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"Education is the engine that propels North Carolina’s future. It cannot and it will not be sacrificed," said Governor Perdue. In her inaugural State of the State address Monday night, Governor Bev Perdue, a former teacher, said focusing on education will allow North Carolina to continue to be competitive in the global market place. "Even in these tough times, we will increase per pupil spending in our public schools this year," she said. Governor Perdue said she plans to go after every federal recovery dollar available. "We’ll put our people back to work by building bridges and paving roads and expanding and renovating our infrastructure,” said Perdue. “It’ll take engineers and architects and contractors and technology experts and laborers." Rep. Danny McComas said, "Just throwing money at the problem is not enough, we need to have something more and she was very clear about the fact that she wants accountability and that made me feel good." Governor Perdue assured efficiency and transparency when spending taxpayers’ dollars. To help tackle a more than three billion dollar shortfall, the governor said next week she will announce programs and services that will have to be cut. "I would have liked to heard more about specifics on programs and other areas of the state budget that are going to be affected," added McComas. In these tough times, Governor Perdue said she will do whatever it takes to move the Tar Heel State forward. Governor Perdue assured she will not let citizens’ dreams die, and she will work to create ways for people who are out of work to learn new skills.

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