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Governor Bev Perdue visited UNCW to talk about getting, and spending, federal stimulus money in North Carolina. Perdue preached accountability, efficiency and transparency in measuring success for spending the government funds. The City of Wilmington received more than $3 million in stimulus money for a variety of projects. Mayor Bill Saffo said the money will be the key to creating jobs now. “As soon as we get that money and get it into our office we’ll start putting it to work immediately. You’ll start seeing work on the Cross City Trail, start seeing work on energy efficiency, stuff there at City Hall,” Saffo said. Saffo and Perdue both urged small businesses and local governments to apply for more of the stimulus money. Saffo credited City Council’s March trip to Washington, DC, in helping acquire much of the stimulus money for Wilmington.

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1 Comment on "Perdue, Saffo talk local stimulus money"

2015 years 8 months ago

Governor Bev Perdue had stated she was doing all she could for the educational budget. I am curious if she has cut her pay and tried doing anything to cut the pay of other ellected officials. So many people are out of jobs or have to bring in less money just to keep their jobs. Should we really put our teachers in the same positions. It’s not that anyone elses job is less important, but our kids need good education, deminishing their education could only make things worse.


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