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House and Senate Democrats thought Tuesday was going to be an important day. They expected a vote on the state budget, but it turns out that plan quickly began to crumble. Governor Bev Perdue was apparently not happy with the deal the two Houses had made. She requested they go back and start over, and now no one knows how long that will take. One of the topics the governor is looking to change is the tax plan. She wants to raise state taxes. Republican State Representative Carolyn Justice disagrees. "You know the two Houses are pretty independent, you know they believe in the separation of powers, and this is a legislative decision, and she is the executive decision. They’re pretty determined on what they want to raise and don’t want to raise, and so the war could go on for weeks or it could come to a close quickly, we just aren’t sure." Justice also spoke about cutting the Marine Technology program at Cape Fear Community College. She said it was a bad decision, because that program directly created jobs for folks in our area.

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  • SurfCityTom

    for another out of country vacation. Bring things to a halt by jettisoning the budget.

    Rather than raise taxes, cut spending. There is so much waste in government spending which could be curbed.

    Anyone with half a brain knows you can not spend more than you take in. You can not continue raising taxes every time you spend more than you took in.

  • js

    It is truly a sad time when our elected officials cannot agree on issues related to the budget. I guess they do not realize how many people they are holding hostage due to this procastination.
    Many are teachers and State employees who need to know if they have jobs in the future. It is very stressful and uncalled for.
    I realize the economy is tight but stay the course and get the job done soon so we State employees can get back to work and quit worrying if we will be working next month.
    Maybe Mary Easley can pay us out of her settlement she will probably get since she only worked part days


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