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Troubleshooters Update: Wilmington Nissan


There is an update on a Troubleshooters Report we first brought you last week on NewsChannel 3. Pamela Pickett recently put a thousand dollars cash down payment on a used car at Wilmington Nissan. Turns out, that salesman pocketed her money, and the dealership sold the car to someone else. Wilmington Nissan refused to give Pamela a refund, saying it was the salesman's fault, not theirs. Since our story aired, a local attorney, Chad Hogston, has agreed to take Pamela's case to court pro bono. They plan to sue Wilmington Nissan for the refund. We will let you know how it turns out.

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Theft - Break-ins

My experience has been pretty good up until today 8/31/2010. I had my truck in for service and it sat in the service area all weekend long, until today, I called for a status and was told my truck was broken into. Some contents were stolen, that is ok to a point, but the window was broken, they damaged the passenger side door frame, and busted my center console. Nissan dealership won't cover this and fix it. I have to pay my $500 deductible and have my insurace repair it. I think they should do the repairs and replace the parts. They don't even have survelance cameras. The only one they have broke 12 years ago. What should we do now?

hmm i bought a car from them

hmm i bought a car from them and loved it. id go back any day of the week. Even if this did happen every place has a bad apple. Three currently under new management and have turned things around. Im also sure if this did happen Wilmington Nissan would have no problem refunding a measly 1k to not get bad press. Theres got to be more facts to it.

If they are under new management?

I just bought a car 24 hours ago from Wilmington Nissan and if they're under new management, I would've hate to seen it before. If I wasn't sold on the actual vehicle and known I'd receive the poorest car buying experience in my life, I would've driven to any lengths to avoid this dealership.

Wilmington Nissan

Any new information on the poor woman that was bilked out of her money by Wilmington Nissan due to the actions of one their sleazy sales representatives?

Wilmington Nissan

I think the people who are rooting for Ms. Pickett should reserve judgment until they know all the facts. It seems to me that if Mr. Hogston files suit, the truth of the matter will be made clear soon enough. I sincerely hope that all of those supporting Ms. Pickett (including this station) will not be disappointed when that happens.

Are you KIDDING me?

The dealer isn't even denying that it happened, opting instead to avoid taking responsibility for the actions of their employee. That is wrong wrong wrong!

Nissan Drama

How exciting. A real soap opera! How about this -- instead of saying I'll never buy from the Nissan dealership, I'll never buy from one of their salemen? Does that sound any better? Sorry Charlie, but perception is everything. And right now, the public's perception of Nissan is not good.


That salesman should be thrown in jail on charges of theft, and the dealer should have their business license revoked! Taking that money was utterly unconscionable!

Makes no difference now.....

Thanks WWAY for publishing this incident and for the follow up. However, at this point it makes no difference to me how it turns out. I'm sorry this lady lost her money, but this is going to hurt this dealer dearly. Wilmington Nissan has shown their character and their business ethic to the public. One would be better off doing business with a sleazy, overnight used car lot than to spend money with Wilmington Nissan. Again, this is a small town and your business reputation can uphold you or crush you. This will not be easily forgotten by Wilmington area residents, I'll do my part to give timely reminders!

Good Character?

The only people that are going to hurt Wilmington Nissan's reputation is themselves. I bought a car from them and will never make that mistake again.

I hope Pamela wins!! Thank

I hope Pamela wins!! Thank you to Mr. Hogston for helping her. Not to mention thank you to WWAY for airing this story so know to never buy from Wilmington Nissan! He was their employee at the time and I can't believe they won't take care of this woman for their employee's actions!!

Wilmington Nissan

That is great news! Chad Hogston is doing a good thing and I hope he gets her money back.

Wilmington Nissan

Nissan is responsible for it's employee's. They are selling for this company. To refuse to refund this lady's money is pretty low. I sure wouldn't buy from them.

Nissan Sold to Capitol Ford

Lots of rumors ? A few of the people there said that Nissan Finance was there and had some problems with something and that the place was sold to the people who own Capitol Ford. They said maybe it was forced by Nissan and that the GM Jason Tuton may have put money down and that they think it was sold it out from under him. That he didn't know.
It may be all new people soon as when they bought the Mercury dealership the brought in their own people