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Two Topsail High School student athletes are in trouble with the law. Shawn Sidbury and Jeff Kath are each facing three charges of breaking and entering, larceny and possession of stolen goods.

Pender County Sheriff’s detectives say the two worked together breaking in to a total of six homes, stealing property totaling about $6,500. When the two were caught, detectives say they were carrying guns they stole from one of those homes. Sidbury was a standout football player and Kath, a member of the basketball team.

"What they do now is going to affect them the rest of their life and its even worse when you see certain individuals with so much particular talent to get tied up in things like this,” said Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith.

The Topsail High School principal declined comment. Sidbury used to attend Hoggard High, and was expected to graduate from Topsail this year.

Pender County detectives say he was already on probation for a drug related charge.

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  • Jason

    Jeff Kath is my brother, and after reading this it makes me sick to think of all the things Jeff could of done with his life. I love this guy i wish he would of stayed out of truble and stayed in school. he could have been the next Tray!!! (Haha) Well any ways I was just saying this guy is my brother and I don’t care what he did I love him and want him back home.

  • Margaret

    Jason, try to be there for your brother, even if he is a dummie sometimes. Many people do worse things, and walk around in their Brooks Brothers suits and ties with their sins (so they think) safely tucked away from the world. But we are all sinners. Not just the ones that get caught. I hope your brother gets himself back together and comes home soon. God Bless you both.


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