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Two Columbus County women are in jail, facing major drug charges. Penny Booth of Tabor City is charged with possession and trafficking the painkiller Lorcet, an opiate, and maintaining a store for the purpose of distributing the drug. Booth owns and operates a convenience store called 1004 Grocery on Old Stake Road near Tabor City. Booth is being held on $1 million dollars bond. Former pharmacy employee Lisa Thompson is being held on $2 million dollars bond. She’s charged with stealing hundreds of pills from Kerr Drug, and then selling them to a dealer. Thompson is from Tabor City. She faces a number of charges, including trafficking narcotics, obtaining pain medication by forgery, and fraud.

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  • April!

    Sorry Nancy, but it sounds as if there is some financial gain for your post. Perhaps you are a representative for the drug….I am very familiar with the ins and outs of both Suboxone and Methadone and recognize that while it may be a quick fix to an addiction to opiates, the only true sobriety comes from abstinence and 12 step or faith based programs. The cure-all does not come from substituting one drug for another.

  • Guest333555

    methadone may help some heroin addicts, it can also kill and is very commonly abused.


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