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State legislators will discuss a proposal for a moratorium on a local and controversial cement plant permit at a hearing in Raleigh Tuesday morning. The group Stop Titan plans to take a bus load of opponents of Titan America’s proposed cement plant in Castle Hayne to the meeting. Titan representatives will also be there. Last week, Senator Julia Boseman filed Senate Bill 699 to stop permits for cement plants in North Carolina until September 1, 2010, so the Environmental Review Commission can study the environmental impacts of cement plants. WWAY’s Kevin Wuzzardo will also be at the hearing, and have a full report Tuesday night on WWAY.

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  • Guest11

    I have been researching this issue for awhile now. Folks, how do you feel about our oil coming from foreign lands? Stop and seriously answer that to yourself. Do you know that cement is one of the top imported materials of the United States? Do you know what cement does? it builds bridges, streets, parking lots, your driveways and sidewalks. Check it out…all of the “US Based cement factories” that sell it “MADE IN THE USA” Yes CONCRETE is made in the USA….but cement is IMPORTED….AGAIN ONE OF THE TOP 5 IMPORTED PRODUCTS IN THE UNITED STATES. C’mon people, this will be good for jobs and GREAT for this country…and we will have it here in our area.

  • No Cement

    Mercury is released into the air by burning coal at power plants and cement plants. It settles in waterways, and accumulates in fish and shellfish as methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin. Eating fish is the most common way humans are exposed. State health officers have issued statewide advisories about consuming certain species of fish because they contain high levels of mercury. The company’s application says it would release as much as 263 pounds of mercury a year.

    Using new data collected by the Environmental Protection Agency, the analysis by Earthjustice and the Environmental Integrity Project also found “mercury accounting gaps” that raise questions about whether cement companies properly report pollutants from their plants.

    Cement plants are among the worst mercury polluters of any kind in the country, said Eric Schaeffer, a former EPA director and founder of the Environmental Integrity Project.

    Mercury emissions land in waterways and begin their trek up the food chain, building up in fish and people who eat them.

    Money and jobs doesn’t trump food and health, or does it?

  • Guest123

    Guest11, thank you for your comments. I TOTALLY agree with you! I say to Titan…WELCOME! COME NOW! STAY FOREVER! Bring your money and your jobs and get on down here!!!!!

  • cintrek

    I would prefer to see more environmentally friendly companies come to town. If you travel abroad a see what these types of companies have done to other countries environmental & human health you would hopefully be enraged by what these companies are doing to our precious planet. Remember when asbestos was the greatest thing? Now it’s banned & people have died from the exposure & others are living with lung disease (my dad is one of them who spent 30yrs in a plant off 421 that made asbestos at one time) We are in an age of growing pains & it’s time to grow up & do what’s right for our planet, our health & the future of our children which in turn will provide higher paying jobs, put food on the table, a roof over our heads & we won’t have to continue to spend billions on cleanup & healthcare.

  • Guest123123123

    My background is Environmental Science. I used to work in the Environmental Consulting side.

    What happens is a company gets permits to emit up to the limit. In many many years of testing result from customers all over the place I never saw any test results that came close to their limits. Most places (in whatever industry) only emitted a fraction of their permit levels.

    The goo you get on you from a seat at the movies is more dangerous than industrial discharges now-a-days. (lots of fecal bacteria there)

  • me

    as bad as the econony is we all need the work
    are ..would u rather us stay on wellfare….


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