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Our viewing area is getting a new judge with some significant tax issues. On Friday, Sherry Dew Tyler will be sworn in as judge for the 13th Judicial District, presiding over Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus counties. She was appointed by Governor Bev Perdue, and already has some vocal fans, and critics. Sherry Dew Tyler was born and raised in Tabor City. She got her bachelor’s degree from UNC-Pembroke, and her law degree from Campbell University. For the last 21 years, she's been a law partner of Senator RC Soles. "I am delighted that she is going to be a judge. She'll make an outstanding judge, and she truly looks forward to serving as judge. At the same time, I’m sad and disappointed that she'll be leaving our law office,” Senator Soles said. During her years as an attorney, Tyler has handled everything from minor traffic offenses to major criminal cases, as well as personal injury claims and civil matters. But her record isn't without blemish. When Governor Perdue chose her for the judgeship, Tyler had a huge overdue tax bill. With interest included, she owed the federal government about $76,000 in back income taxes. "I had a federal tax lien. It's been a matter of public record for a period of time. My plan had been to take care of that. It was the right thing to do before I was being considered as a district court judge,” Tyler said. When we caught up with Ms. Tyler outside the courthouse Wednesday afternoon, she told us she had just paid her overdue tax bill in full. But that wasn't enough to silence her critics. "I don't think she would have paid it unless she was forced to do it,” said Dorris Strickland, a Columbus County resident. Sherry Tyler was one of several attorneys nominated by the local bar association for the judgeship, and Governor Perdue chose her from the nominees. The governor said she was aware of Ms. Tylers' tax problems, and had been assured they would be resolved before she was sworn in.

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8 Comments on "Judge-to-be pays taxes, still has critics"

2015 years 9 months ago

So many good comments have been made and I just have one question: if she had not been named for this post, would her taxes have been paid?

2015 years 9 months ago

I mean really, you folk need to quit whining about this tax deal. If you want to avoid paying your taxes and then have a spare 80K laying around for emergency appointments such as this, then it’s very easy:

You go to law school, you pass the bar, as a prosecuting attorney you can put the good guys in jail to keep your numbers up and as a defense attorney you can keep the bad guys out of jail to keep your numbers up. You can learn how to legally wrangle the system to avoid paying your due and then, after enough experience at manipulating the law, you can become the Judge and turn the law into however and whatever you happen to feel that particular day. This is our government today.

Any more questions?

2015 years 9 months ago

Teachers were not the only ones to take that cut. All state employees are suffering at the stroke of her pen. Not to mention the huge increase in health insurance, the 90/10 being taken away, and god forbid you smoke or have some extra weight, those people will not get to choose their coverage and their families will suffer as well. I know quit smoking and loose weight, I don’t have either problem but there are those that do.

2015 years 9 months ago

This is plain ridicilous. To consider someone for judge who owed the government $80,000 especially during such an economic crisis. It is pathetic that Perdue will appoint this woman who owed all this money and then a week later cut teacher’s salaries when she ran on a campaign of raising teachers salaries in NC. I cannot wait until it is time for her to run for re-election because she has no shot at winning. I am a proud democrat and both of these people make me ashamed to say so.

2015 years 9 months ago

Democrats are excellent at raising taxes and spending YOUR tax money…paying their own taxes…not so good. Really no surprise here, after all she is a favored Democrat, and we would expect no less.
Working with RC Soles can only add to the package.
Way to go Bev.

2015 years 9 months ago

Once again another appointment of what I call a crook. I am a small business owner and pay my taxes each and every month without fail. To the tune of 30M a month. Had I not sent mine in on time, I would be in custody for failure to pay. What a shame, we are going to have someone pass judgement when she can’t even pay what’s due. Shame on you Perdue.

2015 years 9 months ago

Great! I’m glad she finally paid her taxes. Good for her. Wish I had $80K just laying around to pay off a few debts. Maybe now the state will actually be able to pay me my refund. Wonder what she was doing with my money before now?

Appalled citizen
2015 years 9 months ago

Wow!! I’m surprised President Obama did not get to her first..she certainly qualifies for a position with his Administration based on their non tax paying/ overdue tax history. Apparently he did not have a position for her so he forwarded her name to Gov Perdue. As a business owner, my business would have been padlocked by the tax authorities if I failed to pay my taxes like she did. Amazing still that we do not have any recourse to prevent these people from being appointed. Hopefully, if her position is one that requires and election in the future, she will not be reelected.


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