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Students at West Brunswick High gathered Monday to remember their classmate who lost his life in a fatal car crash. Nearly 1,000 students filled the halls of First Baptist Church for senior Jacob Moseley's funeral. Moseley was in a car with four other West Brunswick students early Friday morning when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree on Royal Oaks Road in Shallotte. "He will be very missed by his classmates, I know that when we get to class on Monday afternoon, it's going to be a challenge to have everyone in class without Jake in his seat,” West Brunswick High School teacher Stephanie Beach said on Friday. When students returned to school, counselors were there if they needed someone to talk to. There will be a memorial service for Jacob at 6:30 this Thursday at the First Baptist Church in Shallotte.

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  • Rhonda Conklin

    Our families have known each other since Caleb was about two years old. I love to remember the little angel that would come and sit on my lab and let me rock him while I was kissing and loving on him. Our family is in shock as well as the Hawkins family. Please remember not to leave Angie and her family out. Just a kind word makes a difference in the day of a mother that lost a child. Do things in his memory. That’s how we keep Caleb close and make new memories for his mom and family. Support her in all that you can. It doesn’t matter if you know her well, I can tell you it is the most wonderful feeling to learn that her boy has touched you life in some way. He has touched ours and will always be close to us in prayer and stories that we will share with the family. Also don’t forget he has siblings that are suffering. Pass the love to all. I love you Angie and Kids. Remember all the fun things and how loving and funny he was.
    Love to all,

  • Al Rising

    Jake will be missed. One of the other victims, Caleb Hawkins died today also.

  • Meagan Woods

    Just a day from the funeral of dear Jacob and already another life has been lost. His friend who was in the accident with him, Caleb Hawkins, was officially reported to have died last night after many complications. Please say prayers for his family and make sure to pay your respects to another young man who’s life was taken all to soon. I was friends with Caleb only for a short time and I regret not knowing him better but I can say that I will, as well as many others I know and don’t, never forget the traggic accident that took the lives of the young people who died this past week and will always try to remember the good times that will always be treasured.

  • Kim Pultz

    I believed the Hawkins to be family for a long time. Our children grew and made great strides in life together for a while. I missed the days of watching the Hawkins boys grow to be young men. My family and I will miss Caleb even more now that there will never be a chance to watch him grow more with his family. Our sympathy and heartfelt pain go out to you, Angie and Noah. The memories will always be fond.

    Aloha, Dano, Kim, and Daniel Nohea


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