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Police called what happened at a Bladen County High School Monday "a riot." Students at West Bladen High reported that more than 50 people were involved in the fighting that resulted in a number of arrests. The violence started just after 10:00 this morning, and continued until about noon. Many left school, fearing it wasn't over. “I’m tense and it's scary; this is the most fights we've had in one day,” said Jeremy Mills, a senior at West Bladen. By 12 o'clock, students said six or seven fights involving more than 50 people had already taken place throughout the school. “There was one boy that got jumped by five boys, and they knocked him on the ground and stomped on him and all kinds of stuff,” said sophomore Nicole Thompson. About 15 Bladen County sheriff’s deputies responded to what they called a riot. Deputies took 10 people in custody. Charges range from inciting a riot, to assault on a government official. Parents said this is hardly an isolated incident. “We've had to come and sign them out before, because of gang activity and fighting,” said Dawn Thompson, a West Bladen parent. Deputies said it's too early to know if the riot was gang related. No weapons were involved in the incident. Deputies expect several more arrests. Students said they're just worried about going back to school. “I do not feel safe,” Jeremy Mills said. Nicole Thompson added, “There's no telling what would happen.” West Bladen never went on an official lockdown, but school employees screened everyone entering and leaving the building. The assistant superintendent for Bladen County schools declined to comment. Tonight, members of the Elizabethtown Community will conduct a forum on gang violence. The forum had been planned in advance, and just happens to coincide with today’s violence. We'll have more on the discussion tonight at eleven and updated on wwaytv3.com.

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  • JustMe

    And what pray tell are the teachers and principals suppose to do cause if they touch JR. mama and daddy are going to sue them sue the school system and then the principal and teachers will lose their job to boot! How about insisting upon Corporal Punishment to be allowed in the school again then you might see more people step up to the plate because they wont have to worry about sue happy individuals!

  • JustMe

    I can’t stand to see children write and spell like that! It leaves me feeling the need to beat my head on my desk! Children take no pride in their writing or how they come across! Kids if you want adults and other officials to take you seriously try spelling the whole word and spell it properly. Otherwise we’ll just see you as simply uneducated and really not having much pride in yourself.

  • JustMe

    We had both when I was coming up in the Bladen County School system and NEVER had any problems like this. Sure an occasional fight but we treated our elders with respect!

  • Observer

    Is it possible that instead of attempting to break down a young lady crying out for help, the villagers might look in the mirror and see what we can do? I am disturbed that instead of trying to assist Nette B. and provide some direction, someone only felt the need to criticize her. Yes, there may be a time to discuss what happened in English glass in middle school.
    The solution to this situation, however, is not to cast stones. We can call out the superintendant, elected officials, and parents. However, if all we are doing to make the situation better is criticizing a child over her grammar, then this situation will only deteriorate. If we move from English to History, we know from Salem and many other examples that venting is the initial reaction but not the solution.
    Also, breaking down a teenager to create a more vigorous argument is transparent and quite disappointing. A personal belief about private versus public is a component, not an entire solution. It comes off more like an agenda.
    Additionally, every child from WBHS will not go to a private school regardless of what private financing or charter legislation is passed. If you are going to take the time to Post something, why not think about the value of it and how it contributes to the solution. Better yet, think about how WE can solve the problem.

  • wbhs student who dont care

    yall need to leave nette alone. she wont even fightin. west bladen is a safe school compared to others, so shut up. if you don’t like it go somwhere else. WEST BLADEN!

  • BAND GEEK 09




  • Guest545664

    You know what I don’t understand is if the staff at WBHS is so terrible, why would you leave your child there?

  • Dustin Norris

    I think we should have officer shaw back at WBHS because he is a good resource officer he doesnt just back up fights he also trys to help and inforce. he is a good man, and cody he was a good person as well. i went to school with him for two years he was a well known friend and a all around good guy. both men are good people. officer shaw should be given his old job back at WBHS, and i pray the best for cody’s family, friends, and i pray that people will see that life is so precious these days and that you shouldn’t abuse the oppertunity that we get like, our freedom and our education. without education you have no life unless your going to live on mom and dad and trust me thats not the best road to take.


    So your telling me a few more SROs is “too much”?
    Your telling me “a tad bit stricter discipline is “too much”?
    Your telling me a few more counselors is “too much”?
    It’s very stupid putting schools who didn’t like each other from the beginning together.

    **It is very easy to put up a front when people are around. Nobody really knows what goes on in the school first-hand but the students, cause some of the teachers are oblivious to the fact that “stuff” is going to happen; But it’s going to happen. Fights are going to happen. Arguments are going to happen. We need to get that through our heads.

    I would have to admit; the so called “riot” was uncalled for; but just because a incident like that happened, doesn’t mean West Bladen is a horrible school. You people need to get a grip; and quick!


    -Thank you! :]

  • Guest002223333

    Excuse you, but not all Freshman are stupid like everyone thinks we are. We watch, we pay attention, etc.

  • Charles Walters

    Make it $5000,00 and make it mandatory with no way to appeal it. If the families start losing real money plus a huge dose of personal embarrisment then things might change. They know nothing will be done to them thats why they don’t care if they get arrested or go to court or pay a little fine. One more thing about the fines don’t give them months or years to pay it. If they can’t pay it say with in 30 days start taking family property for those under 18 and for those over 18 lock them up give them work release and take their check until its all paid off that will teach these mutts we are serious about education and school safety.

    PS. Use the fine money to pay for more SRO’s

  • WilmMan

    I actually know 3 of the teachers at that school and have visited them a couple times. I have also worked at other schools. I do know first hand what teachers and LEO do. Most of the time, students do not realize the limits place on both teachers and LEO. They really can only do so much.


    Well on some points, I agree; But I strongly disagree with this statement, “I’m sure the teachers and LEO do all that they can to prevent things like this from happening, but there is only so much they can do.” They do not do everything in their power. I’m more then positive that all that could be done IS NOT BEING DONE! [And this is coming from a student who has spent a mojority at his time for the past two years at West Bladen!] If your not a student, [at least there to witness everything first hand 180 days out the school year], then I don’t think you should tell us what the teachers are doing. [No disrespect intended.]

  • Guest 4356

    If one is going to “nit-pick” someone else’s grammar/writing, one should be addressing one’s own errors as well. For example, “extremelly” should be “extremely” and your first “sentence” is a run-on sentence which needs to be shortened for clarity. “Atleast” should be two separate words, or perhaps that was not covered in the illustrious grammatical education you personally received? People who live in glass houses should not cast stones.

  • TEacher

    The “integration” attitude that the person was talking about is the integration of the former four county high schools into two, which happened about 8 years ago. I don’t think this particular post was about racial integration, although I can see how you would think so without a working knowledge of Bladen County.

  • WilmMan

    “All you people who has some much to say on here should go to West Bladen and say it to the principle; vice principle; teachers; officers; staff; etc.”

    What is there to say to any of these people. I’m sure the teachers and LEO do all that they can to prevent things like this from happening, but there is only so much they can do. I know several principals in NHC that have long-termed a student for good reasons just to have the school board allow them back in school. The problem doesn’t lie with teachers or LEO, it lies with the students and their parents. That is the problem…and nothing really can be done about it unfortunately

  • WilmMan

    Putting your name on a public forum as nothing to do with anything. Some cann’t put their names here simply because they could get in trouble at work for some of the comments they make.

    I do agree that teachers do what they can. If someone wants to fight, they are going to fight. There is nothing anyone can do about it

  • Concerned Parent

    You have the kids from Bladenboro, Tar Heel, White Oak, Dublin, Clarkton, etc… and then the kids from Elizabethtown. Most of the time in other counties the city kids does not get along with the country kids for whatever reason…I don’t know! That’s just usually how it is! It was said that 10 or 11 E-Town boys jumped one Tar Heel boy first! Everyone knows that E-Town, Clarkton and B-boro never gets along with White Oak, Tar Heel and Dublin so it would have been better to have left the high schools like they were a few years ago instead of combining in to one school where everyone rivals each other depending on where your from!! It seems kids got along better and enjoyed school and sports when it was Bladenboro High, Tar Heel Junior-Senior High and East Bladen. Mixing Bladenboro and Tar Heel was a mistake to begin with without adding the E-town kids to West Bladen! Now it’s one big rivalry in one school!!! And when I say city kids and country kids…I mean the city kids are the ones that live inside E-town (the city) and the country kids are the ones from the communities outside of E-town…B-boro, Tar Heel, etc…I don’t mean farm raised country, I mean they live in the country!!! Duh!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Even I know that Deputy Shaw didn’t do much. He was just the guy who talked to whoever.
    Deputy Holder is one of the first to be there, spraying mace to whoever is in his way.
    You don’t hear things going on at East Bladen. But they’ve got the gang trouble too. It just hasn’t burst out like it has at West.
    I’ve looked through it, asking around, seeing which school is the best, because my Mama wanted to transfer me. (Other than the band program not being as awesome! XD) There’s trouble there too.
    I hope your sister is okay, and that she didn’t get hit too hard.
    RIP Cody. I didn’t know him much, I talked to him on and off, but it still hurts. ((Especially when some people in my first period laughed..))
    God Be With Us. =]


    Not really. There are alot of techers that don’t really care about their positioning at the school. It’s like they are there just to sit around and recieve their paycheck. By “good teachers”, I mean those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into educating every student that walks through their classroom door; Every teacher at West Bladen does not do that!

  • Dan

    GRAMMAR. How do you know grammar? You can’t even spell it.

  • Traci

    While I will fully admit that “extremely” was misspelled and apologize profusely, I think you need to review your interpretation of “run-on sentence.” The structure is to adhere 2 parallel ideas and conclude with a observation, which is properly done with the comma delineation. As for first sentences, would you really like me to dissect your redundant, opening line in which you lost focus on your subject? As for the “Atleast,” that is regional and varies from derivation of the language. It is similar to color/colour and grammar/grammer. So stop throwing rocks!

  • student.

    Not every student at West Bladen has bad grammar, as surprising as it may sound; there are some students who do care about their education.

  • Wendy

    You need to realize that getting a new principal will not improve anything. Mrs. Beatty was a great principal when I was there and I was glad to say that she was my principal. You need to think about how you can make a difference instead of putting the blame on someone. West Bladen isn’t a bad school. Everywhere you go has some type of problem.

  • Wendy

    As a former West Bladen student, I would like to let you know that if parents done the “parenting skills” like I had when I was growing up then kids wouldn’t be acting like this or wearing their shirts to their knees and showing their underwear. All of this comes back to the parents raising their kids the way they should be. Also, you have to consider people have different cultures in society and just because you dont think it is right doesn’t mean that it is wrong. These are opinions. If you go to college and study Psychology and Nursing you would realize everyone has different standards and it is related back to their relatives and the culture they were raised in.

    And futhermore, I had Mrs. Beatty as a third grade teacher and she is an excellent woman with authority. Parents complain when she gets on to your kids and suspend them, but then you belly ache and complain if “certain students” aren’t arrested and sent to jail immediatly. Mrs. Beatty can’t raise your kids for you, you need to think about what you did to prevent your kids from “acting out” before you go blaming someone else.

  • taxpayer

    I am very happy to see how my tax dollars are being used to educate this fine generation. Thank you for your statement Nette B, It goes a long way. Oh yeah, I will make a few phone calls and get your picture removed just as soon as possible, I swear on mi grandma’s grave!

  • knightfan

    I really think it is time for the Board of Education and Bladen County Sheriff’s Department to take advice from the parents and students and bring Shaw back. He was there to do a job and not to please the administration. How many times has the Sheriff’s office or the Board of Education heard that? More than they are welling to tell I’m sure! Pepper spray is not the answer to the problems at West!!! Soon that will become the drug of choice!

  • knightfan

    I really think it is time for the Board of Education and Bladen County Sheriff’s Department to take advice from the parents and students and bring Shaw back. He was there to do a job and not to please the administration. How many times has the Sheriff’s office or the Board of Education heard that? More than they are welling to tell I’m sure! Pepper spray is not the answer to the problems at West!!! Soon that will become the drug of choice!


    I believe there are more teachers that should be on that list buddy. Try ALL OF THEM.

  • Haha

    You don’t care about English Class? That’s why you’ve been at West Bladen for 6 years!



  • Mad Mom

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • Anonymous

    DEPUTY SHAW NEVER BROKE UP A SINGLE FIGHT AT WEST BLADEN HIGH SCHOOL EVER! Holder is the only one i have ever seen go running to a fight with his can of mase. Shaw was just there in the office flirting all the time. and if you are a freshman how do you know if we need shaw back?

  • Mad Mom

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • Mad Mom

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • guesty

    Since you don’t care about English, practice this phrase “Do you want fries with that?”

  • aGuest

    ..should take away cell phone and Ipod which would then leave only education. What exactly do you need a cell phone for in school anyway? People went to school for centuries without having to have cell phones and I think it’s evident that we got a better education. Spoiled brats.

  • Guest000000


  • aGuest

    1. Wit- there is a “H” in that word with
    2. Gonna- not even a word, it’s “is going to”
    3. “I” is a proper noun, which means it’s a capital letter
    4. Mi= y not i
    5.and I don’t think you were on the new, you may have been on the news.
    6.do you know what an apostrophe is or its function? For future, it’s the key to the left of you “Enter” key.
    7.wut and sed are also not words
    Proofreading is an amazing thing. Does this school even have an English department?

  • Ashley Walters

    its about time someone stood up and told people how they felt about the situation.. and yes if you are scared to put your name on here you should not even leave your comment… i attened west bladen last year but im now out of school. and yes their are alot of fights at west bladen, but the teachers do as much as they can to stop the fights. i mean when they signed up to be teachers no where in there contracts did it say.. you would have to breake up fights and all that…

    p.s. we love you cody and yes that was VERY disrespectful on there part to do that the day of your mourning…rip kendrick dakota hammond

  • Traci

    Your contribution to cleaning up the “hoorible reputation” of your school, is extremelly hindered when you fail to adhere to BASIC rules of grammer, but we are seeing a lot of that in the forum so I’m guessing the English program isn’t the strongest. However Milton, I do offer you props on this line:
    “That’s what’s wrong with all of us; we never confront the situation with the people it needs to be confronted with.” Atleast you are taking some responsibility.

  • aGuest

    ..in English class? If so, you obviously spend a lot of time in the wrong place. Ignorance is a precursor of violence.

  • ncsuchickenman

    He didn’t, the video showed it.

  • ncsuchickenman

    He didn’t, the video showed it.

  • As a parent of a second child at WBHS, I make sure my child has a cell phone and it’s only because it is against the law that she don’t have a weapon, the cell phone is to call me when she needs help, the staff at the school is worthless so I feel that I must be on “call” at all times to save her.

  • ncsuchciceknman

    Not answering a law oficer while he is trying to protect you and others and evalaute the situation could be taken as interfering with a police investigation. Learn to respect others and you will earn the respect of others.

  • Junior at WBHS

    No, religion needs to stay out of school. That will do nothing more than cause more problems. Yea that whole paddlin and prayer thing may have worked back in the stone age but society is screwed and that is a pointless argument to argue. Hitting students will only lead to students hitting teachers. Who ever posted that needs to shut up and think before they blog.

  • Student at WBHS

    when shaw was there very little happened. no one is afraid of the deputies we have. in the students eyes they are nothing more than rent-a-cops. Its one thing to PREVENT a fight, but when the deputies decide to do nothing but WAIT until a CROWD forms to break it up. thats stupid, its as if holder waits until the crowd forms and then sprays the crowd.

  • Student At WBHS

    Your dumb, segregation will not solve anything, keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country. thats bull. idiots are everywhere.

  • bladencomom

    I would just like to know what part of Bladen County are you from to think there are city kids and country kids. Also please specify what is a “city kid” and what is a “country kid”?

  • west bladen student…

    I agree they need Shaw back also.
    And need to get rid of mrs.Beatty, snice she is showing she can’t handle her job. West bladen is no longer safe.


    First off; I would like to say that if all of you is so concerned, sitting at your computers talking nonsense is not going to help the situation at all. All you people who has some much to say on here should go to West Bladen and say it to the principle; vice principle; teachers; officers; staff; etc.
    That’s what’s wrong with all of us; we never confront the situation with the people it needs to be confronted with. Anonymous has said alot of things; when we were all born; we were given a name; use it. I’m sure your birth names are not “Guest”, “Concerned Parent”, or “Ashamed WB Student”.
    This is ridiculous.
    If we want a better tomorrow, we are going to have to strive for it, not sit on our “buttocks” and complain about stuff, IT’S NOT GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING.

    And no matter what, I no Nette B. is innocent; but yet she is portrayed like some mad/crazy lesbian in handcuffs. And to whoever said being gay is wrong; that has nothing to do with this post; Smoking; stealing; doing drugs; killing; disobeying the law; fighting; etc. is wrong; but people still do it right?!?; RIGHT.
    Thank You..

    So now West Bladen High School will have a horrible reputation, and you people are not making it anybetter.
    As much as I dislike West Bladen sometimes, I couldn’t see myself no where else. There are great teachers/staff at our school including 1st SRG Reynolds [JROTC], Ms. Jo Ann Kelly [World History], LTC Townsend [JROTC], Mr. Cook [Vice Principle], Ms. Dove [Civics & Economics], Ms. Brown [Computer Technologies], Mr. Jason Himingway [Math], Ms. Strickland [Health and P.E.], and thats from attending West Bladen for about 2 years.

    We are better than this Bladen County, so we need to act better….

    *****And to my fellow classmate; (Kendrick Dakota Hammond), Rest In Peace. I personally apologize for all of this violence going on following your passing; You are definitely missed & loved.

  • Ashamed WB Student

    Yesterday should have been a peaceful day at school because we lost a fellow student and friend the night before. SOME people at our school have respect for others, just themselves. I’m glad to be graduating this year because of all the hate our school dwells upon. I’m still irritated that a day supposed to be remembered for Cody, will forever be remembered as the day 15 people were arrested….what a disgrace.

  • guesty

    Maybe you should spend more time paying attention in English class.

  • Concerned Parent

    I totally agree with you!! Keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country!!!

  • Concerned Parent

    This is not related to the fights but If I was the principal, Nobody would be allowed to come into my school with the waistline of their pants around their knees and them walking around constantly pulling them up, you would be sent out the door until you could learn to wear pants where they are suppose to be worn, I don’t know why you want them hanging around your knees when you have to pull them up every minute and walk like something is stuck up your butt just to keep them up!! And I don’t care to see your underwear or your shirt down to your knees! Dress Code Policy should be enforced and if the Principal can’t stop this from coming into the school, then it’s time for a Principal that can!!
    About the fights, I don’t know what to say other than things better have changed before my kids get there!! It needs to go back to being Bladenboro High, Tar Heel High and all the others to Elizabethtown! Keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country! Some redistricting needs to be done!

  • ncsuchickenman

    I think everyone that was involved, i.e. instigating, fighting, restricting access to the Police, etc should be tried and prosecuted as adults. I think that every teacher, should go to a mental counselor/psychiatrist and get sent out of work on Medical leave for a hostile environment. The system has known for a long time that the tension between the groups has been building. There was a child shot at McDonald’s not to long ago over the same situation. The stress of being a teacher in a hostile work environment like West Bladen could lead and should lead to lawsuits by teachers against the School System. The solution dress code, strictly enforced, a no exception punishment system, and if a child is expelled, or suspended the parents would have to pay a fine just like any other legal violation. We as a society need to hit the ones that are acting up in the only place that they seem to care about, their wallets. If a parent has to pay a 400 dollar fine and the fine is posted in the paper for their kid acting up, it would not take long for the parents to get the kids acting right. Just my thoughts. On another note, I am glad that my wife was not hurt in the fiasco, cause justice would be served.

  • Amen

    This just goes to show what happened when they took PRAYER and THE PADDLE out of schools. Do I hear an AMEN?

  • seriously

    Amen! I just finished writing an argumentive paper about the bannishing of religion in schools!

  • Yvonne

    If this comment is any example of the level of education of a highschool student in Bladen County, we are failing terribly in his education. Apparently he cannot spell or put together a sentence without grammer errors. A sad commentary for our public education.

  • Guestlyy

    How is it that thug=black? I don’t see anywhere where this person is saying it’s black thugs that are the problem.

  • WBHS Alumni

    Wow> I am a graduate from good old WBHS (class of 07) and people act like this hasn’t been happening since before I was even a freshman. I remember a day my senior year where my friend and I had to duck into a class room to avoid 4 simultaneous fights. I like how people don’t care about things until there is a tv crew to catch it and bring it to your homes. I’m a sophomore at ECU and my fellow ex-WBHS mates and I went through this every week! Plus: does no one remember the HUGE riot from the first year students were in the WBHS building. Same problems as always, different kids. And don’t blame teachers- people will only learn when they care.

  • Ashamed WB Student

    ***SOME people at our school have no respect for others, just themselves.

  • Guestb

    You still should learn how to spell, maybe then you wouldn’t be another statistic at WB!

  • Nette B!

    i was one of the people arrested yesterday … i had nothing to do with what was goin on… all i was doin was followin the direction the on of the teachers gave me…. but when i returned to the office that when they began to tell me to sit here move here.. then the officer ask me how old i was i didnt tell him but another teacher told him…. the her proceeded to say if i said another word i would be arrested but little did e know that i had nuthin to to with the roit all i was doin was trying to tell mrs powers that the bag wasnt up stairs.. the officers then grabbed mi arm forcing it back to be put in cuffs… then he took me outside n that wen ur newstaion was out there and had me sayin that i didnt do anything wrong which its was the truth… i didnt do anything and i would love it if u can take te picture of me off your website…

  • Parent

    I agree if the different schools were rivals before intergration then how do you expect them to all be at one school and get along now. It has nothing to do with gang violence, this attitude started before any of these students were born. The four different schools never really got along.

  • nette b!

    listen. i don’t care about a English class… i care about what happen… and how i am not involved wit what happen… i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time…

  • Guest025


  • Parent of WBHS teen

    Are you even from Bladen county? What exactly would you consider the “inner city”? Just because the students that were being taken out were minorities, does not mean that their parents aren’t just as hard working as the rest of us! In case you haven’t noticed, the government has made it harder and harder to raise children the way they should be raised, especially when it comes to discipline! How about coming up with a solution to that problem before you assume that those children’s parents aren’t hard working individuals!

  • WB Senior

    Not every Bladen County student has horrible grammar and spelling mistakes like the comment above. We have great teachers who care about education, but majority of the students could care less. Put the situation of alot of students in a mathematical way: Cell Phone>iPod>Education.

  • sick

    Watch the video, people. Does anyone else see a common denominator with the thugs being arrested? Hmmm? When are we going to realize that we cannot mix these inner city kids with the general middle class hard working families who go to these schools? It’s a shame, but obviously true. How many lives do we have to lose? Scary!

  • Skulldrag

    This is just proof of the complete failure of some parents and the court system. Parents, for god sake when the kid is being a problem punish them. Take away the X-box, the car, cell phones, tv…ground them, bend them over your knee and whack the ever loving crap out of thier rear with a leather belt, it is not child abuse, it is discipline. It doesn’t matter if they are 13 or 18. If they live under your roof, YOU ARE IN CHARGE and responsible for your children. If they get suspended from school, ground them. If not they take it as a day off and enjoy it. The kids are starting to rule and terrosize. The court system needs to step up to the plate and stop tapping the problem kids on the wrist. Stop talking and do something!

    To the parents who teach their children right from wrong I applaud you. You are not affraid to show them discipline and steer them in the right direction. You show them love and caring which makes them a better person.

    If things keep going the way they are with the children, schools, courts, morals…we will have a big problem on our hand in the future.

  • Embarrassed by this grammar

    It is so sad that students like this are allowed into high school with a Second grade writing proficiency. THIS is what is wrong with our schools!

  • Guest066


  • Worried Student

    I am a Freshman at WBHS! To be honest I am scared to go back. I may even go to East Bladen, you never hear about violence there or anything for that matter. People need to grow up. We just lost CODY!! R.I.P Cody. I LOVE YOU && MISS YOU!! Anyways, my sister was innocent and was sprayed with mace yesterday, and hit in the chest. She was just going to class after walking with me. We left early and took her to the eye doctor. We have never had this much go on at school in one day, but it has happened before. I also think WE NEED DEPUTY SHAW BACK!!!! Nothing ever happened with him there. Now, WBHS is out of controll!!

  • Worried Parent

    West Bladen definitely needs to upgrade their security and striclty enforce their own policies. I was told by a principal (not West Bladen) that if a student has any gang paraphernalia or “throws up” a gang sign that they will be expelled for the rest of the year. Granted for the smaller children they may not know better, but High School students do. These kids go to school to learn, not to be bullied by hoodlums and “wanna be” gangstas! Teachers need to quit ignoring what they see and step up. Gang presence has been ignored too long in Bladen County. It is here and we need to do everything we can to prevent and deter. Parents also need to appropriately discipline their children, pay attention to what they are doing. The signs are there, you just have to read them. Some say being expelled will only cause a bigger problem. I dont think so. It will send a message, loud and clear, and the kids that actually want to learn and get an education will.

  • concernmom

    The bottom line is ADULTS, take care of this. Parents you need be waiting out side the sheriff’s office pressing charges against the people that are doing this and the Principal and teachers that are allowing this to happen. That is the point. NOBODY is standing up to these people and say this is a enough. Parents take your kids out school when the STATE comes to your house and wants to know what you child isn’t at school. let them know. As long as there is nothing done they will keep right on until somebody is dead, If someone done what was written above comments to my child. I would every marine from Jacksonville at that school. Contact the national news. Don’t sit back and let keep going on. This stuff sound like stuff that happen in the 70’s at hoggard, NHC, Willaston, Greogry

  • Guest1983

    The problem with gangs is that it’s not race specific. There are white gangs, mexican gangs, black gangs, asian gangs… What are we to do? Make each race a school of it’s own? That’s getting ridiculous. If there is hard proof against a student being in a gang, or the student starting gang related things in school, the student should be expelled from that county’s school. END OF STORY.

    Ha-ha.. Easier said than done. Try getting a child expelled.. It’s near impossible.

  • guesty

    Better watch out, the naacp, uncle jessie & al show and all the other clowns dressed up as racial harmony preachers will be stomping their feet demanding you apologize and pay a fee, err make a donation for the errors of your way.

  • Devin B.

    I graduated from West Bladen in 2006, and I’m not the least bit surprised to hear that a riot broke out there. Back when I was a student fights broke out all the time. Those of you who think you can fix this by sending the kids to jail or suspending them, think again. West Bladen is a violent atmosphere with a lot of gang influence. The problem stems from the atmosphere itself, not from a handful of bad eggs who are bringing everyone else down. If you want to make West Bladen safer you’re going to have to get to the root of the problem. The common response to violence in a high school is to suspend anyone involved and keep going about things as if nothing has happened, and it doesn’t work. You heard what those kids said: they’re scared. They don’t feel safe. I hope the educators will actually communicate with the students about what’s happening this time. Dishing out punishments isn’t enough, we need to understand exactly why this happened, and let the students know that we’re going to do our best to keep it from happening again.

    And to any West Bladen students who are sick and tired of this kind of thing, hang in there. I promise you, once you’re out things get so much better.

  • Phillyguy

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Phillyguy

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Nette B!

    i wasnt apart of any of the fights yesterday and im upset that when i come to this web site mi pic is there wit me n handcuffs…. i really didnt have anything to do wit the situation.. i was at the wrong place at the wrong time… then on top of that they show me on the new… i dont know who but somebody is gonna have to fix that… i got caught up in a bad situation…

    and it wasnt even gang related it was just one person didnt like wut the the other person sed so they began to fight… then someone else started to fight and from then on.. it seems like everybody was fight… but not me….. like i sed to the officer i swear on mi grandma’s grave i have nothin to do wit it…. i was only following direction…..

  • GuestSS

    Nothing like thug mentality infecting our public school systems to create fear and intimidation. It’s funny, I talk to older people and they say schools were better before integration.

  • Bladenborn123

    Well Bladen County thats what you get when you change the divide lines for busing students,when the lines were changed 2 years ago, this chain reaction started. It is very hard to mix students from one side of town with the next, the inter city kids are just different.They are trying to survive, they are not wanted. In Elizabethtown “new town””local Hood” live in a different world. Also this is what happens when you only have two county school, they get to big for teachers, and principals to handle. We need another high school.

  • Charles Walters

    At least one of the posts said the fights were related to the death of Cody Hammond. IF this is the case what a really poor and disrespectful way to honor and morn the passing of a class mate and friend. Do you really think he would be pleased with your actions. I doubt it. Stop being fools and thugs and honor your friend and classmate in a proper and fitting way. I’m sure his family would like that too.

  • Phillyguy

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Friends

    I am a freshman at west bladen, and I never thought anything like this would happen to a school that I atended. But, one of my freinds was an innocent person and went to her locker to get her books and was sprayed with mace and punched in her chest, knocking the breathe out of her.This is crazy mess. It’s immature I think its pointless and childish. It all started after first period when the first fight broke out and they threw up a gang sign. It’s really scary because once the resource offiers, state troopers, and undercover cops were there, they still were fight, they were pushing past the police to get to the people. As if, the police didnt scare them. I’m tired of this, and so are my parents.

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