Riot breaks out at West Bladen High School

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Submitted: Mon, 03/30/2009 - 10:04pm
Updated: Fri, 06/07/2013 - 1:51am

Police called what happened at a Bladen County High School Monday "a riot." Students at West Bladen High reported that more than 50 people were involved in the fighting that resulted in a number of arrests. The violence started just after 10:00 this morning, and continued until about noon. Many left school, fearing it wasn't over. “I’m tense and it's scary; this is the most fights we've had in one day,” said Jeremy Mills, a senior at West Bladen. By 12 o'clock, students said six or seven fights involving more than 50 people had already taken place throughout the school. “There was one boy that got jumped by five boys, and they knocked him on the ground and stomped on him and all kinds of stuff,” said sophomore Nicole Thompson. About 15 Bladen County sheriff’s deputies responded to what they called a riot. Deputies took 10 people in custody. Charges range from inciting a riot, to assault on a government official. Parents said this is hardly an isolated incident. “We've had to come and sign them out before, because of gang activity and fighting,” said Dawn Thompson, a West Bladen parent. Deputies said it's too early to know if the riot was gang related. No weapons were involved in the incident. Deputies expect several more arrests. Students said they're just worried about going back to school. “I do not feel safe,” Jeremy Mills said. Nicole Thompson added, “There's no telling what would happen.” West Bladen never went on an official lockdown, but school employees screened everyone entering and leaving the building. The assistant superintendent for Bladen County schools declined to comment. Tonight, members of the Elizabethtown Community will conduct a forum on gang violence. The forum had been planned in advance, and just happens to coincide with today’s violence. We'll have more on the discussion tonight at eleven and updated on


  • guesty says:

    Since you don’t care about English, practice this phrase “Do you want fries with that?”

  • MILTON V. says:

    So your telling me a few more SROs is “too much”?
    Your telling me “a tad bit stricter discipline is “too much”?
    Your telling me a few more counselors is “too much”?
    It’s very stupid putting schools who didn’t like each other from the beginning together.

    **It is very easy to put up a front when people are around. Nobody really knows what goes on in the school first-hand but the students, cause some of the teachers are oblivious to the fact that “stuff” is going to happen; But it’s going to happen. Fights are going to happen. Arguments are going to happen. We need to get that through our heads.

    I would have to admit; the so called “riot” was uncalled for; but just because a incident like that happened, doesn’t mean West Bladen is a horrible school. You people need to get a grip; and quick!


    -Thank you! :]

  • Dustin Norris says:

    I think we should have officer shaw back at WBHS because he is a good resource officer he doesnt just back up fights he also trys to help and inforce. he is a good man, and cody he was a good person as well. i went to school with him for two years he was a well known friend and a all around good guy. both men are good people. officer shaw should be given his old job back at WBHS, and i pray the best for cody’s family, friends, and i pray that people will see that life is so precious these days and that you shouldn’t abuse the oppertunity that we get like, our freedom and our education. without education you have no life unless your going to live on mom and dad and trust me thats not the best road to take.

  • Guest545664 says:

    You know what I don’t understand is if the staff at WBHS is so terrible, why would you leave your child there?

  • JustMe says:

    And what pray tell are the teachers and principals suppose to do cause if they touch JR. mama and daddy are going to sue them sue the school system and then the principal and teachers will lose their job to boot! How about insisting upon Corporal Punishment to be allowed in the school again then you might see more people step up to the plate because they wont have to worry about sue happy individuals!

  • Mad Mom says:

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • Mad Mom says:

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • Anonymous says:

    DEPUTY SHAW NEVER BROKE UP A SINGLE FIGHT AT WEST BLADEN HIGH SCHOOL EVER! Holder is the only one i have ever seen go running to a fight with his can of mase. Shaw was just there in the office flirting all the time. and if you are a freshman how do you know if we need shaw back?

  • BAND GEEK 09 says:




  • Mad Mom says:

    The four schools should have NEVER been changed. It was the worse idea Bladen County has ever had!! Putting them together has not only caused more violence in the schools, but it killed school spirit. When I was in high school, we were proud and felt honored to the “Bulldogs”. I feel my kids are being deprived of the high school experience I had. My kids are great; they are smart and work very hard to get good grades. They don’t deserve all this CRAP.

  • Friends says:

    I am a freshman at west bladen, and I never thought anything like this would happen to a school that I atended. But, one of my freinds was an innocent person and went to her locker to get her books and was sprayed with mace and punched in her chest, knocking the breathe out of her.This is crazy mess. It’s immature I think its pointless and childish. It all started after first period when the first fight broke out and they threw up a gang sign. It’s really scary because once the resource offiers, state troopers, and undercover cops were there, they still were fight, they were pushing past the police to get to the people. As if, the police didnt scare them. I’m tired of this, and so are my parents.

  • Phillyguy says:

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Haha says:

    You don’t care about English Class? That’s why you’ve been at West Bladen for 6 years!

  • Charles Walters says:

    At least one of the posts said the fights were related to the death of Cody Hammond. IF this is the case what a really poor and disrespectful way to honor and morn the passing of a class mate and friend. Do you really think he would be pleased with your actions. I doubt it. Stop being fools and thugs and honor your friend and classmate in a proper and fitting way. I’m sure his family would like that too.

  • BILLY MARSH says:

    I believe there are more teachers that should be on that list buddy. Try ALL OF THEM.

  • knightfan says:

    I really think it is time for the Board of Education and Bladen County Sheriff’s Department to take advice from the parents and students and bring Shaw back. He was there to do a job and not to please the administration. How many times has the Sheriff’s office or the Board of Education heard that? More than they are welling to tell I’m sure! Pepper spray is not the answer to the problems at West!!! Soon that will become the drug of choice!

  • Bladenborn123 says:

    Well Bladen County thats what you get when you change the divide lines for busing students,when the lines were changed 2 years ago, this chain reaction started. It is very hard to mix students from one side of town with the next, the inter city kids are just different.They are trying to survive, they are not wanted. In Elizabethtown “new town””local Hood” live in a different world. Also this is what happens when you only have two county school, they get to big for teachers, and principals to handle. We need another high school.

  • knightfan says:

    I really think it is time for the Board of Education and Bladen County Sheriff’s Department to take advice from the parents and students and bring Shaw back. He was there to do a job and not to please the administration. How many times has the Sheriff’s office or the Board of Education heard that? More than they are welling to tell I’m sure! Pepper spray is not the answer to the problems at West!!! Soon that will become the drug of choice!

  • taxpayer says:

    I am very happy to see how my tax dollars are being used to educate this fine generation. Thank you for your statement Nette B, It goes a long way. Oh yeah, I will make a few phone calls and get your picture removed just as soon as possible, I swear on mi grandma’s grave!

  • GuestSS says:

    Nothing like thug mentality infecting our public school systems to create fear and intimidation. It’s funny, I talk to older people and they say schools were better before integration.

  • Wendy says:

    As a former West Bladen student, I would like to let you know that if parents done the “parenting skills” like I had when I was growing up then kids wouldn’t be acting like this or wearing their shirts to their knees and showing their underwear. All of this comes back to the parents raising their kids the way they should be. Also, you have to consider people have different cultures in society and just because you dont think it is right doesn’t mean that it is wrong. These are opinions. If you go to college and study Psychology and Nursing you would realize everyone has different standards and it is related back to their relatives and the culture they were raised in.

    And futhermore, I had Mrs. Beatty as a third grade teacher and she is an excellent woman with authority. Parents complain when she gets on to your kids and suspend them, but then you belly ache and complain if “certain students” aren’t arrested and sent to jail immediatly. Mrs. Beatty can’t raise your kids for you, you need to think about what you did to prevent your kids from “acting out” before you go blaming someone else.

  • Wendy says:

    You need to realize that getting a new principal will not improve anything. Mrs. Beatty was a great principal when I was there and I was glad to say that she was my principal. You need to think about how you can make a difference instead of putting the blame on someone. West Bladen isn’t a bad school. Everywhere you go has some type of problem.

  • student. says:

    Not every student at West Bladen has bad grammar, as surprising as it may sound; there are some students who do care about their education.

  • Nette B! says:

    i wasnt apart of any of the fights yesterday and im upset that when i come to this web site mi pic is there wit me n handcuffs…. i really didnt have anything to do wit the situation.. i was at the wrong place at the wrong time… then on top of that they show me on the new… i dont know who but somebody is gonna have to fix that… i got caught up in a bad situation…

    and it wasnt even gang related it was just one person didnt like wut the the other person sed so they began to fight… then someone else started to fight and from then on.. it seems like everybody was fight… but not me….. like i sed to the officer i swear on mi grandma’s grave i have nothin to do wit it…. i was only following direction…..

  • Phillyguy says:

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Phillyguy says:

    A quote from my 8th grade history teacher at Topsail…For each time you keep playing around and not taking your education serious, the Russian and Chinese are getting ahead of you!

    Still holds true 20 years later!

  • Devin B. says:

    I graduated from West Bladen in 2006, and I’m not the least bit surprised to hear that a riot broke out there. Back when I was a student fights broke out all the time. Those of you who think you can fix this by sending the kids to jail or suspending them, think again. West Bladen is a violent atmosphere with a lot of gang influence. The problem stems from the atmosphere itself, not from a handful of bad eggs who are bringing everyone else down. If you want to make West Bladen safer you’re going to have to get to the root of the problem. The common response to violence in a high school is to suspend anyone involved and keep going about things as if nothing has happened, and it doesn’t work. You heard what those kids said: they’re scared. They don’t feel safe. I hope the educators will actually communicate with the students about what’s happening this time. Dishing out punishments isn’t enough, we need to understand exactly why this happened, and let the students know that we’re going to do our best to keep it from happening again.

    And to any West Bladen students who are sick and tired of this kind of thing, hang in there. I promise you, once you’re out things get so much better.

  • guesty says:

    Better watch out, the naacp, uncle jessie & al show and all the other clowns dressed up as racial harmony preachers will be stomping their feet demanding you apologize and pay a fee, err make a donation for the errors of your way.

  • Traci says:

    While I will fully admit that “extremely” was misspelled and apologize profusely, I think you need to review your interpretation of “run-on sentence.” The structure is to adhere 2 parallel ideas and conclude with a observation, which is properly done with the comma delineation. As for first sentences, would you really like me to dissect your redundant, opening line in which you lost focus on your subject? As for the “Atleast,” that is regional and varies from derivation of the language. It is similar to color/colour and grammar/grammer. So stop throwing rocks!

  • Guest1983 says:

    The problem with gangs is that it’s not race specific. There are white gangs, mexican gangs, black gangs, asian gangs… What are we to do? Make each race a school of it’s own? That’s getting ridiculous. If there is hard proof against a student being in a gang, or the student starting gang related things in school, the student should be expelled from that county’s school. END OF STORY.

    Ha-ha.. Easier said than done. Try getting a child expelled.. It’s near impossible.

  • concernmom says:

    The bottom line is ADULTS, take care of this. Parents you need be waiting out side the sheriff’s office pressing charges against the people that are doing this and the Principal and teachers that are allowing this to happen. That is the point. NOBODY is standing up to these people and say this is a enough. Parents take your kids out school when the STATE comes to your house and wants to know what you child isn’t at school. let them know. As long as there is nothing done they will keep right on until somebody is dead, If someone done what was written above comments to my child. I would every marine from Jacksonville at that school. Contact the national news. Don’t sit back and let keep going on. This stuff sound like stuff that happen in the 70’s at hoggard, NHC, Willaston, Greogry

  • Worried Parent says:

    West Bladen definitely needs to upgrade their security and striclty enforce their own policies. I was told by a principal (not West Bladen) that if a student has any gang paraphernalia or “throws up” a gang sign that they will be expelled for the rest of the year. Granted for the smaller children they may not know better, but High School students do. These kids go to school to learn, not to be bullied by hoodlums and “wanna be” gangstas! Teachers need to quit ignoring what they see and step up. Gang presence has been ignored too long in Bladen County. It is here and we need to do everything we can to prevent and deter. Parents also need to appropriately discipline their children, pay attention to what they are doing. The signs are there, you just have to read them. Some say being expelled will only cause a bigger problem. I dont think so. It will send a message, loud and clear, and the kids that actually want to learn and get an education will.

  • Worried Student says:

    I am a Freshman at WBHS! To be honest I am scared to go back. I may even go to East Bladen, you never hear about violence there or anything for that matter. People need to grow up. We just lost CODY!! R.I.P Cody. I LOVE YOU && MISS YOU!! Anyways, my sister was innocent and was sprayed with mace yesterday, and hit in the chest. She was just going to class after walking with me. We left early and took her to the eye doctor. We have never had this much go on at school in one day, but it has happened before. I also think WE NEED DEPUTY SHAW BACK!!!! Nothing ever happened with him there. Now, WBHS is out of controll!!

  • Guest066 says:


  • Embarrassed by this grammar says:

    It is so sad that students like this are allowed into high school with a Second grade writing proficiency. THIS is what is wrong with our schools!

  • Dan says:

    GRAMMAR. How do you know grammar? You can’t even spell it.

  • MILTON V. says:

    Not really. There are alot of techers that don’t really care about their positioning at the school. It’s like they are there just to sit around and recieve their paycheck. By “good teachers”, I mean those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into educating every student that walks through their classroom door; Every teacher at West Bladen does not do that!

  • Skulldrag says:

    This is just proof of the complete failure of some parents and the court system. Parents, for god sake when the kid is being a problem punish them. Take away the X-box, the car, cell phones, tv…ground them, bend them over your knee and whack the ever loving crap out of thier rear with a leather belt, it is not child abuse, it is discipline. It doesn’t matter if they are 13 or 18. If they live under your roof, YOU ARE IN CHARGE and responsible for your children. If they get suspended from school, ground them. If not they take it as a day off and enjoy it. The kids are starting to rule and terrosize. The court system needs to step up to the plate and stop tapping the problem kids on the wrist. Stop talking and do something!

    To the parents who teach their children right from wrong I applaud you. You are not affraid to show them discipline and steer them in the right direction. You show them love and caring which makes them a better person.

    If things keep going the way they are with the children, schools, courts, morals…we will have a big problem on our hand in the future.

  • sick says:

    Watch the video, people. Does anyone else see a common denominator with the thugs being arrested? Hmmm? When are we going to realize that we cannot mix these inner city kids with the general middle class hard working families who go to these schools? It’s a shame, but obviously true. How many lives do we have to lose? Scary!

  • Laura says:

    Even I know that Deputy Shaw didn’t do much. He was just the guy who talked to whoever.
    Deputy Holder is one of the first to be there, spraying mace to whoever is in his way.
    You don’t hear things going on at East Bladen. But they’ve got the gang trouble too. It just hasn’t burst out like it has at West.
    I’ve looked through it, asking around, seeing which school is the best, because my Mama wanted to transfer me. (Other than the band program not being as awesome! XD) There’s trouble there too.
    I hope your sister is okay, and that she didn’t get hit too hard.
    RIP Cody. I didn’t know him much, I talked to him on and off, but it still hurts. ((Especially when some people in my first period laughed..))
    God Be With Us. =]

  • WB Senior says:

    Not every Bladen County student has horrible grammar and spelling mistakes like the comment above. We have great teachers who care about education, but majority of the students could care less. Put the situation of alot of students in a mathematical way: Cell Phone>iPod>Education.

  • Parent of WBHS teen says:

    Are you even from Bladen county? What exactly would you consider the “inner city”? Just because the students that were being taken out were minorities, does not mean that their parents aren’t just as hard working as the rest of us! In case you haven’t noticed, the government has made it harder and harder to raise children the way they should be raised, especially when it comes to discipline! How about coming up with a solution to that problem before you assume that those children’s parents aren’t hard working individuals!

  • Guest025 says:


  • nette b! says:

    listen. i don’t care about a English class… i care about what happen… and how i am not involved wit what happen… i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time…

  • Concerned Parent says:

    You have the kids from Bladenboro, Tar Heel, White Oak, Dublin, Clarkton, etc… and then the kids from Elizabethtown. Most of the time in other counties the city kids does not get along with the country kids for whatever reason…I don’t know! That’s just usually how it is! It was said that 10 or 11 E-Town boys jumped one Tar Heel boy first! Everyone knows that E-Town, Clarkton and B-boro never gets along with White Oak, Tar Heel and Dublin so it would have been better to have left the high schools like they were a few years ago instead of combining in to one school where everyone rivals each other depending on where your from!! It seems kids got along better and enjoyed school and sports when it was Bladenboro High, Tar Heel Junior-Senior High and East Bladen. Mixing Bladenboro and Tar Heel was a mistake to begin with without adding the E-town kids to West Bladen! Now it’s one big rivalry in one school!!! And when I say city kids and country kids…I mean the city kids are the ones that live inside E-town (the city) and the country kids are the ones from the communities outside of E-town…B-boro, Tar Heel, etc…I don’t mean farm raised country, I mean they live in the country!!! Duh!!!!!!!

  • WilmMan says:

    Putting your name on a public forum as nothing to do with anything. Some cann’t put their names here simply because they could get in trouble at work for some of the comments they make.

    I do agree that teachers do what they can. If someone wants to fight, they are going to fight. There is nothing anyone can do about it

  • WilmMan says:

    “All you people who has some much to say on here should go to West Bladen and say it to the principle; vice principle; teachers; officers; staff; etc.”

    What is there to say to any of these people. I’m sure the teachers and LEO do all that they can to prevent things like this from happening, but there is only so much they can do. I know several principals in NHC that have long-termed a student for good reasons just to have the school board allow them back in school. The problem doesn’t lie with teachers or LEO, it lies with the students and their parents. That is the problem…and nothing really can be done about it unfortunately

  • Parent says:

    I agree if the different schools were rivals before intergration then how do you expect them to all be at one school and get along now. It has nothing to do with gang violence, this attitude started before any of these students were born. The four different schools never really got along.

  • TEacher says:

    The “integration” attitude that the person was talking about is the integration of the former four county high schools into two, which happened about 8 years ago. I don’t think this particular post was about racial integration, although I can see how you would think so without a working knowledge of Bladen County.

  • Nette B! says:

    i was one of the people arrested yesterday … i had nothing to do with what was goin on… all i was doin was followin the direction the on of the teachers gave me…. but when i returned to the office that when they began to tell me to sit here move here.. then the officer ask me how old i was i didnt tell him but another teacher told him…. the her proceeded to say if i said another word i would be arrested but little did e know that i had nuthin to to with the roit all i was doin was trying to tell mrs powers that the bag wasnt up stairs.. the officers then grabbed mi arm forcing it back to be put in cuffs… then he took me outside n that wen ur newstaion was out there and had me sayin that i didnt do anything wrong which its was the truth… i didnt do anything and i would love it if u can take te picture of me off your website…

  • Guest 4356 says:

    If one is going to “nit-pick” someone else’s grammar/writing, one should be addressing one’s own errors as well. For example, “extremelly” should be “extremely” and your first “sentence” is a run-on sentence which needs to be shortened for clarity. “Atleast” should be two separate words, or perhaps that was not covered in the illustrious grammatical education you personally received? People who live in glass houses should not cast stones.

  • Guestb says:

    You still should learn how to spell, maybe then you wouldn’t be another statistic at WB!

  • Ashamed WB Student says:

    ***SOME people at our school have no respect for others, just themselves.

  • MILTON V. says:

    Well on some points, I agree; But I strongly disagree with this statement, “I’m sure the teachers and LEO do all that they can to prevent things like this from happening, but there is only so much they can do.” They do not do everything in their power. I’m more then positive that all that could be done IS NOT BEING DONE! [And this is coming from a student who has spent a mojority at his time for the past two years at West Bladen!] If your not a student, [at least there to witness everything first hand 180 days out the school year], then I don’t think you should tell us what the teachers are doing. [No disrespect intended.]

  • WBHS Alumni says:

    Wow> I am a graduate from good old WBHS (class of 07) and people act like this hasn’t been happening since before I was even a freshman. I remember a day my senior year where my friend and I had to duck into a class room to avoid 4 simultaneous fights. I like how people don’t care about things until there is a tv crew to catch it and bring it to your homes. I’m a sophomore at ECU and my fellow ex-WBHS mates and I went through this every week! Plus: does no one remember the HUGE riot from the first year students were in the WBHS building. Same problems as always, different kids. And don’t blame teachers- people will only learn when they care.

  • Guestlyy says:

    How is it that thug=black? I don’t see anywhere where this person is saying it’s black thugs that are the problem.

  • Yvonne says:

    If this comment is any example of the level of education of a highschool student in Bladen County, we are failing terribly in his education. Apparently he cannot spell or put together a sentence without grammer errors. A sad commentary for our public education.

  • seriously says:

    Amen! I just finished writing an argumentive paper about the bannishing of religion in schools!

  • Amen says:

    This just goes to show what happened when they took PRAYER and THE PADDLE out of schools. Do I hear an AMEN?

  • ncsuchickenman says:

    I think everyone that was involved, i.e. instigating, fighting, restricting access to the Police, etc should be tried and prosecuted as adults. I think that every teacher, should go to a mental counselor/psychiatrist and get sent out of work on Medical leave for a hostile environment. The system has known for a long time that the tension between the groups has been building. There was a child shot at McDonald’s not to long ago over the same situation. The stress of being a teacher in a hostile work environment like West Bladen could lead and should lead to lawsuits by teachers against the School System. The solution dress code, strictly enforced, a no exception punishment system, and if a child is expelled, or suspended the parents would have to pay a fine just like any other legal violation. We as a society need to hit the ones that are acting up in the only place that they seem to care about, their wallets. If a parent has to pay a 400 dollar fine and the fine is posted in the paper for their kid acting up, it would not take long for the parents to get the kids acting right. Just my thoughts. On another note, I am glad that my wife was not hurt in the fiasco, cause justice would be served.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    This is not related to the fights but If I was the principal, Nobody would be allowed to come into my school with the waistline of their pants around their knees and them walking around constantly pulling them up, you would be sent out the door until you could learn to wear pants where they are suppose to be worn, I don’t know why you want them hanging around your knees when you have to pull them up every minute and walk like something is stuck up your butt just to keep them up!! And I don’t care to see your underwear or your shirt down to your knees! Dress Code Policy should be enforced and if the Principal can’t stop this from coming into the school, then it’s time for a Principal that can!!
    About the fights, I don’t know what to say other than things better have changed before my kids get there!! It needs to go back to being Bladenboro High, Tar Heel High and all the others to Elizabethtown! Keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country! Some redistricting needs to be done!

  • Concerned Parent says:

    I totally agree with you!! Keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country!!!

  • guesty says:

    Maybe you should spend more time paying attention in English class.

  • WilmMan says:

    I actually know 3 of the teachers at that school and have visited them a couple times. I have also worked at other schools. I do know first hand what teachers and LEO do. Most of the time, students do not realize the limits place on both teachers and LEO. They really can only do so much.

  • Ashamed WB Student says:

    Yesterday should have been a peaceful day at school because we lost a fellow student and friend the night before. SOME people at our school have respect for others, just themselves. I’m glad to be graduating this year because of all the hate our school dwells upon. I’m still irritated that a day supposed to be remembered for Cody, will forever be remembered as the day 15 people were arrested….what a disgrace.

  • wbhs student who dont care says:

    yall need to leave nette alone. she wont even fightin. west bladen is a safe school compared to others, so shut up. if you don’t like it go somwhere else. WEST BLADEN!

  • MILTON V. says:

    First off; I would like to say that if all of you is so concerned, sitting at your computers talking nonsense is not going to help the situation at all. All you people who has some much to say on here should go to West Bladen and say it to the principle; vice principle; teachers; officers; staff; etc.
    That’s what’s wrong with all of us; we never confront the situation with the people it needs to be confronted with. Anonymous has said alot of things; when we were all born; we were given a name; use it. I’m sure your birth names are not “Guest”, “Concerned Parent”, or “Ashamed WB Student”.
    This is ridiculous.
    If we want a better tomorrow, we are going to have to strive for it, not sit on our “buttocks” and complain about stuff, IT’S NOT GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING.

    And no matter what, I no Nette B. is innocent; but yet she is portrayed like some mad/crazy lesbian in handcuffs. And to whoever said being gay is wrong; that has nothing to do with this post; Smoking; stealing; doing drugs; killing; disobeying the law; fighting; etc. is wrong; but people still do it right?!?; RIGHT.
    Thank You..

    So now West Bladen High School will have a horrible reputation, and you people are not making it anybetter.
    As much as I dislike West Bladen sometimes, I couldn’t see myself no where else. There are great teachers/staff at our school including 1st SRG Reynolds [JROTC], Ms. Jo Ann Kelly [World History], LTC Townsend [JROTC], Mr. Cook [Vice Principle], Ms. Dove [Civics & Economics], Ms. Brown [Computer Technologies], Mr. Jason Himingway [Math], Ms. Strickland [Health and P.E.], and thats from attending West Bladen for about 2 years.

    We are better than this Bladen County, so we need to act better….

    *****And to my fellow classmate; (Kendrick Dakota Hammond), Rest In Peace. I personally apologize for all of this violence going on following your passing; You are definitely missed & loved.

  • west bladen student... says:

    I agree they need Shaw back also.
    And need to get rid of mrs.Beatty, snice she is showing she can’t handle her job. West bladen is no longer safe.

  • bladencomom says:

    I would just like to know what part of Bladen County are you from to think there are city kids and country kids. Also please specify what is a “city kid” and what is a “country kid”?

  • Charles Walters says:

    Make it $5000,00 and make it mandatory with no way to appeal it. If the families start losing real money plus a huge dose of personal embarrisment then things might change. They know nothing will be done to them thats why they don’t care if they get arrested or go to court or pay a little fine. One more thing about the fines don’t give them months or years to pay it. If they can’t pay it say with in 30 days start taking family property for those under 18 and for those over 18 lock them up give them work release and take their check until its all paid off that will teach these mutts we are serious about education and school safety.

    PS. Use the fine money to pay for more SRO’s

  • Student At WBHS says:

    Your dumb, segregation will not solve anything, keep the city kids in the city and the country kids in the country. thats bull. idiots are everywhere.

  • Student at WBHS says:

    when shaw was there very little happened. no one is afraid of the deputies we have. in the students eyes they are nothing more than rent-a-cops. Its one thing to PREVENT a fight, but when the deputies decide to do nothing but WAIT until a CROWD forms to break it up. thats stupid, its as if holder waits until the crowd forms and then sprays the crowd.

  • Junior at WBHS says:

    No, religion needs to stay out of school. That will do nothing more than cause more problems. Yea that whole paddlin and prayer thing may have worked back in the stone age but society is screwed and that is a pointless argument to argue. Hitting students will only lead to students hitting teachers. Who ever posted that needs to shut up and think before they blog.

  • ncsuchciceknman says:

    Not answering a law oficer while he is trying to protect you and others and evalaute the situation could be taken as interfering with a police investigation. Learn to respect others and you will earn the respect of others.

  • WB Parent says:

    As a parent of a second child at WBHS, I make sure my child has a cell phone and it’s only because it is against the law that she don’t have a weapon, the cell phone is to call me when she needs help, the staff at the school is worthless so I feel that I must be on “call” at all times to save her.

  • ncsuchickenman says:

    He didn’t, the video showed it.

  • ncsuchickenman says:

    He didn’t, the video showed it.

  • aGuest says: English class? If so, you obviously spend a lot of time in the wrong place. Ignorance is a precursor of violence.

  • Observer says:

    Is it possible that instead of attempting to break down a young lady crying out for help, the villagers might look in the mirror and see what we can do? I am disturbed that instead of trying to assist Nette B. and provide some direction, someone only felt the need to criticize her. Yes, there may be a time to discuss what happened in English glass in middle school.
    The solution to this situation, however, is not to cast stones. We can call out the superintendant, elected officials, and parents. However, if all we are doing to make the situation better is criticizing a child over her grammar, then this situation will only deteriorate. If we move from English to History, we know from Salem and many other examples that venting is the initial reaction but not the solution.
    Also, breaking down a teenager to create a more vigorous argument is transparent and quite disappointing. A personal belief about private versus public is a component, not an entire solution. It comes off more like an agenda.
    Additionally, every child from WBHS will not go to a private school regardless of what private financing or charter legislation is passed. If you are going to take the time to Post something, why not think about the value of it and how it contributes to the solution. Better yet, think about how WE can solve the problem.

  • Traci says:

    Your contribution to cleaning up the “hoorible reputation” of your school, is extremelly hindered when you fail to adhere to BASIC rules of grammer, but we are seeing a lot of that in the forum so I’m guessing the English program isn’t the strongest. However Milton, I do offer you props on this line:
    “That’s what’s wrong with all of us; we never confront the situation with the people it needs to be confronted with.” Atleast you are taking some responsibility.

  • Ashley Walters says:

    its about time someone stood up and told people how they felt about the situation.. and yes if you are scared to put your name on here you should not even leave your comment… i attened west bladen last year but im now out of school. and yes their are alot of fights at west bladen, but the teachers do as much as they can to stop the fights. i mean when they signed up to be teachers no where in there contracts did it say.. you would have to breake up fights and all that…

    p.s. we love you cody and yes that was VERY disrespectful on there part to do that the day of your mourning…rip kendrick dakota hammond

  • aGuest says:

    1. Wit- there is a “H” in that word with
    2. Gonna- not even a word, it’s “is going to”
    3. “I” is a proper noun, which means it’s a capital letter
    4. Mi= y not i
    5.and I don’t think you were on the new, you may have been on the news. you know what an apostrophe is or its function? For future, it’s the key to the left of you “Enter” key.
    7.wut and sed are also not words
    Proofreading is an amazing thing. Does this school even have an English department?

  • Guest000000 says:


  • aGuest says:

    ..should take away cell phone and Ipod which would then leave only education. What exactly do you need a cell phone for in school anyway? People went to school for centuries without having to have cell phones and I think it’s evident that we got a better education. Spoiled brats.

  • Guest002223333 says:

    Excuse you, but not all Freshman are stupid like everyone thinks we are. We watch, we pay attention, etc.

  • JustMe says:

    We had both when I was coming up in the Bladen County School system and NEVER had any problems like this. Sure an occasional fight but we treated our elders with respect!

  • JustMe says:

    I can’t stand to see children write and spell like that! It leaves me feeling the need to beat my head on my desk! Children take no pride in their writing or how they come across! Kids if you want adults and other officials to take you seriously try spelling the whole word and spell it properly. Otherwise we’ll just see you as simply uneducated and really not having much pride in yourself.

  • WBHS SENIOR says:

    and again i will say if you are a freshman when did you see shaw break up a fight with his hands? and do you think hands are going to stop a bullet either?

  • Get Over It! says:

    Get over it. I graduated from West Bladen last year, and you are stupid. Most everyone who has posted on here is. This is Bladen County: don’t expect much of an education. It’s also obvious you are just an ignorant cheerleader. If not, then why were YOU at cheerleading practice after school? You are an idiot. You aren’t as special as you think you are. How about this, instead of “cheerleading” try doing something that will benefit you. Perhaps taking English courses will help you sound less stupid! :D

  • Guest025 says:

    Sweetheart, I am not a freshman! You are right, hands aren’t going to stop a bullet either. I would rather have a man that doesn’t have to use mace to break up a fight be the one defending me than one that depends on pepper spray! You must not be at the same school I am at!

  • WBHS SENIOR says:

    If you are going to post comments on here you need to TELL THE TRUTH!!! Thats whats wrong with this hole situation now, everyone is exagerating and not telling the truth. Why would you say you are a freshman if your not thats just completely stupid!!! and if i didnt feel as safe with holder as i did when shaw was at west bladen then i wouldnt have ever said it to begin with. I dont know about what school you are from you might be lieing about that to but i know that i go to WEST BLADEN HIGH SCHOOL! You obviously are related to shaw or something because everyone that i have talked to about this subject has agreed with me! Also if flirting is not what i think it is and its his “personality” why did he stay after school at cheerleading practice???

    **PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT STUDENTS GRAMMER AT WEST BLADEN ITS CALLED TYPING FAST AND ABRIEVIATING!!! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE ARE ALL STUPID. Every student that has posted something on here could write perfect if they wanted to.

  • guesty says:

    No, not every student has the ability, intelligence or pride to write perfectly. Some are just dumb.

  • Guest025 says:

    This is my last time replying to you because someone must be paying you to say these things. I have a VERY PERSONAL connection to cheerleaders and YOU ARE WRONG!!! Shaw was NEVER at cheerleading practice and you need NOT spread that junk! Our cheerleaders worked hard this year and you ARE NOT going to start junk about them! So put it to rest! If Holder makes you feel safe, I am happy for you! I hope he is there for you when you need him! And NO I am not related to Shaw! He is a really good Deputy and I think that he would do anything in his power to protect West Bladen Staff and students!

  • JustMe says:

    If students had any pride in their selves they would take the time to present their thoughts and words in an intelligent manor instead they would rather act like the uncontrolled ranting heathens that they are! You get further in life by showing some intelligence than just spouting out garbage. As for deputy Shaw goes I know him…and yes it is his personality. And no I’m not related to him! Personally at the moment I’m thankful to have moved out of Bladen County with my children and dang thankful my child wasn’t at that high school! As a former Bladen County student I’m a shamed of the behavior by other students there!

  • aGuest says:

    Absolutely. It starts at home and that’s the problem. They aren’t being taught at home, for whatever reasons and are following poor examples from lousy role models.

  • Cameron says:

    Right, the “groups” of kids from neighborhoods didn’t like each other. How is that not “Gang related?” As far as “children are gonna fight,” I’ve been a “children” and yeah, I didn’t fight because I knew if I did, my dad would bust my a$$ when I got home and I wouldn’t be leaving the house for a month except to go to school and my after school job. As a matter of fact, I can only recall 2 fights occurring my entire time in school, which was pretty much one guy punched another, he threw one back and it was over. I won’t say we didn’t have “gangs,” we did. I won’t say they didn’t “have beef,” I’m sure they did. But they were smart enough to not brawl at school.
    As far as the teachers and police officers, it’s not their responsibility to teach children morals, value and right from wrong; those are parental responsibilities and should be taught at home.
    And by the way- the police were arresting minors, because well, minors were fighting, I’s crazy!

  • Guest1983 says:

    So which is it? The teachers weren’t in control, but the cops were too mean. Cops are allowed to use excessive force in situations that call for it, no questions asked. Teachers, however, can’t forcefully touch a student. So how can you blame the teachers for not being in control? Look at what happened at Williston last fall. The kid attacked the principle and the gym teacher used force to subdue the kid and it was a huge issue. Also, did the teachers know these fights were going to happen? Were they told in advance so that they could plan for them? No! Teachers are not supposed to be there to break up fights and keep you ignorant kids “under control”. Teachers are there to TEACH. All kids, especially high school aged kids should be adult enough to control themselves and act appropriately. When you go to school and mouth off at teachers and start fights you are a reflection of your parents. If you don’t do it at home, then don’t do it in society. All I hear is how high schoolers want to be treated with respect and like they are adults. You kids don’t DESERVE respect. Respect is something you earn. Forming gangs, breaking out in fights, cursing adults.. none of that deserves me treating you like an adult. My 5 year old behaves better than 99% of teenagers. I give her respect because she deserves it. When you kids start showing respect, you can start earning respect.
    “Children are going to fight” ?!?!?! Are you kidding me!? I mean, is this seriously how you’re trying to justify this situation? No, and I mean NO, decent child is going to fight. The fighters are the thugs and gang related kids. What are these kids going to do when they get jobs? (not likely, but humor me) If their boss makes them mad? Start a fist fight? The kids today need to grow up. Go to school, get a good education, and become decent members of society. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in school, yet looking at the problems today it seems like it has been decades.

  • Guest Parent says:

    A thug is anyone who physically forces his will on another. Why do YOU, MZ, automatically assume a thug belongs to one race? A “thug” is another name for a BULLY. Regarding other comments you made: if the parents were effective in teaching their children, then, even when those children were out of their parents’ sight, they would make decisions that proved they had listened and learned. Children DO reflect the values of their parents.

  • meeeeeee says:

    It was stupid for them to even begin fighting incase you haven’t realize it never solves anything. And if you knew so much why ain’t you helping them by telling the REAL story as you call it? Many kids were sprayed with mace and had nothing to do with it. But what I got to say is if you no sooo much as you think you do then go and help the officers.

  • meeeeeee says:

    It was stupid for them to even begin fighting incase you haven’t realize it never solves anything. And if you knew so much why ain’t you helping them by telling the REAL story as you call it? Many kids were sprayed with mace and had nothing to do with it. But what I got to say is if you no sooo much as you think you do then go and help the officers.

  • meeeeeee says:

    It was stupid for them to even begin fighting incase you haven’t realize it never solves anything. And if you knew so much why ain’t you helping them by telling the REAL story as you call it? Many kids were sprayed with mace and had nothing to do with it. But what I got to say is if you no sooo much as you think you do then go and help the officers.

  • Guesthummer says:

    This is so true. Positive role models are a must in our childerns lives. I relocated to Bladen County from the largest city in North Carolina to keep my son from just this type of enviornment and behavior. Reading all of this just make me realize that the move was to keep HIM from this, as a single parent. It is every where!!! It is just more extensive in other areas than in some. The main problems starts at the very early age. The age before our childern even start school.


  • Guest123 says:

    This apparently coming from the parent of a “thug”. What is the “real story”? The children are the parents responsibility. The teachers are there to educate your kids, not teach them right from wrong and values. This is to be done at home! What can one teacher do in a crowd of 20 or more? What could you do? The school system has set up these rules for a reason. How innocent were these kids that were fighting? Law Enforcement is was there to enforce the rules. If these kids want to act like adults then they should be held responsible. My kids know right from wrong. I don’t blame the teacher when there is a problem, my children are a reflection of ME. And in closing if “children are gonna fight” then they need to do it on their time not school time. I have a job and pay taxes, I help pay Law Enforcement and Teachers salaries. They do a wonderful job considering what they make . Why should they have to tolerate delinquents in a learning environment?

  • WilmMan says:

    So, what’s the “real” story? You seem like you think you know so much, maybe you were invovled. How else would you be able to be online in the middle of a school day?

  • MZ. UNKNOWN says:

    Why do you have to call them thugs.. Everybody that gets into a fight isn’t a thug.. You calling them thugs becuase all you seen was black kids arrested. Come on now get real no one is perfect people do things thats not right. Maybe those kids don’t act like that at home ya’ll always blaming it on the parents. Some parents do there job; bringing there kids up the right way. And when the kids get out of there parents sight they do what they want to do. So stop blaming it on the parents all the time.

  • Guy12 says:

    Bladen County schools were out today…but thank you for your astute observation.

  • concerned student trying to survive says:

    It hasn’t always been like this at WBHS when I started we maybe had one or two fights a year. Now it has esculated to a “RIOT” which makes no sense.

    We as students should be able to attend school with out having to worry about who is going to fight next or wether we have gang violoence in our school or not.

    It doesn’t matter what the fights are about or the color of the individuals skin that is fighting because it could be African American, Whites, Mexicans or any other race that is at WB. It just so happened that only one race was shown but it just as easily could have been one of the others.

    We go to school to get our education so therefore it is not a daycare. By the time you reach high school you should no right from wrong no matter who or how someone raised you. You are ultimatly responsible for your actions.

    And as for the safety at WBHS there is none! Teachers can only do so much to help the situation but when the students that they send to the office are sent back to class and tell there teachers that they knew nothing would be done about the situation it shows there how our school system is.

    When the teachers can’t keep control thats when the deputies are suppose to step in to gain control over the situation. But that want happen with the two deputies we have right now.

    One sits in the front office and doesn’t get up off his butt he is more concerned with the women that work in there than keeping us safe he also would rather sit back and watch the fight than do anything about it.

    The other carries his little can of mace around to protect him. He doesn’t target the ones who are causing the problem and just spray them he sprays innocent students who are just trying to go to class.

    No one has respect for these so called deputies because the students know that either they will just be watched or the worse that could happen is being sprayed.

    The ONLY deputy that was out there that I felt safe with is DAVID SHAW!!! He was the only one that I saw going to break up fights without the use of mace. He used force to show he meant what he said but people had respect for him! He didn’t care who you were or who he needed to please. He did his job well and was always there to help. Everytime I turned around I saw him in the halls doing his job. Not once did I see him “flirting” in the office unlike the one we have now. He had a good personality but when he meant business it was serious.

    I felt safe when he was there after he left I now feel like a sitting duck because the worse would be over with before they got there. So it would be nice if he did come back!!!!

    The whole point is WBHS is not safe and i’m glad i dont have much longer to deal with it! We should walk through metal detectors every morning to assure that there are no weapons and we should also be searched. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with!! If it made the school more safe.

  • D@wann@ says:

    I agree with you on that Xandria. Our school has gone crazy but am not scared….its been going on for years anyway nothing new
    *R.I.P Cody Hammond*

  • JustMe says:

    The violence in schools over the last few years have got increasingly worse! You should be scared if your not! If things are this bad now think how it is going to be when you have to send your future children off to school and pray they come back home unharmed! As a parent I raise my children the right way to respect others, their views, their beliefs I teach my children for bad actions there are consequences if you do something wrong there’s a price to pay. Too many parents seem way too busy and too caught up in their own little lives to raise their children with values, morals and manners. Back when I was in school there was an occasional fight maybe 2 a year if that nothing involving massive amounts or multiple fights. There were never guns or knives bought in to harm another in that fashion! I suggest to you that you raise your children better than this current generation has been raised when you do have them! I suggest that you teach them right from wrong, respect for their selves and others! Teach them there are consequences for their actions and it isn’t just a suspension from school God if all we had to fear was getting kicked out of school for a few days I imagine our schools would have been way out of control too! Please don’t think I’m an old geezer I’m in my 30’s and its a shame things have gotten so out of control in just a mere 15+ years.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    I have read these comments and there is quite a bit of blame ~ but what is that going to accomplish??? Not a thing.

    First, there is going to be a child everywhere that likes to push the limits. No matter where you go. But when the situation gets like it is here, then we ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER and find a solution not sit back and play the blame game behind a computer screen and just “talk” about what is wrong. Everyone ~ me included, needs to get together and work out a way to fix this. If we all work together, we CAN do this.

    We need to get a meeting of parents and officials, and school members to work on a way to control this situation and keep it from happening again.

    I am for the paddle. If my child were to be disrespectful or out of line, he deserves the punishment. We (as paretns and teachers) need to be able to have the punishment back in schools. It may not solve everything, but it will help.

    When they took parents and teachers punishment rights away, they tied our hands. Now they have a mess they cannot fix or take care of. Children need disipline (and I am not talking beat the child senseless – I am talking a good old fashioned spanking). Us from the older days made it through and guess what, we didnt have the trouble that is going on today either. I was scared to death to tell my dad if i had gotten in trouble. And that is how it should be. Children have lost respect for adults. We need to bring that back.

    Let’s get everyone together and fix this. Our children deserve a good education and not be scared to go to school or have to have metal detectors and police to go in school.

    BTW ~ i do have to add ~ 10 days suspension is a joke for the situation that happened on Monday. That does not scare the kids at all and they are not going to learn from something like that. They need something that they are going to remember why they are in trouble and not want to even think about getting in trouble again.

    LETS GET TOGETHER AND WORK THIS OUT ~ if we get together ~ we can make new ways for the school to WORK.

    ~ A Concerned Parent

  • WB Parent says:

    Most of the kids that go to private schools have been kicked out of public schools and have no where else to go. So it is not just public schools that have the trouble makers.

    It doesn’t look like your parents money was well spent by the look of your comment.

  • MOC says:

    Look here man, no one wants to hear about “keepin it real” or “PEACE” Grow up little buddy. Your point would have been taken into account fine if you would not have posted like an angry middle school student pissed off because he is last in the lunch line. Put your big boy pants on and make sure they are on good, cause mess like this doesnt cut it in the real world. All i can say for you is, pack a lunch cause its gonna be a long ride for you.

  • WBHS says:

    I think of instead of making bad comments about the teachers and the School Resource Officers you should be thanking them a job well done. Put yourself in there shoes 40 plus students fighting with 2 School Resource Officers, I think they did a awesome job the way they handled the out break. If you think you could have done better put yourself in the line of fire they way they do. Instead of running away they run in the fights thats awesome. Some parents need to stop and think that their kids are bad eggs. Look at the ones fighting on Monday those are your bad eggs, they needed to go to jail instead of school. Fighting over stupid GANG crap you from this town you from that town, how stupid and the parents that put up with this CRAP. Because there SCARED of their kids how STUPID and the ones that they say their kids are angels they couldn’t do that, they are the ones in jail and I hope they stay there.

  • Guest3-31-09 says:

    As a former teacher at a Bladen County high school, I can truthfully say that discipline is the number one problem that the school system faces. Repeat offenders are suspended and allowed right back in school, and gang issues have largely been ignored and denied. Both schools are in “turnaround” but all the money and overpaid consultants in the world will not help until they get a handle on discipline and stop sweeping the discipline problems under the rug to make the schools look better statistically.

  • WilmMan says:


    You can’t be serious!!!! So many kids fighting and so many arrested and you say they are making a bid deal out of nothing. You’ve lost your mind. You also need to spend a little more time in English class.

  • JustMe says:

    I notice a lot of pointing fingers its the parents, its the school officials and what not! First and foremost parents it is YOUR exclusive job to instill morals and values into your child’s lives it is not the schools place to do that. It is the job that you take on as a parent when you choose to have a baby. Your child is an outward extension of yourself and reflects upon you! You must teach your children to respect their selves as well as to respect others. You can not expect the school or its officials to control your children if you can not, its not their job. It is their job to educate your child and other children. When your child interrupts a classroom, or starts a fight then YOUR child is taking way from others education. Parents are the primary care givers, the ones who teach their children from day one how to walk, talk, dress their selves …they also teach their children right from wrong. If you want your child to behave and do the right thing then you must show them consequence for the wrong actions and praise for the right actions. Maybe taking away some of their toys like cell phones, IPods, Cars, Computers make them earn what they want what ever happen to honest hard work it truly teaches children the value of a dollar and hard work. If you want the school and officials to do more then how about lobbying for more rights for your school officials for them to be able to impose stricter discipline don’t whine and complain parents about what your school officials are not doing because you hold the key to your child(rens) future and if it means so dang much to you quit sending nasty rude comments and get off your chair and computer and do something about it take your school back and take your children back. The key is in your hand, or if you’d rather the ball is in your court you want change, you want better then take charge and demand better! Your school officials can’t do it on their you have to work together as a team and let these youth of today know that you both run the show not them! Spend sometime listening to your children, talking to them and letting them know what you will and will not tolerate from them let them know consequences do exist and they do apply to them. Better get it under control now because look at how they are these days imagine how your grandchildren will behave and what their school life will be like do you want worse for your grandchildren?
    To the children, you are America’s future sadly you’ve grown up in a time where paddles, prayer, and the pledge has been removed from school. I think discipline is a big key that is missing. You haven’t been taught to have pride in yourself because if you had been you would have never behaved the way you have you disrespected yourselves and your school! Have some pride in yourself you don’t have to resort to fighting like a bunch of heathens. Also kids if you want other adults to respect you then you have to take some pride in the way you talk to others meaning you do have to watch your grammar and spelling. No one is going to take someone seriously when they are using words like Sed instead of said and wut instead of what. It’s all in how you present yourself! If you want to be taken seriously then correspond in a manner in which others will be able to A. Follow what you are saying and B.Will take you more seriously! Seriously the way some of you write is painful for many of us who treasure and appreciate our education and our educators to read. As I said you are America’s future one day it’ll be you guys helping educate the children of tomorrow, it’ll be you guys defending our country…and I don’t want to have to worry about what kind of place this is going to be for the future of our country and children. Make your family proud learn from the mistakes made this past week at West Bladen never repeat that ever again, and do not make it worse. Let it go and understand we are all different people from different places, we each are unique and have different thoughts, opinions and beliefs and respect those and respect yourself! You don’t want another Columbine or Virgina Tech type incident you all are young and have a lot to offer the world. You have many years ahead of you filled with lots of great experiences to be had. So please just take life by the hand and run with it your in high school these should be some of the best years of your lives you should be making memories that you can look back on and smile, surly all this fighting isn’t really something that you can look back on and smile about. Respect your life and others around you. Respect your educators for they have been in your shoes before and they know life as a teen isn’t always easy, treat them with respect and I’d be willing to bet that they will treat you the same way. Good luck and God Bless you each.

  • An asst. Prin says:

    Let’s be clear – you have to understand that you cannot police people’s language. I venture to guess that alot of the foul language you hear at the “games” are from adults as well as parents. Have you personal asked a student or parent to stop using foul language? You are prepping for a good cursing out and possible fight. Easy to say what someone else should do when you don’t have to do it. Secondly, the school’s job is to EDUCATE…..I am tired of schools being prisons, hospitals, social services, insane asylums….. we are institutions of learning. Everyone points to the school not realizing that the parents are the first line of defense. When you do send the boogers home who don’t want to learn, the system is then scrutinized for suspending them and putting the on the streets. Please spare me!

  • JustMe says:

    Just curious since your so brave why didn’t you post your name when talking to this person? Not everyone has the nerve to stand up and say exactly how they feel. It takes all kinds to make the world go round dear. I’m sure someone will say exactly what this person has said and will be this persons voice. Maybe since your so brave you could volunteer and be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  • JustMe says:

    Go to your counselor with your fears and concerns. Go to any adult willing to listen to you and help you. You have to make your voice heard in order to fix the problem. I hate it that you kids now a days have to fear so much and have to feel safer with metal detectors in your schools and being searched. It really does sadden me life shouldn’t be that way, its just not right.

  • JustSayin' says:

    Seriously need to proof read before you post!
    i is suppose to be I like that when you are talking about yourself. Proper periods at the end of a sentence is only one not… You need to worry about the things you not yo are doing about the violence. The students are only doing this because of how their not there parents raised them (I will have to agree with you there by the way I think mama and daddy should have paid more attention to Jr. and Sally and kept them in check and maybe we wouldn’t have so many Jerry Springer acting idiots out there. Again with the I have some pride in yourself I not i. And dear it is a big deal anytime there is fight after fight involving 40+ students that’s a big deal maybe you should seriously look at some vocational education to help you strengthen your lack of grammar skills so people will take you more seriously in the real world. Good luck to you with that! But then again McDonalds and Burger King do have a high turn over rate and as long as you can tell what food is what you might have a bright future in the fast food business.

  • Charles Walters says:

    From the lack of writing skills I see in the post from students and some adults, stupidity seems to be the normal thing at this school. No wonder the jungle mindset is in play here. All of the ones fighting are nothing but a bunch of animals who belong in cages. Remove them so the normal people can get an education.

  • taxpayingguest says:

    It is a sad day when our kids are afraid of going to school. I can recall my highschool days before consolidation. There were fights at school but they were mainly at ballgames and were contained quickly.
    However, most of us had respect for others and especially adults. Many youth today have no respect for themselves. Bladen County citizens need to wake up. Problems have existed in our schools for a few years now! Does anyone know that our highschools have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy? Kids have shared for years stories of teens having sex under a stairwell at our schools! Again, no respect.
    Gangs? Maybe. There are 41 gangs in our county. I think that there is a larger problem. The solution may not be as simple as spoken in the earlier comments. However, parents need to be more involved in THEIR children’s lives and with the school system. Either way, citizens in Bladen County need to wake up. Our children seem to be less capable of reading, writing, and simple arithmetic, and more capable of texting! I think this problem involves everyone!

  • Xandria says:

    First of all you can’t tell me what i need to do.. You need to worry about the things yo are doing about the violence…..

    The students are only doing this because of how there parents raised them…

    Like i said everyone is making a big deal about nothing!!!

  • Guest999 says:

    If you have so much to say about the school staff and the SRO’s why don’t you tell them yourself instead of hiding behide a computer. That’s stupid to talk about somebody on the computer instead of telling face to face so they can get more ideas about what the students want. To me your has no go as the one’s fighting making up rumors about people. Soo why don’t you tell them face to face somebody SCARED to.

  • HCAgrad08 says:

    I hear about the violence, the gang activity, and the overall disarray of West Bladen High School and all that i can say is that i am sure glad i did not attend. As an eighth grader in 2003/2004 at CSD, my parents decided to enroll me at Harrells Christian Academy instead of West Bladen, for that i am truly thankful. And i might catch some flack for this because i know not everyone can attend a private school, christian or not, but i can safely say that the four years that i spent at HCA were the best of my life. And it is a prime example that it does all start with the parents. That is the root of all the problems at WB or at any High School, teachers, faculty, and administration can only do so much. The parents(if you could call them that) of these thugs and “gangstas” that are usually the root of all these problems would step up, grow up and start acting like real parents are supposed to act, then maybe, just maybe some of these problems would disperse. Also, and say what you will about me, the numbers don’t lie, yes there are white, black, asian, and hispanic gangs, but don’t hide behind political correctness and being non-offensive, the majority of these thugs are African American, thats not racism that is factual information,” At midyear 2008, there were 4,777 black male inmates per 100,000 black males held in state and federal prisons and local jails, compared to 1,760 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 727 white male inmates per 100,000 white males Source: U.S. Department Of Justice Website.)”. These numbers don’t lie, and im not sure what the solution to this problem would be, we cant segregate the schools. People get so caught up in not offending any one or hurting any ones feelings or being politically correct that in reality nothing is actually done about it. My pastor once said that if you are trying to make a difference and your not offending any one then you must not be trying hard enough. And also it has nothing to do with money, because a lower- lower middle class family can discipline and raise a child just like a middle-upper middle class family can. In a nut shell it all goes back to the parents.

  • Guest1111 says:

    In your second sentence, you may have hit upon one main aspect of the discipline problem. It’s been some time since I’ve been in school (1979) and gangs were far different than they are today, but we still had our share of troublemakers at school. One thing they all had in common is that their parents made them come to school and the easiest way to get out of school was to get suspended. With the in school suspension programs, that put a stop to a lot of it, but there are still those who have no problem with getting suspended because they have no desire to be there in the first place. It has become an ineffective punishment.

    Each county needs to have established a school that is designed just for these troublemakers. Hire ex military to run it, if they are absent they have to have a doctor’s note or they are arrested for truancy. No privileges, no extracurricular activities. Run it like a boot camp. Set a minimum amount of months they have to behave before being allowed back in their regular school. Run buses to cover the county to pick up the students. If someone has to crawl out of the bed by five am to catch the bus and ride all over the county, then tough. It should be additional incentive to behave themselves.

    What they have been doing in schools as far as discipline is not working so they need a drastic change. If nothing else, it will keep the troublemakers from the students who are actually in school to prepare for their future. Then when these punks turn 18, they will be the local law enforcements problem.

  • WB PARENT says:

    The reason for the problems at the school is a total lack of leadership on Ms Beatty’s part. You can go to a game and know that her and her staff have to hear the same foul mouth talk that the people there with their young children hear and NOTHING is done. I can’t believe that Dinkins allows her to run the school the way that he does but then again maybe that is why he is packing his bags now. I just hope that the next super has the guts to stand up to her and her klan and stop them from allowing the school to be run by the gangs like it is now.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    My son was in private school for 5 years. NO ONE there had been kicked out of public school and that comment is ridiculous. Trust me if they had been they would never have been accepted at private school. I know of no trouble makers at the school he went too.

    Parents that can afford good private schools have their child’s best interest at heart and tend to be good parents who pay attention to their children. I know there are parents that can not afford it and have the same interest in their childrens welfare but the trouble makers parents normally are not very attentive.

  • purpleannie says:

    I don’t know where you get your information, but you are totally wrong. My grandson goes to a private christian school because his family chooses to send him there. There are criteria for entrance to his school and other private schools in your Wilmington area that would more than likely prevent someone who had been “kicked out” of public school, as you say,from being eligible to attend that school.

  • LisaStaton says:

    I do not know where you got the idea that the kids who go to private school were kicked out of public school from. My son goes to SouthEastern Christian Academy in Shallotte. I can tell you the kids in this school are not public school rejects. Very well mannered kids “Pursuing Excellence in Christ-Centered Education”.
    My son is 5. I chose to pay for his education because the public school system in Brunswick County is not what I want for my child at this point. Until the bullying, violence, thug mentality, and gang activity stops, NONE of my children will attend public school. I am blessed to be able to send my child to SCA. What I find sad is the government says your child must go to school or get an education. For the parents who can not afford to send their kids to Private school and has to deal with your child not being able to get educated due to problem kids is deplorable. These ‘problem’ children should be kept secluded from the ones who do want to get educated. Not only should the children be disciplined, the parents should also have to answer to why their kids can not function properly in society.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    “Those gangsta’s are going to more damage to African American kids than the white man could ever dream of doing.”

    Bill Cosby

    What a shame.

  • bladencounty28392 says:

    I have read every comment on the situation with the riot that broke out at West Bladen on Monday. I am so upset that there are people that are actually commenting on how these “children” are typing their words in the posts. If you have any children of your own, you will notice that this is how they text using short abbrevations for words. Next, I want to also comment on the “thug” word and just say I am outraged at adults and their postings. We need to stop stero-typing our children. Ok, yes it was mostly african american youth involved but do it had to be labeled as “thug”. The real label should be children crying out for attention because you have parents that are not concerned with who they are hanging around with are what goes on with their school work. I hold the school system accountable for some because I am a resident of Bladen county and I know that all they do is give supensions and then they are back at school. They need to implement rules where they weed out the bad ones and send them to alternative schools. Let’s not as adults down the children for their “poor use of grammar” but act as adults and post more positive reactions to this situation please.

  • Concerned325 says:

    I don’t understand, if there were 40 students fighting on this day then “why” were there only 12 arrested?

  • WBHS SENIOR says:

    This situation has nothing to do with you then does it? If you do not have a child at west bladen or if you do not go to west bladen dont post comments like you know something. west bladen is not bad thank you very much. most students at west bladen just arent rich enough to go to harrels

  • WB Parent says:

    First, I’m not just another parent nor is my head shoved in the sand or up my behind.
    Ms Beatty isn’t the blame for the children’s foul mouth but she is the blame for allowing them to stay at a school event after using foul language, if she sent them home for talking nasty then more decent people would come to games. Oh that’s right if she did that she would have to send people home of a certain skin color and she doesn’t do that.
    As for Dinkins, if he is so frustrated, then why doesn’t he pack his bags and go back to S.C. where he belongs, there have been more students arrested under his (lack of) leadership that all the ones before him. Last I am not blaming others for failing at a job that I am suppose to be doing, I AM blaming them for failing at a job that I pay them do do and that is to control the children in the school and make the schools that my children go to safe and that they have failed at to the point that they should be charged with stealing taxpayer’s money since we (taxpayers) didn’t get what we paid for.

  • JessalynJones says:

    I am just so glad that I got the hell out of Bladen county because the adults and kids alike sound so ridiculously obnoxious and stupid that it’s embarrassing.

  • Xandria says:









  • Charles Walters says:

    You sound like there are so many fights in school you have begun to think this is normal. IT’S NOT, solving your problems with fist,feet,and weapons is a cowards way out and you sound like a coward. I’d bet money you never make anything out of yourself and you end up in prison with that mentality.

  • JustMe says:

    I’m sorry your just another parent with their head shoved in the sand or up their behinds! How is she to blame for the foul mouths??? Did she raise them? NO parents need to blame their selves for their foul mouth, rude, disrespectful children your children are an extension of you! Put a paddle on Jr’s backside maybe he’ll straighten out! As for Dinkins maybe he’s just tired of having his hands tied and is doing what he is out of frustration! Pay attention to your child instill values, morals and teach them a little respect for others and their selves. Teach them doing bad things means punishment good things means rewards! But most of all get off your behind and quit blaming others for failing at the job you are suppose to be doing!

  • Concerned for you education says:

    Wow!!!!!!! So, everyone is very upset, and well they should be. Have you noticed the grammer in the response from these children. Maybe the problem is not just the gang activity in thier school, but the level of education standards. Teach these children how to express themselves. The mannerisms and the grammer is aweful.

  • Guest28472 says:

    What happened to Cody? Why is he included in all of this riot stuff at West Bladen? Why did the fight or riot start? Just wanting some answers!

  • Charles Walters says:

    That parent is just mad because she can’t pay for a private school with foodstamps.

  • JohnRPublic says:

    Apparently you should pay more attention to your spelling and less attention to their grammar.

    aweful??? How about awful.

    Also, it is grammar, not grammer

  • EAST BLADEN 06 GRAD says:

    I agree…Bladen County is full of continuous drama and crime (thats anywhere) but it’s ridiculous now. I went to East Bladen, and I left that county as soon as I graduated; and now I’m about to graduate with my Master’s degree…

  • Wbhs Senior ' 09 says:

    Personally, I think that if you are a “scared student” you are just a punk and you should be homeschooled, because every school that you will go to I guarantee you that there will be a fight. On bringing Deputy Shaw back, he never did ANYTHING to stop a fight. Holder was ALWAYS the one running into ANY fight and trying to break it up by spraying mase in the air first so everyone would move out the way. Shaw was ALWAYS in the office doing who knows what. The fights that broke out this past monday were simply JUST fights. We always have a few fights every year. The ONLY reason why we ended up on the news and people were arrested this time was because the Superintendents were here to talk to anyone about Cody’s death. [(R.I.P) We love you.] We have had worse fights than this. Noticed I said “Fights” NOT “RIOT”! A RIOT is when everyone is fighting everyone. This was just a few fights which happened at DIFFERENT TIMES throughout ONE DAY. This was completely blew out of proportion and I am glad that I only have 9 weeks left of school before I graduate.
    That is all I have to say.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not every student at West speaks in such a manner. There are excellent teachers at that school, just not every student is willing to learn. Everyone is putting West Bladen down here. Some of us actually go to school to learn. I wouldn’t go to another school even if I had the chance. West Bladen has produced some extremely gifted individuals. Two of my friends are going to Carolina and Duke all thanks to some of the teachers here.

  • ME! says:

    OKAY! You can not say anything about teaching us kids something. Because you can’t even spell! And not everyone was upset, ok? Because not all of us was in it! stop talking about things you don’t know about!

  • JustMe says:

    The way children behave these days! They have NO respect for their selves or others! I’m going to be perfectly blunt when I was in school our principal and our teachers could take a paddle to our behinds if we got out of line. Our parents could do the same without everybody and their mother getting involved some of these kids need some paddles in their lives and on their behinds and they wouldn’t behave the way they do! Society has let children get away with everything and this folks is what you get! I’m not saying beat your children, I’m simply saying we knew that our teachers and our principal could punish us that way when we were coming up and you never saw this kind of crap going on when I was in school in Bladen County! Heck no! You had the occasional fight true but no riots, no gang activity we knew we had consequences for our actions kids these days think heck if mamma or daddy or anyone does anything we don’t like we’ll call CPS or DSS its a crock!

  • JustMe says:

    Parens, CPS, DSS has taken away any of the SCHOOLS right to discipline awhile back! I blame softy’s that started this crap not allowing schools to enforce tougher discipline the schools hands are tied as far as what they can do about all they can do is suspend and expell you want change fight for change don’t type about it get out there to the board of eduction and DEMAND change for your children! Be proactive for crying out loud typing up posts on a news article isn’t going to get you very far!Also I hate that kids are so lazy that they have to use TXT speak to communicate! I think parents need to take computers and cell phones away from children and teach them how to exist without them! I seriously shudder to think of what the world is turning into with kids just doing as they please with no real consequences to teach them right from wrong!

  • JustMe says:

    With your poor grammar and spelling you shouldn’t be graduating you should be demanding they re school you!

  • JustMe says:

    Cody was a young man who drowned to death a few weeks back who attended West Bladen!

  • JustMe says:

    Discipline is the key to this issue! If the school and the parents had more rights to discipline their children you wouldn’t see so much of this crap going on. As a former Bladen County student I remember well the paddles Mr. Hall kept on hand at Dublin Elementary though they never were used on me I knew they were there! I knew that if I got in trouble at school that my parents wouldn’t be happy either! Now a days parents are accused of abuse by the system and their own children parents rights have flown right out the window! Spare the rod spoil the child what we are dealing with are undisciplined spoiled children! I’m not saying abuse the children but a pop on the butt can get their attention. But now a days you can’t do anything hardly to your children without worry or concern.

  • JustMe says:

    Honestly sorry you are to blame petition to give the school their rights to be the administrators they need to be! When I was in school I knew good and well my teachers and principal could bust my behind if I stepped out of line I knew my parents could do the same when I was in school we didn’t have these issues so yes your childs future is in your hands you are to blame!

  • EB Grad says:

    I am a graduate of East Bladen High and was proud to go there. The ones of you that I knew that went to HCA always held their noses in the air and thought they were better than the rest of us. Some parents cannot afford to send their children to a private and have to rely on the public system to educate their children.

  • West Bladen MOM says:

    West Bladen has been having problems since its inception. The school children were not allowed to pick their school colors, mascot, or anything else. Children that had been in rivalry all their school life, were suddenly thrown togeather with no one trying to make the transition easier. This was not a problem when we had several small schools rather than 2 large ones. I know, for a fact, that one student managed to get a hand gun through the doors and into the school, not too long ago. This does not speak well for “powers that be”, whether it be Mr. Dinkins, the school board, county commissioners, or those entrusted with our children’s welfare. I resent, that, as parents, we were not told about this situation. We had to hear it when our children got home, or worse, on the news. As a tax paying citizen, and a parent, this makes me very angry. High Schoolers are allowed to “sag”, makes a wonderful hiding place for weapons, drugs. The dress code says otherwise but is not enforced. So do the oversized shirts. The cameras are not placed so the children can be watched appropriately. The children smoke in the bathrooms, have sex in the locker rooms, and gangs have come to the school. Where does it end? When does it end? Maybe when it ends the life of one of our very precious children????? Do I need to take my child out of West Bladen High to keep him/her safe from all this? Mr. Dinkins, exactly what do YOU do to earn YOUR paycheck?? Board members, YOU need to do YOUR jobs as well. CHANGE is needed in our school system. Not the teachers, they do their jobs. But how can one teach effectively with the negative “stuff” going on in the schools?

  • Guest123 says:

    Have you not payed attention to any of the comments DR. Dinkins gave the press when his contract was not being renewed? Is this the first time you have read the papers this year and had an interest in Bladen County Schools? Dr. Dinkins can barely use the restroom without permission from the Board. There are a select few on the Board that make ALL the decisions and control everything. All decisions are made before every Board meeting so there will be no suprises. Dr. Dinkins has NO support from the Board. The only interest of most of the Board members is to keep the voters happy and tell you what you want to hear. If the Board would allow Dr. Dinkins to do the job he was hired to do we all would be better off. You need to take all your concerns to your Board member.

    All adminstrative personnel were tring to find a solution to the situation Monday, but I’m sure if you call Dr. Dinkins and leave your number he will call you if any more problems occur.

    I do agree with the fact that the dress code needs to be enforced. (at every school) Please vote yes for the uniforms or are you going to whine that your child will not have an individuality? What they wear to school should not matter, it’s what they learn. Look at how far the US is behind in education compared to the Chinese.

  • Guest987 says:

    I must thank you for being a good representive of the area, you are very well spoken and a sign that all is not lost in this county.

  • LEO says:

    Your post does have some good points, but you must not really care about your child. I gathered from from post that you have a child at WB. If you know for a fact that a student has brought a gun to school, why didn’t you pick up the phone and make a simple call to the police. This is the problem nobody wants to get involved or say anything until an incident occurs. Don’t cast stones if you arn’t willing to be on the front line.

  • Jessica T says:

    As a former student at West Bladen through the first years (2001-2005) I feel you are wrong. In 2001 when we were on seperate campuses steps were taken to ensure that students were treated equally in sports, club, etc. In 2002 when Tarheel and Bladenboro were all on one campus it wasn’t a Bladenboro/Tarheel thing. I think that the staff made the transition from the two smaller schools to one big school as easy as possible. I think one of the main problems with WBHS is that this is the “popular” school in the county. Everyone wants to go there so it’s overcrowded. Look at the enrollments for both EBHS and WBHS. The other problem is that WBHS has had how many pricipals. There isn’t a steady leadership in the school. Every couple of years it is a new person with a new policy.

    As far as the colors go the Purple comes from the Tarheel red and Bladenboro blue being mixed together. No the students didn’t get to choose but after the first year nobody complained and we all wore our purple and silver proudly.

    When my parents were in school people were smoking in the bathrooms and having sex where they weren’t supposed to. I am not saying that I condone this behaviour but it’s going to happen. I’m sure it went on when you were in school. There were also fads when you were in school. I am not denying that there isn’t gang violence in our schools because it is everywhere but just because someones pants sag doesn’t mean that they are a gang member. Geez I’d hate to hear your thoughts on me if you saw my tattoos. Dress codes were enforced to the best of the staff’s abilities when I was in school. I (the validictorian) would break it. I do recall a bunch of seniors wearing PJ pants to school one day. My point is I am sure your child breaks dress code to a certain extent and is your child a gang memeber? I’m sure you wouldn’t know if they were.

    I do think that metal dectors need to be introduced into all schools, even elementary. I also think that there needs to be some steady leadership introduced into WBHS. I reccommend Roland T Mckoy.

  • Justine says:

    ..that 10 people jumped 1 guy? You kids DO NOT get it? Were you fighting for human rights? Gaining independence from a tyrant dictator? What? What was solved by 10 guys jumping 1 guy and inciting a riot? You’re kids for crying out loud (yes KIDS, that’s what you are!.) If this is how you handle your issues and disagreements now, you should probably get use to wearing bright orange and living in a 5ftx7ft room, because that’s exactly where you’re heading. Fighting over “turf,” that you don’t even own, yeah that completely legitimizes the event. If Bladenboro, Clarkton and “Etown” don’t like Dublin, Tar Heel or White Oak, then just ignore each other, don’t go there, stay in your respective “hood” AND GO TO ENGLISH CLASS!!! What does this even mean–> “nothing would have happened if they aint jump the tar heel boy”

  • Jeff S. says:

    This type of thing is actually occuring all over the US. For those that truly look outside of the box the problem & solution is apparant . Goverment run schools are a failure. As a taxpayer it angers me to see my tax dollars fund an education enviroment that produces such instability. The Solution lies in your elected officials, passing legislation allowing Private Schools to receive funding for each student they accept. With private schools being an option for parents and students the public School system would be left with the problems, and the caring parents can have there child in a positive learning enviroment. Private schools compete for excellency and Essentially set there own rules. Sagging pants, disruptive students, frustrated teachers are non-existent . Just look at the education and high standards that come from Harrells, Waccamaw Academy, Fayetteville Christian to name a few. I have two kids in low shool ( 7th and 2nd grade) and I am frankly disgusted that my tax dollars goes toward a wasted goverment school system. Every Parent and caring teacher deserves a choice on where they can educate their kid or to teach in a productive classroom. Call your Congressman and push for LESS funding of Public Schools and More Funding towards your childs success !

  • Guardian of pizza bites says:

    What a joke. This is so hillarious honestly, Same thing happend somewhere between 2001-2003, The staff there has always been a joke Simmons could not control that school, and he was the toughest person there for a Geriatic old man. Mrs. Powers is deffinetly the school mother She has always been a great person. To bad theres not more people at that school that care as much about their students as she does. Im so glad that I dont live in Bladen County anymore. My life actually has a purpose now. Good luck back there get out while you can. Or you can always end up like most of the people that stick around and work at Wal-Mart, or just get strung out and mooch off your parents till they kick you out. You know its true, I know everyone that reads this comment can name 5 people in a similar situation without hesitation.

  • James Robinson says:

    I have read every comment posted and my heart hurts with all the pain and anger posted. It’s not about spelling or how the police controled the incident. What has happened shows the lack of descipline and respect.You can’t wait until a child is 13 years old to teach him self control or respect of rules. Mob control is always a nightmare and evryone at that location forgot that it was a place for higher education. The tools need for delvopment and matual respect has been removed for the school system and today we have generation with no coping skills. Until the system gets back to the basics of civil order you will have disorder.

  • WilmMan says:

    I see nobody is concerned about english or grammer…no wonder we have the trouble we do in our society and Country

  • wbhs student who dont care says:

    West is a good school, we had one big fight and everbody goes crazy. Who cares. West is better than the rest. You know West!!!

  • Justine says: is about discipline and respect. Education is a huge part of that. Ignorance breeds complacency which leads to social decline. When that happens, we are left with nothing but the most feral, savage parts of humanity. Quite simply, these kids don’t have the education to know how to resolve their issues without fighting. They can’t speak coherently enough to have an intelligent conversation and obviously lack any sense of right/wrong. The “tools for development and mutual respect” haven’t been removed, they are being ignored by the ones they in place to benefit. We have a generation of spoiled brats, who think the rules don’t apply to them and think they know everything. They need to stop arguing over which side of the street is better, go to class and sit down and shut up. If they don’t want to learn, GET OUT and let those that do get their education. Education is a privilege, not a right.

  • donny says:

    so called education is also compulsary.
    clerical skills and control are the emphasis.
    schools are like jails and kids, having a
    human desire for freedom, resent this.

  • wbhs says:

    I think instead of making bad comments about the teachers and the School Resource Officers you should be thinking them for a job well done. Just think 40 plus kids fighting with two School Resource Officers thats a good job that the SRO’s did with handing the fights. Put yourself in there shoes fighting off 40 plus if you think you can better then put yourself in the line of fire. Thats a awesome job that the teachers and the SRO’s did good job. Some parents need to sit down and think that there kids are bad eggs. The one’s that went to jail are the bad eggs they need to be in jail instead at the school. Kids fighting over stupid GANG stuff you from this town you from that town how STUPID thats CRAP and so are the parents that are putting up with there kids CRAP the parents are SCARED of there kids so therefore you have what you have in school GANGS how much stupid is that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above posted comment; it’s not safe at WBHS. I’m scared to go back. This is not the first time that I have been afraid. The school is not safe!!

  • freind and wbhs student says:

    simple fact bladenboro and clarkton or etown dont like dublin tar heel and white oak it been like this for years thatz why this fight broke out so thatz all i got to say nothing would have happened if e town boyz didnt jump the tar heel boy after second peroid thats why this happend because they 10 people should not jump on 1 person and all the white kids (not trying to be racist) is telling cops things and they dont know anything at all everything on the news was not true there were over 10 fight and one GAINT BRAWL nothing would have happened if they aint jump the tar heel boy
    end of story

  • wbhs student who dont care says:

    look, stop being a pussy. fights happen all the time. this is not the first one at west and it will not be the last. grow some balls be a man.

  • jessica smith says:

    I am a freshman at west bladen. I was getting very worried after the first 5 fights broke out. This has been the worse day that i have attended at west bladen. I left school early to get away from all the violence as did many other students. Myself and my parents are very worried about me returning to school. My parents feel that west bladen needs to step up the schools safty measures.

  • Roger Fleming says:

    How in the HELL do some of these people even communicate with each other, it’s obvious that they can’t even spell. S/F RDF

  • napolean:-b says:

    just after first period there was a fight but i didn’t think that much about it but then the other fights started to happen then people started going home and getting scared and people were also getting mad because cody hammond had died yesterday (R.I.P. cody) and it was just an emotional day for everyone-(just to clearify there were 8 fights today)-

  • ME says:


  • CJ DAVIS says:

    i dont know what happenend all i know is that im from bladenboro and trying to get away i was punched in the eye by a dublin boy and thats when stuff got crazy everybody just went wild .

  • Former Student says:

    As a former graduate of West Bladen High School, the teachers should have no blame in this situation. Each teacher at that school does everything they can to discipline their classroom. It’s the students that are disrespectful and ignorant to authority. I’ve been in classrooms where teachers try everything just to get through a simple lesson, but due to disrespectful students, they barely are able to explain the concept. I can remember plenty of times I’ve been scared at school due to a rumor or fight breaking out.

  • WB Senior 09 says:

    I have somthing to say about the riot at West Bladen Monday morning…Many dnt believe that it was gang related but let that b what u think.I was there at west bladen when all of it happen…i watched how a little boy got beat up, jumped,and stomped. it was scary i blame myself becuz i didnt do ne thing to stop it. We all watchd we talk about how we r all scared bt what r we doin about it. We sat there nd let them fights happen. Personally im not scared to go back because i am under the blood of JESUS!!! I was also standing right there when the assisant principal was just standing there watching as well, telling everyone to go to class. It was outrangous a discrace. Nettie B. you at the wrong place at the wrong time thats what you get because i watched you run your mouth. Innocent….NOT YOU!!! Im praying for all the students. God be with you! Remember Jesus loves you!

  • rowdygaines says:

    but you obviously were asleep during spelling and grammar class.

  • WBHS SENIOR says:

    Why should we bring shaw back?.. Out of the four years i have been at west bladen i have never seen shaw break up a fight holder is the only one you ever see running with a can of mase to a fight! Anyway all shaw ever did was sit in the office and flirt. If you are a freshman how could you say bring shaw back if you weren’t at west bladen while he was there!

  • Guest025 says:

    What world are you living in? No, you never saw Deputy Shaw go to the fight with a can of mace because he didn’t use mace. He broke up the fights with his hands and not mace! Deputy Shaw has NEVER in the office and his personality is what you are mistaking for flirting! Do you really feel safe with the protection you have at West now? I really hope that you think a can of pepper spray is going to stop a bullet when it goes flying toward your head!!! You truly need to think about things!

  • I would say the problem goes much deeper. You type like you are in middle school or lower. Do you actually speak like this. Education is paying attention to all aspects of life.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a student at West Bladen High and im tired of all these gang groups and fights. I mean these gangs are fighting for nothing and also some people in gangs think if they fight they would have respect and whatever they believe on doin.

    I sense alot of fights but this is stupid. All I know is that there were only 10 different fights or 12. And im not tryin to tell people what to do but suspending them for only 10 days isn’t going to work, I believe that any gang related fights or whatever like that should have a long-term suspendtion. I believe that if we don’t do anything about this problem some students or other employye’s will get hurt or worse if we don’t do anything about.

  • concernmom says:

    KIDS YOU NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL TO BE KIDS AND LEARN. Enough of this junk is enough. If we could shut down UTUBE we wouldn’t have this junk. that will be the next thing on there is this fight. Topsail Middle had last week a kid that cut his wrist in front of his classmates, and the other kid that brought the razor to school wanted him to do it. thought if he brought it and help him . Well then he would. Now Parents get in touch with your kids. Find out what is going on. Take control of your home and the kids you had. because they aren’t the only ones that are effected by the poor choices you make. It isn’t funny, nor cool. and not worth the 15 mins. of fame.

  • WB Parent says:

    Education should be paying attention to all aspects of life but as a parent of a WB student, 2nd time around in fact, the only education they get there is how to fight , cuss and be bad. The school needs NEW leadership, some with some guts. A “good” child can say one word and the teachers send them to ISS but the “bad” ones do as they please because they are untouchable.

  • Sen says:

    Well hey bud, you didn’t end your question with the appropriate punctuation. How old are YOU exactly?

  • aGuest says:

    ..that 35% of high school students in NC are at a 7th grade or lower reading/writing level. So yes, they probably are in high school.

  • omg! says:

    Send the violent thugs to prison, there they could be with their families. I’m so scared for the innocent kids who are in school to get an education.

  • WilmMan says:

    I guess it’s nice to know NHC schools aren’t the only ones with problems

  • so frustrated says:

    I was at West Bladen when the fights were going on and I can tell you that it was completely OUT OF CONTROL. Any adult that says the teachers were in the wrong should have experienced what I saw my teachers experience. Students were running in crowds screaming, cursing, like maniacs to see what was going on. Teachers were helpless trying to stop the crazy crowds. There are over nine hundred students at West Bladen and only 60+ teachers. The fights were all upstairs, so that splits the numbers of teachers on the scene in half. Several teachers were injured trying to hold students back… one was wheeled out in a wheelchair, some had mace in their eyes as well.

    It just makes me mad that anyone would blame this on the teachers. What about putting more officers in the halls? What about parents teaching their kids how to act in the first place? Apparently my parents did a much better job raising me than some of my peers’ parents did.

    Teachers and students at West Bladen deal with this sort of thing every day, and the community does nothing but criticize. The truth is we need some help. If you’ve got a solution, how about stepping up and offering it? You can’t kick everybody out… that’s not even legal. So what do we do? You can’t force people to have morals, manners, or even common sense.

    I see teachers taking so much from disrespectful students every day and on Monday I saw them doing everything they could to stop the violence. I can’t believe people that weren’t even there would have the nerve to say the teachers didn’t do anything. People who don’t know what they are talking about should just hush…. and people that can’t speak the English language decently should not post comments on this website. You’re making us all look bad!!

  • aGuest says:

    for anyone who attempts to teach in today’s education system…we are a civilized society, we shouldn’t have to put officers in the hallways of our educational institutions. There is obviously a breakdown somewhere in these CHILDREN’S lives that they aren’t getting a basic education in right and wrong.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    I have read several of the comments posted regarding what happened at West Bladen. I heard about what was happening at the school and called the school myself and was told that it was only a “little” incident and everything was back to normal and students were going back to class. Now when you have fights taking place between almost 50 people, to me that is not “little”. Parents should have been notified and it should have been the parents decision as to whether they wanted to come and sign their child out of school. It was a dangerous situation. The students that were involved in the fighting are almost adults, it is too late to change them. Parents can only pray for their children. I am a member of the West Bladen Advisory Board, and my daughter attends West Bladen. I substitute teach sometime there and now I am afraid to even go do that. You never know what will happen in a day there. There is one thing, I do know, Prayer will change things. Parents we need to pray. My thoughts and prayer go out to the family of the young man that was drowned. This young man never caused any trouble and is now gone. The ones causing trouble are still walking around. You might say that is not fair, but one day God is going to turn it all around. We keept saying something must be done, but what? We don’t want an incident like what happened at the nursing home. But I am so afraid that is what is going to happen.

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