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The woman Governor Bev Perdue appointed to be the next judge of Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus counties has a huge overdue tax bill. Court records obtained by WWAY show that with interest, Sherry Dew Tyler owes nearly $80,000 to the IRS. She failed to pay her taxes in 2000 and 2001, when her name was Sherry Prince. She is a law partner of Senator RC Soles. Our calls to Tyler for comment were not returned. The governor's office sent us this statement: "The governor's office is aware of Ms. Tyler's situation and understands it arose from previous personal circumstances. She has assured this office that this issue will be resolved prior to her taking the oath of office.” Sherry Tyler is scheduled to be sworn in May 1.

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  • Guest 2

    Hmmmmm. And we thought only Obama’s friends didn’t pay their taxes. Let’s wait and see if any penalties and interest are charged to her for all these years. Unless I am mistaken I believe Obama’s friends only paid the taxes only with no penalties or interest. I wonder if any of us law abiding citizens could get away that easily. And to think, a judge, a person with the authority to judge and punish us has knowingly been breaking the law since 2000. I wonder if Perdue had not appointed her if she would have ever paid the back taxes. It seems to me that if we want a high ranking job with our government, one of the qualifications is to have not paid our income taxes. And that goes from the state level all the way to the top.

  • Guest28451

    It’s time to do away with all “appointments” and let the people vote to elect people to these offices.
    Then the corruption will go down.
    Please contact your government representatives and tell them you would like to be able to vote in an election for these positions!
    We are not under King Georges rule anymore.

  • Concerned Columbus County Voter

    I think Bev Perdue is wrong in appointing Sherry D. Tyler as judge with the overdue taxes Mrs. Tyler owes. Governor Perdue is sending the wrong message whenever she completely ignores the fact that Mrs. Tyler is wrong in owing this delinquent tax and then she expects to sit in judgment on someone else.

    Mrs. Tyler should do the right thing and at the last minute refuse to be sworn in as the judge. But, I doubt this will happen since she is a “gold digger” and the opportunity has just become for her to look important. Her next step will be the governor’s office. Just wait and see.


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