the helicopter helped prevent that call from becoming a recovery of a body.

    Now I don’t know about you, but I am NOT willing to put a price tag on anyone’s life. I thank god we had the helicopter that night.

  • GuestDep

    One of the great things about this country is our free elections. In addition, we have the right of free speech. As a result of both, we the voting public are ENTIRELY within our rights to both praise or criticize our elected officials.

    If you truly do know a few deputies, you should also know that all deputies serve at the will of the sheriff. Sheriff Causey can fire any of his deputies at any time, and because ours is a Right-to-Work state, he can fire them without even having to state a reason. Do you think perhaps that little fact might have something to do with the deputies not being overly critical and vocal about their disdain for him?

  • former deputy

    I just retired not too long ago from that circus of a department. That Department needs a new leader and not one from the good ole boy move up eiter. Go to the sheriff’s web site and look at all of the command staff!!! 2 capts., in the jail…like 30 Lt.’s and 1st Sgts and two Chief Deputies. Stop giving your buddies rank because there mad that they feel left out. That why deputies are having to give furlough time. Need to trim the staff and put those people back on the street and in the jail to work. And ground that helicopter and sell it….there is a waisted million dollars.

  • Guest 49

    How is it that a person elected to office by the people of New Hanover County gets to take early retirement??????? And, how in the world is that supposed to save the County money?????? Won’t we have another sheriff? He’ll have the same benefits as the current one. I don’t get it – he was ELECTED. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT sorry to see him go – it’s just that I do not understand why an elected official gets to take an early retirement – shouldn’t an elected office be exempt from that sort of perk? Elected official is a smidge different from your run-of-the-mill employee, and owes that time to the voters that put him in office.

    It’s a two-edged sword – as I said, I do not like him, but by the same token, he was elected to do a job for the voters, by the voters. What’s wrong with this picture???

  • Local 51

    First I would like to thank Sheriff Causey for his service to law enforcement here in New Hanover County.Good luck to you in the future.

    Second would this not be a good time to consolidate the Police and the Sheriffs Department.We have Chief Evangalist is more than qualified to do the job.That would save the county $140000 plus dollars a year just in salary.Plus I am sure there are other divisions of those 2 departments that can use less personell.

    I know there is a law ref to the sheriff be a elected office but I am sure there are ways to do it.Maybe some county officals will see where this could be a BIG savings.

  • Guest123

    I glad that he’s gone. He did a bad job of running New Hanover County Sheirff. When Joe McQueeen was in there we didn’t have half the problems we have now. Do all us a favor and go. You deputies all mess up too and anytime one of your offices rape a child need to be under a jail house and any to time your offices killes a person and then try to sugar coated dont’ need to be in offices. everytime I turn around you are always in the spot light and I’m glad that you are gone and so are other people. You did nothing but cause more headach then try to fix the real problem with drugs, gangs and child not being protected, ect. I hope that Joe MCQueen come back so we can feel safe in house and or child can be safe also.

  • amazed

    Since you obviously know so much about how to run a police department, you should run for sheriff. That way, the officers will be subject to every public whim, and can use the news stations as their unbiased evaluation tool! It is a good thing you are here to gauge the quality of the “swat wannabes” based on your first hand experience. If you want to offer such a caustic opinion of a group of people, you should do your research first, and not let the media think for you. Being a part of emergency services, I work with the patrol deputies and “swat wannabes” regularly. I am continually impressed with their level of training and professionalism, and I am happy that they do not have your attitude, because I have to trust them with my life. You can agree or disagree with what the sheriff does as a matter of policy, but please do not insult the hard working men and women who risk their lives daily for your safety, especially based on a situation you know nothing about.

  • jouster

    His supporters are many. So are Sheriff McQueens’. McQuenn supports Causey. Whoever they support for Sheriff will be our next Sheriff for years to come.
    My guess is get ready for years of Sheriff Ed McMahon. Here’s Johnny! Love the name. Brings back memories of late night tv when I was younger. I know people who are close to the McMahons. They speak very highly of the moral fiber of the man. I look forward to meeting him.
    Though I didn’t vote for Causey, I recognize the difficulties of the job he faced. I believe it was a good time for a change. Keep up the good job men and women of law enforcement.

  • Guest123

    Unless anyone knows Causey personally, they need to be quiet about how bad you think he is. No one is that bad. Hello, do you really believe everything the media reports to you? If you think you can do better then you run. But ya know there is a saying that goes like this “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I know a few of the deputies and I have not heard hardly any complaints about Causey. He was elected to office so he must have done something right. I agree with the one blogger about McMahon. He would be awesome.

  • Kara M

    Chief Deputy Mcmahon is a wonderful person. He was my School resource officer back in the early 1990’2 at Laney high school. Everyone loved him. Having two children of my own now,I would trust Chief McMahon with my children’s safety. I look forward to supporting McMahon!

  • Gene Tilly

    It is my distinct pleasure to have known our sheriff for a number of years. He is not only an outstanding sheriff, but an asset to New Hanover County. He will be missed and who ever steps in will have big shoes to fill. Thank you sheriff for a job well done.

  • cintrek

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedicated service to our community. I remember when you served at Carolina Beach. When I was a teenager at CB I was date raped, beaten & kidnapped, he was 19 & I was 17. A dear friend saw me & rescued me. Sid Causey was there to take the report & worked tirelessly (nearly a year) to locate the rapist who was across state lines. I will always be grateful to Sheriff Causey for his kindness & sympathy for my situation. The man only got 10mos. jail time for assault & attempt to rape but that was the way it was for some rape cases in the 70s-the judge believed his story that he had found God (I pray he did). Sid Causey you will always be my hero.

  • crime free citizen

    I have been living in Wilmington for more than 40 years.
    Sid could never fill the shoes of Joe McQueen. Joe never costs the taxpayers 2+ million. JOe left the office of sheriff with dignity and honor. Sid’s tenure was tainted by poorly trained swat wannabees and a laughing stock of law enforcement. Tom Radewitz was better than Sid!!!
    Funeral Tazing???come on people the whole country was laughing at this.
    I’M curious as to what other lawsuits against the sheriff’s dept are on the books pending trial. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm???????????? don”t retire Sid….
    Apply for the job at UNCW’ Campus police. There’s another joke. rapist ,murderes drug dealers. While the campus police cruise around checking out the skirts. Real professional guys

  • WilmMan

    For all those that want to complain….here’s your chance. Quit running your mouth and do something about it. Causey is retiring which means in December there will be another election. Let’s see what some of you are made of. But I’m willing to bet you all will hide in your little corner, wait for a new Sheriff, then come back out and start complaining again.

  • informed

    No greater man could have endured this positon during some of its greatest challenges and kept us moving forward and keeping our county safe…a man who set up response for our seniors, was alwasys there for our school children, personally was there countless times whenever called on to do AnYTHING he was asked to serve his community as he tackled the gang and drug issues plaguing our area…a man of integrity. We will be hard pressed to find anyone of similar character who can do the great job that Sid has done. The only folks who opposed him are criminals and those who aspire to his greatness who cannot serve because of their own inadequacies. He is truly an inspiration.

  • joyous

    Thanks Sheriff Causey. Your job is a tough one. I applaud and praise your dedication to New Hanover County. Best wishes on your future endeavors. God bless.

  • Ant

    The only thing I have to say to people like you is, if you think that you could do a better job than the wonderful Sheriff Sidney A. Causey, then by all means why don’t you and everyone else file for the sheriff position, and if you got the position, then best of luck to you. But if you are aware of those chances, they are slim to none.
    So before you go criticizing people, you need to know the whole story and the truth behind everything, not just what you want to hear or are told by the media.

  • guesty

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • riley

    He’s a member of our Grace Baptist church family and is loved by all. He has compassion, knowledge, and leadership ability. He has our full support and we look forward to his nomination.

  • Das Weibstück

    Just because someone goes to church and calls themselves a christian does not mean they will be great at a particular job. I know plenty of men/women that do not associate with any religion that are brilliant and could do that job very well. Religion should have nothing to do with any public appointed job and when the USA realizes this we will all be better off.

  • Gjezzus

    so because ed mcmahon is a baptist we should have him as sheriff? causey is a baptist aint he and look how great things are. howz about lets get someone who at least can speak without looking like a complete idiot and for gosh sakes lets get someone in as sheriff that knows the difference between a battering ram and a gunshot.

    mcmahon dont forget ordered the deputies to interupt the funeral and jump the dead mans son.

    id go for anyone who knows anything about civil rights.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    The KKK claims it’s as Christian. Doesn’t make them good people. Separate religion and morals because they rarely go hand in hand. KKK, Child Molesting Priests, etc… etc…

  • Whoa!

    Nooooo, No, No, No!!! We don’t need some southern Baptist religious fanatic running the law enforcement in this town.

  • Guest1973

    Lt.Travis Robinson would be a great Sheriff! He would be fair and on board with turnig the dept around! Anyone who know Lt. Robinson knows he is ready to be OUR NEXT SHERIFF! Lets all get behind Lt. Robinson! Lt. Robinson is what New Hanover County needs!

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    I would add to that from personal experience, Grace Baptist is pretty much a cult. WCA is attached to it and one of the most rediculously strict schools I have ever seen, with nothing but bible thumping idiots teaching there. One of my closest friends was sexually assaulted at the school and they did EVERYTHING they could to cover it up and unfortunately did. Such a shame. GB and WCA are cults and anyone with a brain would stay away from both!

  • has seen the handwriting on the wall. Given the ineptness of his handling of the Peyton Strickland case, his future as Sheriff was coming to end.

    The arrogance of not only the Sheriff but a lot of his deputies has left a sour taste in the mouths of many New Hanover County residents.

  • gottobekidding

    Back to that again??? You are talking about that poor innocent child that was killed for no reason other than beating someone nearly to death for a video game system, having an arsenal in his room, and failing to comply with what he was told by officers at the scene? Yeah, the sheriff should be hung by his thumbs for allowing his officers to protect themselves and take the appropriate precautions when dealing with a dangerous, violent, criminal. My heart bleeds for him and his money grubbing father who has attempted to sue everyone under the sun over that. I don’t agree with everything the Sheriff has done either, but if you are so unhappy with his performance, run yourself, or vote for someone else. Also, for everyone that wants to demonize the deputies for some of the events described above, get your facts straight first. That means you must do more than just take whatever the news puts out as gospel.

  • than we’ve ever had…and with the expansion of the city limits of Wilmington, there’s less miles the Sheriff’s department has to patrol…makes one wonder…why do we need more deputies when there are fewer miles of roads they need to patrol?

  • WilmMan

    Why don’t you take a ride-a-long and see what’s going on….then you won’t sound so ignorant. There are 7 deputies per squad…and most of the time calls are backed up. Sure, they don’t need any more deputies.

  • Asblue

    You have to be kidding me. Each squad on patrol has 7 deputies plus a Cpl and Sgt. Then you have to deal with people being out sick, taking a personal day, in training, and now furlough time. So any given day you can figure one or two people out. That leaves 7 to 8 people to cover the entire county. If you have a domestic, that’s 2 officers to go to that. If you have a burglar alarm, that’s 2 officers to go to that. Then when you have the shootings, stabbings, or robberies there goes all your deputies on that side of the county. Then you figured if someone has to make an arrest, they get tied up at the jail for a while depending on how busy it is up there. That doesn’t leave very many deputies holding down the fort. So yes, there is a need for more deputies. The city may be getting bigger but that doesn’t mean that the crime in the county is dropping. If anything, more deputies would be nice to help prevent the crimes from happening. The deputies and the sheriffs department do a wonderful job for this county, but more help for them would be nice. Like the other person said, go sign up to do a ride along and see if you really think then that there are too many deputies now.

  • WilmingtonObserver

    The job of a law enforcement officer is mostly a thankless one. Anyone who can serve for 30+ years is to be celebrated. I differ with some of your judgments but admire the fact that you have served long enough to retire.

    I often wonder how many North Carolina citizens realize that a law enforcement officer can not retire until after 30 years of service.

    I wish you well.

  • GuestBCSO

    Good luck with retirement Sheriff Causey the law enforcement community will truly miss you.

  • WilmMan

    What exactly are you talking about….your comments don’t make a whole lot of sense

  • Hermit

    “Children growing up have ambitions to be firemen, doctors, lawyers, and everything, and I never thought I had a desire to be a law enforcement officer,” Causey said.

    That pretty much sums up the man. And in his own words too.

    See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  • irish1

    Well there it is …. a lot of our law enforcement officers become officers because they are not qualified to do anything else, or even our Sheriff. I’m not saying all, but a lot of them. I read these postings and can not believe how naive some of you people are, always blindly defending them just because of there job. Just because someone is wearing a uniform, that does not mean it came with an IQ or morality. It only means that they passed the course. Truth is, the job also attracts a lot of bullies, and bigots, you know the type, Rednecks with a badge and a gun. Again, I am not saying all … but New Hanover County has it’s share of of this element in both the brown sheriff’s office uniforms and the blue police uniforms. I just thank God that there are a few really good officers in both departments, and hope that they don’t ever wavier in their integrity because of peer pressure.

  • taxpayer

    Thanks for turning our coastal town upside down.
    I think Lowes Home Improvement Store is hiring.

  • Hopeful

    I too am glad to see this change coming. I have not been happy with the current sherriff for a very long time now. I think he was smug, cockie, and made mistakes by the tons. In saying that I have no ideal what it would feel like to hold all that responsibility. It has to be very stressful. I think Mr. Causey knows it is time for a changing of the guard. I pray we get a new leader that will be better suited for all the responsibility that comes with this job. I think Chief Evangelous would be a good candidate to take over both city, and county. He has truly whipped the WPD in shape, and it was in shambles when he took over.
    Mr. Causey I do thank you for your 30 years of service to the commuity. I wish you well, and hope you find some peace in your future.

  • guesty

    I do know the whole story and much more than will ever be made public and I stand by my statement. Maybe Joe will come back.

  • Lil Wayne

    submitted for your approval in few words:

    Lil Wayne Concert!!!! Great job fellas NICE Appropriation of funds

  • guess again

    There are names for people like you… it’s called “coward”. Why not go public with your infinite knowledge of the Sheriff’s Office which you constantly criticize? Scared of unveiling your own skeletons? Thought so.

  • guesty

    You may call me that if you wish, your opinion of me doesn’t matter one bit. I don’t constantly criticize the Sheriff’s office or the Sheriff. He has made some really bad moves and it is time for him to go. I’m not an elected official nor do I want to be. Even if I did have skeletons in my closet, they are not for public viewing.

  • WilmMan

    And idiots like you would be all over the Sheriff if something did happen and he only provided 6 deputies.

  • math major

    well if the six were the same 6 at the door of peyton stricklands house maybe … but what if he had a dozen there instead of the 120 he had to have there in overtime?

    Jesus wilmman what did he think was going to happen? I think he was a racist for doing it. He wouldnt have done it at an Azalea Festival white trash redneck concert.

    yeeeeeee haaaaaaaa

  • Peyton RIP

    If there was nothing wrong with the way Peyton Strickland was executed by the deputies working for Sid Causey then why did it cost the county 2.5 million dollars? If he did nothing wrong why did he admit it on video tape for the world to see and hear? If the shooter did nothing wrong why was he fired?

    No one ever tried Peyton for any crime so he was never convicted of anything. And as for the mugging, if you listen to the audio of the 911 call, not only is the guy saying he is OK, barely hurt, he originally said it was two black guys that jumped him.

    And the ONLY gun found at Peyton’s house was a shot gun he used to hunt with LOCKED up on a gun safe.

    You Causey supporters will say anything KNOWING it is a lie and you say it anyway. Just like when the family of Gary Rummer asked what happened to his, they were told that Rummer died from alcoholism, when he was beat to death in jail.

  • same as before

    why did the county settle on a wrongful death lawsuit for over 2 million dollars if peyton was to blame? Show me where he broke the law? The boy never had a chance thats why causey fired the deputy that killed him and why the county paid one of the biggest wrongful death settlements in the country!

  • Your Local Emergency Worker

    Just like above… if the citizens of this county think there aren’t enough deputies on the street, then go for a ride along. You’ll quickly see for yourself that there are many more needed. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most people wouldn’t make it through the shift without wanting to go home. I personally think that everyone needs to do at least one ride along for one entire shift in their life… your minds will quickly be changed as will your respect for emergency service workers.

  • Awesome comments Asblue! I think the other person forgets that Wilmington is in New Hanover County and deputies work within the whole county, including the city limits if needed or requested. I have been blown away reading the posts on here by the uninformed citizens of this county. Even if you do not agree with the decisions of Sheriff Causey, DO NOT take your frustrations out on the hard working and dedicated deputies that work for the Sheriff’s Department. As a wife of a deputy who is DEDICATED to his career and the citizens of the county, I know how he and his squad believe upholding the law, which is what the citizens pay them to do. Before anyone decides to bad mouth the men and women who work for the Sheriffs Department please get your facts straight.

  • deputy dawgie style

    Having worked with both Robinson and McMahon you’d know which one has the intelligence for the job. Robinson is fairly politically savy but McMahon has the inside push. I don’t know why Causey has a hard time with Travis but he does and I doubt the recommendation will go his way.

    It will be interesting though to see if the tasering at the funeral comes out, the weak resume, the behind the back talk and the mismanagement of the budget comes out on Ed.

    I’d have to say that Robinson is the better of the two and probably deserves it.

    I swear though nothing will get done, the place is too screwed up, too many people owing people favors. Someone needs to get in there and fire like 30 people right off the bat then go talk with the WPD about working together, but then we can all wait until hades freezes over too.

    It will never happen!

  • Guest2121321

    Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually a Christian; take Barack Obama. He claims to be a Christian, but he definitely doesn’t stand for the same things Christ taught. Just like the KKK and child molesters, Barack is just using Christianity as a political advantage. People like that know nothing of Christian values.

  • Das Weibstück

    And you do cause your such a wonderful christian, non judgmental and all?

    Funny how all of you “christians” claim to be doing it right and all the other christians aren’t.

    Just who are you to judge?


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