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Senator Richard Burr took a bit of a jab at President Barack Obama Friday night. Burr said he does not need a teleprompter to speak as he travels from city to city, unlike the president. Nor did Burr need one to talk about an economic turnaround in southeastern North Carolina. "You can begin to see growth in this community, you see life, you see tourism back,” said Senator Burr. “It’s just a matter of time before this economy turns around and we see pricing stabilized and we forget about the economic downtime and we look forward to the opportunities." There also was the comment the senator made to his wife about taking money out of ATM’s during the bank crisis last fall. It is a comment that has put Burr in some hot water. "Nationally, I’m not surprised, but the truth is I was trying to convey to people my frame of mind in the early days of the crisis,” he said. “It was not an attempt to run on a bank. You can’t do that on an ATM machine. The point was I was concerned enough about the architecture that even personally I wanted to do something. I’ve got a responsibility to do it as a profession, but personally I wanted to look after my family if that meant getting $500 at home, then I thought that was important. " Burr thanked his Wilmington audience in advance. He intends to be re-elected in 2010. Senator Burr said he has been heckled a lot, but anticipates the commotion will die down over the next few days.

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  • POLIGuest

    Yes, Yes, I agree. But that “vote em all out” strategy usually ends in sending yet another Democrat to Congress. Democrats and liberals always stick together, and they work to get their party in power. I think we are seeing the powerful results of that strategy.
    Liberal or Conservative? That’s the system we have. And please stop siphoning the conservative into the trashcan. Conservatives who vote for conservative candidates that have no chance of winning, are just voting for a liberal.
    Make your voice heard in by getting INVOLVED in the system.
    Please do not ONLY waste your vote.

  • Independent

    Democrats and Republicans fight tooth and nail to make sure a 3rd party is not elected. Because, then they fear it would reveal all the lies and tangled web they have been weaving on the American public for decades, centuries.

    The term conservative has been hijacked by people who believe that it is the government’s role to promote their ethic. True conservatism is dead in this country. We have very few candidates who run on a truly conservative agenda and those who do are labeled unelectable.

  • Independent

    The Republican party has become anything but conservative. Spending went through the roof the last eight years and big government grew bigger. Shame on the Republican Party for betraying not just the American people, but also for rejecting the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

    I want a statesman who will worry about how to implement policies that will make the American middle-class prosperous once again, rather than a politician who only worries about what he needs to say and do to remain in office. It seems that the common man no longer matters to the Republican Party. All the neoconservative-dominated Republican Party seems to care about now is the welfare-warfare state.

    If my leaving the Republican party helped the Democrats gain control, so be it. I’ll not compromise my beliefs just to help the Republicans continue the same ole’ same ole’ that big government has become.

  • Guest36529874

    Ummm, if I’m not mistaken the democrats have controlled congress since 2006.

  • POLIGuest

    You are pretty much right about American politics and politicians.
    But why is it ONLY the conservatives that try to break away from the two party system, or make a personal statement with their vote? All that ever accomplishes is siphoning votes from a conservative candidate, and then for all practical purposes, it casts a vote for a liberal one.
    Why do the Democrats NEVER do this?
    Democrats, with all their differences, stick together and WIN.
    Get it? The Democrats do. Yes, the Democrats are laughing at the Republicans, all the way to a majority in Congress. I imagine you prefer Pelosi To Burr.

  • Independent

    The Republicans had their snouts in the trough just as deeply as any Democrat when the GOP controlled the Congress.

    No matter who is in control of the cesspool in Washington, they all jump in together once elected and it becomes a hot tub.

  • Guest-09-09

    It’s too bad he’s waited so long to become a “conservative”.

    I want to hear him try to justify his vote for TARP.

  • Toni

    The reason Senator Burr doesn’t need a teleprompter is because he has nothing to say.

  • Independent

    The two party system has run amuck at all levels and you see where we are. The constant fight for power and control has done more to divide this nation while the work of the people has fallen by the wayside. It’s obvious that greed and corruption has taken over politics.

    Throw the “career politicians” out of office come election time! I guess that makes me a “Radical” now.

  • POLIGuest

    Senator Burr is walking around with a target on his back, put there by the very rich, national Democratic organizations. The liberals want two Democrat Senators from NC, to further push through the very liberal bills now flying through Congress. Many citizens are asleep at the wheel on this new legislation.
    We need conservative representatives in Congress to temper massive liberal spending and ‘big government’ control agendas.
    Senator Burr is a fine representative, who we need now more than ever.
    This latest attack on Senator Burr is a fine example of misrepresentation, and blowing something way out of context for party gain. The liberal media attack has begun.
    Turning everything over to the liberals is dangerous politics.
    Also, excellent coverage by WWAY.

  • Guest: tarheels125

    I think both Sen. Burr and Congressman McIntyre are assuming to much. I don’t think anyone who is an elected official serving in office should assume too much. They need to get out of their “party bubble” and talk to the average American. WWAY is also assuming to much by showing polling with current elected officials. Americans are sick of the same old politicians running every election cycle with the same results. If we continue to re-elect the same people, we are simply playing musical chairs with our country. It’s time to vote out of office the people who have voted for the massive debt and out of control sending, regardless of their political party. I think it’s time for term limits in both the Senate and Congress. They should also have to give up their HUGE retirement pay. Let’s see WWAY do a poll regarding a new political person on our ballet running against an incumbent.


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