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Bev Perdue makes her second visit to Wilmington as governor Friday. This time to talk money. Perdue will speak at an economic recovery workshop at UNCW’s Burney Center starting at 10:00 a.m. This is the fifth in a series of workshops across the state to give information and guidance to municipalities, businesses and citizens about how the federal recovery funds will be administered. Perdue also plans to stop by Wrightsboro Elementary School to read to 3rd graders as part of the school’s 100th anniversary celebration.

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  • WilmMan

    I’m surprised Wrightsboro would invite her in…after she just took the teachers pay and cost them even more money with furlough time

  • Guest1234

    Well Governor please leave my husbands job alone. He works hard with many others at UNCW, their pay has already been messed with to help out your recovery deal. They have lost uniforms which is fine if it means they can keep their jobs. Their insurance and co-pays are going up and that is what my husband works for the most. To keep our children in insurance and being able to go to the Doctor when we need to. If he looses his job, we loose our house and we move to the shelter with many others out there. please keep this in mind when you are making decisions on financial means.

  • Guest2

    She has some nerve visiting a public school with the budget she proposed. How can they stomach having her there? What is wrong with them?


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