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Beach renourishment is high on the priority list for our representatives in Washington. Congressman Mike McIntyre has asked for more $6 million in federal renourishment money for Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties. Senator Kay Hagan told WWAY she’s trying to get beach money fast tracked as part of the stimulus plan. In addition to the tourism impact, Hagan and McIntyre are pushing the point that healthy beaches also play a role in protecting the coast from hurricanes.

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  • From the Area

    I see the individual that commented on replenishing “Saving Beaches” does not realize how much money our state received from the tourist that come to our beaches each and every year. It is sad that people cannot see the BIG PICTURE when it comes to this subject…the amount of dollars that would be lost from revenue would only result in higher taxes throughout the state. Yes, it is hard to win when it comes to Mother Nature; however, are we going to let all of the homes be taken?? What about the taxes that are obtained from all of those property homeowners?? One might say…well they should have never built an ocean front home, well I say that permits were given and for all of those permits a home was built. It is easy to turn our backs once we received the money (permits, inspections department) isn’t it?

    Everyone needs to realize that in some way shape or form most individuals who live in NC at some point have visited a beach. The ocean is a beautiful sight; however, if we cannot sit and enjoy it because we have no beach to sit on what is the point?

  • Robert

    while the intent is good, I guess we’ll never learn that you cannot save beaches. We can just keep pouring money into replenishing them.

  • SurfCityTom

    at least the beaches generate significant property taxes and generate jobs and revenue through tourism. And, many of the beach communities do not place a strain on the education system as there are few school age children.

    On the other hand, what does throwing good money after bad accomplish at places like Nesbit Court?

  • jmd28

    Renurishment? What a joke. How about ecological disaster to me more accurate? All that sand and silt smothers ALL bottom dwelling animals like the coquinas and mole crabs. A contractor has to put up silt fencing when working in proximity to the water, so what sense is it to pump all that junk into the surf zone? The beach will come and go if you let it do its thing, it always has. For those of you who own beach front property,you do so at your own peril and aparently our expense. In case you are wondering I’ve lived at Carolina Beach for the past 35 years and have witnessed first hand how this activity chokes the life out of the surf zone and no one seems to care.

  • cintrek

    I too lived at CB for many years since the 60s. There was a time when our ocean front was absolutely beautiful. We had clean, white sandy beaches. At night when the moon was out the sand would glitter like crystals. The shells & sea life, the star fish & sand dollars were numerous. I haven’t seen that anywhere else before. It all began when they blasted the inlet & Snow’s Cut that changed our ecosystem drastically & with major development & renourishment well we just don’t have that beauty anymore. I know people who lost their homes to the Atlantic before they ever did the first renourishment-it was sad. But the millions upon million of dollars that have been spent & the enormous millions we need to spend for the future we have to ask “Is there a better way?” Of course, but we’re not willing to sacrifice our money to do what’s right which in turn will make more money & create jobs in the long run. It’s time to change for the betterment of our planet instead of our bottom line.

  • Directional sea walls have worked in many other parts of the country. Installed properly, they trap sand and will eventually cover over .This would save the tax payers a lot of money in the coming years.


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