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Governor Bev Perdue unveiled her proposed state budget Tuesday. Creating jobs and stabilizing our state’s economy are a few of her top priorities. Despite the state facing the worst budget crunch in decades, Perdue is hoping to close a multi-billion dollar gap in the state’s budget. “The investments that I have strategically made in this budget document is important I believe to the core future success of this state.” Some people call it a ‘Sin Tax.’ Perdue proposed a dollar-per-pack increase in the cigarette tax, moving it from $.35 per pack to $1.35. Her proposal would also increase the alcohol surcharge tax by five percent, as an attempt to stabilize the state’s economy. Many seem in favor of the idea. "If it’s going to a good cause, I don’t mind paying extra taxes. It will cost me a little bit of money. I’ll smoke half a pack a day, I don’t mind,” said Mary Reisler. There is good news on the education front. Perdue does not want tuition increases for community colleges or the state’s public universities. "Improving public education, keeping higher ed accessible and affordable, that’s community college, vocational schools, and the university." Perdue wants to spend money on improving programs for career training in community colleges. "It is very important to put a value on education and training right now. With so many people out of work and looking for work, the more affordable job training is, the better off we will be in the long-run,” said CFCC spokesperson David Hardin. With the help of federal stimulus money, the state would put more than $100 million toward schools; $64 million to increase salaries on an experience-basis for teachers, and more than $3 million for under-performing schools. Ten million dollars would also go to gang prevention programs. In other arenas, infrastructure projects to help create jobs would get $50 million over the next two years even though the governor proposed eliminating more than one thousand state jobs and cutting more than 20 programs deemed inefficient. Another $36 million will help with a tax break for small business owners, and $2 million will go toward to promote tourism in the state. The legislature is expected to review Perdue’s budget plan and approve its own budget by this summer.

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  • jj

    I have an idea.. Why don’t the state stop getting all these companies tax breaks? When you give a break to one person, it comes out of the pocket of someone else.. So, when they give the movie company a break the other tax payers have to make up for it by paying higher taxes..

  • Nanna

    I recently retired from the school system. The systems have too many “assistant superintendents” that make over $75,000 and up a year. They are not hurt by the budget cuts, but the teacher assistants that barely make $20,000 are the ones cut. And they are the ones that do most of the work with our children. The teachers rely on the assistants, but the teachers get the raises. We need to cut the Asst. Supers in the systems, and make the Superintendents earn their paychecks. There are too many Chiefs in ALL the county school central offices and not enough Indians where they are needed. Once the title “assistant superintendent” is added to a job title, the pay hike and increased benefits are astronomical!! If we got rid of the higher ups who do less and less and earn more and more, then there would be funding for the lower people in the system. Granted there are a few that really earn their pay, and I commend those. But from what I have seen firsthand, being in the system for more than 12 years, the majority sit on their rears and let everyone else do the work but they earn more on raises, supplements, and everything else. They are not going to cut their own paychecks no matter what it takes. And, sadly, our children are going to be the ones to suffer as we decrease the staff in their schools. Wake up, Perdue!! Stand UP for the little man in education and quit helping the higher ups! It’s the little man who helped put you where you are today. And the laws you implement today, you will have to live with once your term has ended, so think about it…it’s your grandchildren who have the most to lose with this state budget. And why all of a sudden does it have to be balanced? What happened in years past when it didn’t balance? Where is all the lottery funding going? Cut out all the Medicaid on those who refuse to work and keep on having the kids so they can get a bigger check when they live better than I do and drive a nicer car and dress in the finest!! It’s my tax dollars paying for them and I want a say in how they are being used!! AND another thing: How can you raise taxes on things such as gasoline that we all need to live, when so many of us are out of work and can barely make ends meet??? It’s like adding more salt to the wound, why keep taxing when we can’t pay the taxes now? You can’t get blood out of a turnip but you sure do keep trying…people are going to have to be able to buy food and clothing and heat their homes this winter and if you keep going up on the taxes, there will be more wanting assistance because they cannot afford the basics…it’s a never ending cycle and it needs to be stopped!!

  • Calill

    A few years ago the lottery finally passed and still had a lot of opposition. That created revenue for the state though. The Obama administration just sent over a nice little chunk of stimulus money. North Carolina has one of the highest gasoline taxes in the country. They have their hand out for every nickel and dime they can get from their residents in various other taxes and fees they impose. What would North Carolina have done without the stimulus money or the lottery? Now they want to tax one our biggest industies consumers. I think we should boycott chicken products.

  • Das Weibstück

    South Carolina .07 cents a pack on cigarettes. They are the LOWEST in the country. Close by.

  • Guest000000000

    why don’t other state employees get raises.That is unfair to other workers not to get raises and teachers do. just like the government to put certain state workers on a pedestal.

  • beachbumbaby

    Bev does not have my respect. All Bev is doing is trying to act like Hillary Clinton. The women who are in office needs to care about the American people and not what Oprah,Ellen,etc. thinks about. I just looked at world news tonight. One of the headlines was about what kind of veg. garden the white house wants to have. Bev, and the rest of the demoncrats, relax. Bev, if you like yankees so much, move up north or move to St. James plantation or do like our past governor, move to southport. Oh, by the way, in respect to education, why do we have the N.C. Education Lottery? I reckon to line your pockets and the rest of the greedy politicians

  • Das Weibstück

    Hummm….lets tax those horrible smoking and drinking sinners!!! I am crushed to know that I am a sinner in her eyes.

    While you are at it Bev lets tax the real sinners (you know the ones from the bible)…. Adulterers, murderers, robbers, people who use cuss words, people who lust, gluttonous people, GREEDY people, lazy people and the other deadly sins wrath, envy and pride. Are those in the bible or are they just something the Catholics made up?

    Well that is just about EVERYONE because all of us “sin” in one way or another. Fair is fair.

  • Harold Clay

    I agree, just call it a polititians tax since it refers to lying,cheating, adulterers, greed etc.

  • Guestax

    Spending goes up while running a deficit. Boy, that’s not how my employer explained it to me when they laid me off last month. I guess in government it works the opposite way. The sucking sound coming from City Hall, Raleigh and Washington isn’t just from taking more and more of our money.

    The “sin tax” on cigarettes, is going up over 200% for the folks addicted to them but alcohol only 5%. Could that be because the state is in the alcohol/lobbyist business? Maybe we’ll have less people smoking while driving, right Bev?

    Didn’t Beverly Perdue just steal lottery and tobacco settlement money (Whats left after their lawyer buddies took their huge cuts)? Isn’t NC getting “Stimulous” money too.

    I’m going broke with politicians looking out for my best interest but big government continues to grow, tax and spend. The middle class has been all but wiped out. Maybe I can just live in the projects, get food stamps and sell black market cigarettes…

  • pickedout

    This proposal is simply unfair. While all will be rewarded by the taxes paid, not all will be taxed! The so called “sin tax” is like the “Salem Witch Hunts”. There is no justice in them at all.

    If you want to take avery dime of tax collected on these items and return it to smokers and those whom drink OK. But if you want to spread it around, then take from all. You know, the old “all for one and one for all”.

    This tax targets a certain group only. Yet will be spent on everyone. NOT FAIR AND NOT RIGHT!

  • hadn

    how bout we start taxing the perdue chicken company!!!!!about 500% right off the top will be appropriate!!!!!!

  • Guest87698

    “The power to tax is the power to destroy”

    Points against “sin taxes” from the Heartland Institute:

    * It reduces the income of the buyer.

    * It lowers profits for the seller, and leads to reduced investment, wages, and jobs.

    * It is not likely to seriously discourage consumption habits when those habits are intensely desired.

    * It may eventually decrease government revenue, especially as people move their business to the informal sector.

    * It encourages people to turn to harder substances to feed their habits at the same price.

    * It creates underground markets, which tend toward corruption and violence, and fosters disrespect for the law.

    * It sets up a moral hazard for policy makers, who vacillate between wanting to discourage undesirable behavior and wanting to encourage it for revenue purposes.

    Bev needs to learn that cutting spending and eliminating wasteful and unnecessary government programs and offices does more to promote prosperity for the taxpayer than stealing their money through excessive taxation.

    In this economic environment, raising taxes will have a devastating impact on the local economy.

  • Guest0004

    This tax is entirely fair. Even though I am not a smoker or drinker, my tax dollars are still going to pay for medical care for most of the smokers and drinkers who do not carry health insurance or have a lack of…

  • Guest346

    Don’t get too excited. When people cut back on their “sins”, the vultures in government will be circling over you next.

  • What would really be fair is to raise the sales tax on all goods and services so everyone can pay their fair share.

  • fed up

    The government is the new mob. They can do anything they want at any time. Read your constitution people. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” -Thomas Jefferson
    I’m a small business owner and I’ll let you know if I see any of that 36 million they’re planning to use to give us tax breaks. Amazing.

  • Can’t Wait

    Can’t Wait for that $13 per week to kick in on my pay check!
    Guess it’ll be buried in there some where :-(
    Time for that BIG VACATION none of us deserve!!!
    Picture our state where “all smokers” quit smoking.
    Next the government would be begging people to start smoking at $44 per carton for state tax funding.
    With unemployment up as it is, that will probably be on a lot of smokers minds. I know a few that have already considered the idea….very seriously too…..Purdue!

  • SettingSouthernersStraight

    If you want to pollute the air and your body with some cancer sticks go right ahead, but you need to be taxed. I say, increase it more! $1.35 is not enough, raise that up to $2.00!

    I will gladly pay 5% more on any alcohol purchase I make. I am not dependent on it, and I’ll gladly pay that tax if I feel the need to have a few cold ones.

    If you don’t like it, the one thing you can do is stopping buying the product. You’ll survive without the nicotine. Or is it that you won’t know what to do with all those 10 minute breaks you are taking at work.

  • Guest Incentive

    It’s definitely incentive to quit. Smoking is a horrible habit. I’ll still take my breaks though. It’s better for everyone around me that I get away from my desk for a few..hahaha.

  • wally

    so your a drunk but you don’t smoke!

  • Guest668

    Wow…The man said he likes to have a few cold ones, not drink 2 cases a night.

    Shut your mouth Mr. Holier Than Thou.

  • Guestwho

    Don’t worry — your local government is taking care of that.


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