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The City of Wilmington held its second public workshop Tuesday night about the future development of Wrightsville Avenue. The current plan for Wrightsville Avenue was adopted in 1990, but over the last 19 years the road has undergone several changes. One hundred and forty-two citizens showed up for the first meeting, more than 60 attended last night. “We’ll take as long as the community needs to develop the plan. After the plan is developed we’ll present it to the community to get feedback,” said Wilmington long range planner Christine Hughes. “Then we’ll present it to the planning commission who will make recommendations to the city council for adoption.” The planning area for Wrightsville Avenue extends from South 17th Street to the eastern city limits at the base of the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge. There will be another Wrightsville Avenue work session on Saturday, August 29th at Winter Park Baptist Church.

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1 Comment on "Wilmington holds workshop around plans for Wrightsville Avenue"

2015 years 10 months ago

let’s lower the speed limit to 25 mph, install speed bumps, put a big bike lane on one side of the street (that no one uses), and then not enforce any traffic laws! the solution is simple, it seems to be working all over the city so far!


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