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They gathered on their reading mat to honor the man behind the Cat in the Hat. Read Across America Day coincides with celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Students donned their hats and paid close attention to some special readers. A mayor, actors and actresses and even an anchor weighed in on the day. “It’s such a pleasure to be in there and be reading Dr. Seuss to the kids. The kids get such a kick out of the rhymes and the interesting names of all the interesting creatures in the books. It’s so nice to see all their faces light up and to see how happy a good story makes them,” said Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill. "Many people can read but they don’t have that passion, so you don’t enjoy it as much. It should be certainly be for information but mainly for pleasure and that’s what we want the children to see at this time,” said Jeannette Nichols, a member of the NHC school board. It was a time to promote literacy. Many believe the most important way to build a successful future is by instilling a passion for reading early, and some children already get the hint. “It helps you learn new words,” said Gregory Elementary second grader Janae Young. After whetting their appetite for reading, one hopes that desire won’t be fleeting.

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