Latino music on display at Azalea Festival

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Submitted: Sun, 04/05/2009 - 12:54pm
Updated: Fri, 07/18/2014 - 12:17pm

The local Latino community had a special part in Saturday's festivities. As part of the Second Annual Latin Azalea Festival, music groups from different Spanish speaking countries shared their sounds. The free concerts were presented along with La Grande, 98.7, the first Hispanic station in eastern North Carolina. The concert took place at Water and Dock streets. The event was all about promoting Latin integration. ”The reason why it is important to expose the Latin culture to the American culture is for integration. We all live in the same country, we are here to stay, we have hard working Latinos who have beautiful culture which American people don't know about yet,” said Chris Montero of La Grande 98.7. The Latin festival continues Sunday with more music from Spanish speaking countries.


  • Guesttooloud says:

    I agree, the volume was waaaaay too loud. I saw some poeple walking by with their hands covering their ears. Totally uncalled for! Must be a leaf blowers killing their ear drums.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    integration into our society. But that means they make some changes. How about learning English for a starter? Why do Americans have to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish?

    The American language is English. If, as was posted, they are here to stay, and they are here legally, than help your cause by learning English.

  • WilmMan says:

    I walked around the entire thing over the weekend and the Latino stage was louder than all the others. Across the street there was a small music ensemble and I couldn’t hear a thing they were singing and I was about 15yds away. I could hear the latino musica blocks away

  • Coro Montes says:

    Oh, that’s the rule today…loud music as youngs are more deaf than the older ones because cellulars and all the noice. However, I do think our community needs more Latinos like COCOCRIS of LaGranD. Have you hear his bilingual radio show on Sundays at 12m? The country is going that way, we cannot be only white, black but brown! this fully bilingual young man who approached both Americans and Hispanics at the same time is what we need.
    I think he has Cuban and latin American roots but he is American, no doubth.

  • Guest445 says:

    It was a bit on the loud side. I felt bad for the people on the balconies at The Union…I know I couldn’t have a conversation and i was just passing through, but to have your entire lunch like that, You MUST be a big fan of latino music to enjoy that.

  • Alfred says:

    I walked arround other stages and their music was loud as well, i think that negative comments like these kill the purpose of a Latino stage. They brought folk music and beautiful artists that was appreciated by many americans like myself. It’s a shame that some people cant accept latinos, they have much to add to this community.

  • Jason Murphy says:

    The Latino stage was not louder than other stages, i think that what these previous comments are really trying to say is that they dont want a latino stage and dont accept their culture. But for the rest of people like me, who are not racist, I believe that American Citizens like me could learn many great things from our Latin community. Their host was a fully bilingual young man who approached both Americans and Hispanics at the same time. There where so many different colours and rhythems on the Saturday that I personally saw.

    Its sad to see that some people still dont respect and accept our Latin Community. We could learn a lot from them and I wish that integration was easier for them…

    We have a black president now and with the velocity that latinos are growing, I think is a matter of time before we have a Hispanic president. im tired of this black and white business, now latinos are to loud on their own stage… it’s a shame….

  • LovemyLatinos says:

    Well in my opinion the music was AWSOME! Maybe it was too loud for some people, but for others it was Great…. I saw white, black, brown, and yellow, people dancing and having a good time… “No complaints there” Chris Montero of La Grande 98.7 did an awsome job with promoting Latin integration at the azalea festival…. “Good job my friend!” Yes Latinos are here to stay! They are very hard working people that help build our homes, cook our meals, harvest our crops…. etc…etc… the list goes on….. With out them “no way Jose!” :)

  • Sexymamita says:

    ayy… ayy… tom.. tom…

    “Integration into our society” Yes we understand it means we have to make some changes. “Yes we have and are willing to make those changes!” For your information most people that I know want to learn English and are doing what they can to achieve this.

    Your Question: How about learning English for a starter?
    My Answer: Well I can only speak for my self; I speak English and I was also born here that makes me an American Right! “Just like You” We have something in common…. :)

    N-ways there is a very large percentage of people that want to learn our Spanish Language they see the demand for it. “Better jobs, better pay, more Business clientele” Don’t hate mijo “Life is too precious to worry about what other people do or what language they speak, unless you got no life your self” Cheer up papito “Eat some cheerios, energize your body”

    Your Question: Why do Americans have to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish?
    Answer: “Demand baby” and most Americans don’t mind, they like to practice.. practice… practice.. their Spanish skills… :) “MUAH”

    I agree with you “Yes” the American language is English. But then again this is America all languages are spoken here, not unless you’re 100% Native American Indian…. don’t judge my friend leave that to GOD!

    Are Latinos are here to stay? well most of them are not sure anymore and I’m sure you would like us all gone… But I hate to say this “It’s not happening” Don’t get all mad my friend!

    I love you and God loves you… Not that you care but “We all came from Adam and Eve” Read your Bible.

    Ok my Spanish speaking friends “Let’s learn English” we don’t want English to become an Endangered Language. We need to make sure we never have to revitalize it and please my Latinos keep good English documentation! lol :)

    “In recent times only, more than 750 languages have already become extinct around the world. Still others have only a few known speakers!” (This really is sad)

    I have to admit “English is very precious and an easy language to learn for it to become endangered”

    I will learn English
    I will learn English
    I will learn English

    P.S Love you Tom.. Tom… :)

  • Kristi says:

    P.S. Tom…English is not the official Language of the United States. In fact, the United States has no official Language. Keep that in mind.

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