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There is still no state budget as lawmakers are "back to square one" in the words of Senator RC Soles. Soles said the process had to start over after Governor Bev Perdue "strongly hinted" she would veto the tax plan the House and Senate were working on. Soles said Tuesday it may take all three sides, the House, Senate and Governor, sitting down in one room to reach a compromise. "She can be a hardliner in the sense that she can veto whatever we send over there, but she can’t enact any legislation that we don’t send,” he said. “You have to get the House and the Senate and the governor together to ever be successful. So it depends on whether they all want to work together or not." Despite the differences among the sides involved in the budget debate, Soles said he still think it can be resolved within a couple of weeks.

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1 Comment on "R.C. Soles sees state budget go “back to square one”"

2015 years 9 months ago

A couple of weeks? Really? Year round schools have started and traditional schools are preparing to open their doors. They have no idea how many students will be in each class, nor do they know which teachers they will be able to keep. It is costing tax payers $50,000 a day to hold out on a budget! That is the cost of one teacher and one assistant with all benefits, plus some! I can’t wait for the next voting day.


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