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It is a story about a Wilmington feline that’s been nestled in a tree for four days and three nights. One neighborhood banded together to help it out.

Sandy Powell has been worried sick over a cat that continues to hold on for dear life 70 feet above the ground. No one in Sandy’s Bradley Creek neighborhood knows who the cat belongs to. She has tried everything can she think of to get the cat down; the Wilmington Fire Dept, animal control, Facebook – all to no avail. On day #4, Sunday afternoon, help finally arrived.

Through Craig’s list Sandy found Josh MacIvor-Andersen. "The plan is to get the cat down. I don’t trust ladders so much, so I’m much more comfortable with these ropes,” said MacIvor-Andersen.

“The design is for the cat to want get down from this tree so badly that he’ll go right into the cat carrier and be happy once it’s on the ground.“

"I’m very nervous, I just hope and pray that everything goes well and the cat gets in the carrier so we can take care of her,” said Powell. “She needs food, water, and we need to find out who she belongs to."

MacIvor-Andersen was able to get the cat out of the tree and safely into the carrier. "It’s a homecoming,” described Powell. “It’s not even my cat and I’m so happy the cat is out of the tree." The cat was wearing tags and they were able to track down the owner. Within minutes Señor Tango, a year old cat from Argentina, was reacquainted with his owner Tony Drewett. He said it was not the first time the cat’s been up a tree, and it probably won’t be the last.

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  • webnician

    The article could also have mentioned that 1) a cat is fully capable of living in a tree for days without any risk to its health, 2) it would have climbed down eventually, 3) it only stayed in the tree because some “cat lover” imprisoned it, defeating its natural instincts, and 4) one less non-native predator on this continent would be good for the ecology. I have a cat, …but I’m ashamed of it.

  • Richard Mongler

    Not very bright, are you?

    1) “a cat is fully capable of living in a tree for days without any risk to its health.”

    No. A cat will begin to go into hepatic lipidosis within days of not eating. Hepatic lipidosis causes the cat to begin using stored fat for energy, but because a cat’s body is not made to process fats in this way, the liver will begin to accumulate the fat and yes, they will die as a result of liver failure.

    2) “it would have climbed down eventually”

    Right, it was in a tree for four days yelling because it was just too lazy to climb down, not because it wasn’t able to. Only certain cats can climb down from trees; indoor cats are typically unaware of how to do so. It is much easier for them to climb up than it is for them to climb down because of the shape and design of their claws. Many cats will not climb backwards down a tree out of fear, so no, it will not “just climb down eventually.” If this were the case, cats would never die from being stranded in trees; unfortunately, it’s a common occurence thanks to clowns like you that don’t know what you’re talking about saying stupid things like “LOL HE WILL COME DOWN JUST PUT OUT FEWD.”

    3) “it only stayed in the tree because some “cat lover” imprisoned it, defeating its natural instincts”

    You’re too dense to give a real response to on this topic, so I’ll dumb it down for you and simply say that many cats prefer living indoors to outdoors.

    4) “one less non-native predator on this continent would be good for the ecology.”


  • nocatlovereither

    Well aren’t you just a regular ray of sunshine….I’m not a cat person myself but come on no matter what the background or even the reason why he was up the tree, the cat is a defenseless animal who depends on humans for life basically. I know the whole song and dance that it is our (humans) fault by domesticating these animals but hey, that damage is all done now. Now it is our responsiblity to take care of the animals. Period!

  • nocatloverhere

    Well you are just a bright ray of sunshine aren’t you

  • Das Weibstück

    “his owner Tony Drewett. He said it was not the first time the cat’s been up a tree, and it probably won’t be the last”.

    I guess it came down by itself without all this hoopla last time?

    Cat needs to be de-clawed and kept inside.

  • Das Weibstück

    Can’t climb trees either and sit there for days on end. Cats are fast and can jump a lot better than dogs. I have seen cats fight with their back feet when needed. I would be more worried about it dying in a tree or falling out of one seems this one like to climb.

    This cat was saved from another country and was apparently worth the trouble to fly it home. It is no safer here let loose to roam around.

  • Guest7969

    APPEARS…that the cat shouldn’t be doing ANY climbing…for its OWN SAFETY…HEY…PETA is for spaying and neutering dog and cats AGAINST their will and for their safety..why not protect the cat and have its claws removed…

  • Tom M.

    I highly doubt he was 50 feet up last time he was in a tree and “came down himself.”

  • Richard Mongler

    “Yes, he has been up a tree or two before, but never a tree over 5 feet.” — Mrs. Drewett

    Nice reading comprehension there, champ. You really think the cat has come down out of a 50 foot tree by itself before, but just “forgot how” this time?

  • Richard Mongler

    Declawing is painful and traumatic for a cat; spaying/neutering is not. Declawing puts them at a disadvantage against other wild animals; spaying/neutering does not. Declawing is outlawed in many other countries for being an inhumane practice; spaying/neutering is not. Declawing is a procedure that many vets refuse to perform; spaying/neutering is not.

    Think before you type.

  • Das Weibstück

    Nowhere in this article does it say 5 feet. That was written later champ.

  • Guest7969

    So what you are saying…and I get some of this from PETA itself….animals are capable of having FEELINGS…..HOW WOULD YOU feel if I just plopped you up on the table and removed your reproductive organs for your OWN GOOD…I can most certainly say that it would be PAINFUL and HURT…

    THINK before you type…who are YOU to decide whether an animal has babies or not!

  • Hmmmmm

    How stupid is that comment?
    Cat needs to be de-clawed and kept inside.

    If you declaw the cat and it slips out an open door which cats are good for doing. Then HOW is that cat going to defend itself?
    A cat can NOT climb to get away from dogs or any other thing that might be after it.

  • Richard Mongler

    The point wasn’t that it was written in the article, it was that your initial assumption was idiotic.

  • Sheelagh Desmond Drewett

    Our Tango is an absolutely amazing cat. He was found as a kitten on the streets of Buenos Aires, just out side of the Hilton Hotel, almost 2 years ago & was lucky enough to have many caring humans help him find a very loving home here in Wilmington. IT took my entire United Airlines flight crew, a gate agent, several Hilton Hotel staff members & a very helpful vet to get this little guy, who flew first class all the way to Washington DC, to the US safe & sound. Yes, he has been up a tree or two before, but never a tree over 5 feet! He LOVES the limelight, as you can see, but this time he was in dire straits & definitely could have used Ms. Powell’s relentless dertermination to help him. We thank her, as do the rest of Tango’s “fans” here on Oak Bluff Lane!

  • Guest Suggestion

    It might be time to consider making Tango an indoor cat.

  • yaqngie

    I really cant beleive the comment about declawing….

    Do you understand what a cat goes thur when we do that to them. How would you like ur finger nails ripped out?

  • Guest87

    Why was it up to Ms.Powell to get the cat down? What were the Drewett’s doing for the 4 days?

  • Mayberry RFD

    This story is straight from an Andy Griffith show (1960’s) from several years ago. It made the Mayberry Gazette as well as they read about it in Floyd’s Barber Shop.
    The thing is, it was news in Mayberry, guess it is Big Time News in Wilmington too :-(


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