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As Governor Bev Perdue tries to make money for the state by increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco, some lawmakers want to loosen the state’s liquor laws. Senator Tony Rand filed a bill to allow liquor sales on Sundays across North Carolina. The decision to allow the Sunday sales would then be up to cities and counties. Industry analysts say the extra day of sales could bring in about $5.5 million in tax revenue.

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  • Das Weibstück

    The Sabbath is not the first day of the week (Sunday), as many believe, but the seventh day (Saturday).

  • Guestfam

    it’s 2009 and the lord in no longer in a rational person’s political agenda.

    i doubt this will bring a huge influx of tax dollars but i appreciate it if for no other reason than making sunday less sacred for people like the one i am replying to.

  • Frankthink

    You can get beer/wine in a grocery store on Sunday. You can get all the liquor you want in a bar starting at noon. Opening the liquor stores helps NC by earning tax revenues and keeping those who choose to drink (and not plan ahead) off the roads on Sundays.

    I don’t know anyone who goes to church just because the ABC stores are closed.

  • Guest11

    Thank you getting up on your pulpit and giving all of us our online sermon. I am a believer in God and I pray, but I do not preach to people who do not want to hear it. If I want a sermon, I go to church. keep your religious beliefs and opinions to yourself. What is the problem with another 5.5 million dollars in state revenue? Do I drink? Damn right I do. Do I abuse it? NO i do not. But i’m not about invading peoples rights to do whjat they want in the privacy in their own home and i’m sure not going to want to stop my state from making money. My suggestion to you? Kepp it shut and preach to the people who WANT to listen to you.

  • GuestTEW

    Do the people in Raleigh have no respect for for the Sabbath Day ? Sunday is to be a day of rest and worship. I know we need more jobs, but Sunday is The Lords Day, let the people who drink get what they want on Saturday, hopefully they will run out and instead of being able to buy more liquor they just might go to church. I did and if I can anyone can.

  • Skulldrag

    Look into the First Amendment of the US Constitution. “Wall of separtation between the church and state”….

  • Guest7969

    Disagree…what is the Sabbath day? TECHNICALLY it is SATURDAY…but us Baptist like Sundays. That doesn’t mean that those who observe the sabbath on SATURDAY should be punished and not be able to do anything on Sundays. It’s not any more EVIL to sell it than it is to DRINK it on Sunday…so why not?

    What about fishing on Sundays…should that be OK?…From what I hear, you can now HUNT on Sundays on Private Lands….the sabbath is something that a majority observe, just not on the same days…not everyone is a Baptist.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    PLEASE. How ignorant are you? Have you read that little document called the Constitution that states SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? Religion should have NOTHING to do with this. If you want to do all of that, let’s also ban Barbecue since it might offend the Jewish population we have here, or Burgers because that would offend Hindus, and so on. Rediculous!

  • Guest0020002102111

    Tobacco is just as bad as acohol and you can buy them on sunday.So sell acohol on sunday

  • anne

    I guess anything goes now, doesn’t it? The state needs the money, so we will get it anyway we can, even if it means putting more people on the road that drink!!!

    Doing anything for money – isn’t that called prositution? Just wondering!

  • Good and Decent

    I don’t agree with Senator Tony Rand introducing a bill to allow liquor sales on Sunday. He should never had introduced such a bill. Cities like Wilmington where the crime is terrible will have additional problems to deal with. At least on Sundays, the alcoholics couldn’t buy liquor.

    What was Sen. Rand thinking about? Getting revenue for North Carolina should not be done in compromising the sabbath day. No good will come out of this. I would be afraid to be Sen. Rand. It seems that by his actions, you can certainly tell that he is not a believer in Jesus Christ and what is good and decent.

    This bill will not be good for North Carolina and I hope it will fail in the House and Senate.

    I encourage everyone to contact your representatives and express your opinion against this bill.

  • SettingSouthernersStraight

    How naive are you to think an alcoholic hasn’t planned out his Sunday alcohol intake? You think all alcoholics sit at home shaking, waiting for Monday to come?

    Boy are you silly

  • Guest1636

    The sabbath day shouldn’t have anything to do with it. The government shouldn’t be restricting alcohol based on religious beliefs. Some religions (Southern Baptists and Muslims for example) believe we shouldn’t drink at all, so should we ban all alcohol sales based on those faiths?

    In the US, there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. In NC, the liquor stores are government controlled entities (the ABC boards are appointed by the local elected leaders). So as a government entity, they should not make their decisions based on any particular religious faith.

  • Go For It

    I guess separation of state and church doesn’t apply in North Carolina? I’m sorry but a state run store should not be closed on a day that is a religious observance. If its privately owned…go for it. I think people forget that not everyone in NC is a devout Christian. And you judging his beliefs on simply introducing this bill is extremely UNChristian of you.

  • Wilmington Taxi Drivers

    Here in Wilmington as well as across the state there are thousands of Taxi Drivers who would be more than happy to drive you home if you choose to drink any day of the week. If you want to ban Liquor sales on Sunday you might as well close the pharmacies too, many of their prescription drugs are much worse than a drink. I know of many alcoholics who can get just as drunk off of beer sold on Sunday as they can a bottle of Liquor. As to the Sabbath, Southeastern North Carolina is the home to one of the LARGEST Pagan populations in the USA, and let’s not forget that the Catholic Church is one of the largest consumers of alcohol, not to mention larger than the Baptist Church. So I hope this does pass and that those opposed to it mind their own business and just not shop for Liquor on your own Sabbath and leave my Sunday alone.

  • DevilPup

    If you have a religious objection to buying or consuming alcohol on Sunday, DON’T DO IT!
    Don’t force your religion on me, and I won’t force mine on you.
    Let’s get rid of this “private club” nonsense while we’re at it.

  • Good and Decent

    To all you poor pathetic people who are for Sunday liquor sales, I pity you.

    As for the separation of church and state, please read and understand this. This means there is to be no one particular religion.

    As for taxi driver comment, if this passes, I know you will be tickled to death for the extra drunks to haul.

    I’m expressing my opinion just like the rest of you and if you don’t like my opinion, you will have to answer for the choice you make one day.

    As for the “private club” comment, I’d rather be a Christian and go to heaven than to spend eternity in hell where there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth and yes, remembrance of times repentance could have taken place but wasn’t.

    So, go ahead and consume your alcohol. Just don’t drink and drive and don’t ask to be placed on a liver transplant list because that’s what you’re doing is destroying that most important vital organ.

    If you have children, grandchildren, or any relative, just walk up to them now and tell them that you don’t love them because actions speak louder than words and you’re indicating to them that you don’t care.

    I don’t condone cigarettes, beer, or drugs either but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

    Call me what you want but I know one thing. I’m a born again believer and I’m not ashamed to worship my LORD JESUS CHRIST on Sunday or whatever day to the week you might want to call it.

    I hope you all repent and see the need to want to spend eternity in heaven.

  • Margarita Joe

    Hey Good and Decent,

    You’re just plain nuts! Not all people who drink alcohol are drunks & alcoholics. I do agree with part of the taxi driver hauling drunks, but wouldn’t that be good for business? I am glad that they are driving them so THEY aren’t driving on the road.!
    As far as bringing religion in on this, I am a Catholic and believe that drinking alcohol doesn’t mean I’m going to hell! Having a beer or wine or a margarita on a hot summer day doesn’t make me an alcoholic either. Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine? Don’t they serve alcohol in chuch-the blood of Christ? (I don’t drink it because of backwash issues) So I guess ALL christians are going to hell for drinking the blood of Christ?
    You bible belt people are all nuts!
    And you being a Born-again christian means you’ve done something bad in your life and needed to find God again.
    Good Luck!

  • Good and Decent

    Whoever you are, you must be drunk to write something this despictable.

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and you refer to Him this way. He still loves you even though you don’t have sense enough to realize He is the One and Only Person that keeps you breathing.

    You are just one heartbeat away from hell. I pray that you repent unless you have been turned over to a reprobrate mind and can’t. God help you is all I can say.

  • Guest666

    They probably will not make any more money by selling liquor on Sunday, because less will be sold on Saturday.

  • fleebailey

    We are programmed to not run out on Sunday. I haven’t run out on Sunday in 40 years. I think the payroll will outstrip the sales.

  • local

    Prostitution?! I’m laughing inside. If you’re so “Christian” why don’t you ask yourself, WWJD? He certainly wouldn’t insult people to get them to listen. I believe in God, I also drink on Sunday. It’s my way of resting and taking a break from my everyday stress so that I can enjoy what God has blessed me with. I don’t see how liquor sales on Sunday is going to hurt you or your fellow “Christians”. Like a few posts said, the drunks who are dumb enough to drink and drive are, unfortunately, smart enough to stock up before Sunday. The more you insult and push your beliefs on people the more ignorant and ridiculous you sound.

  • mrs. phyllis


  • correction

    The phrase “separation of church and state” does NOT appear anywhere in the Constitution. I’ll refer you here for further information: http://www.allabouthistory.org/separation-of-church-and-state.htm


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