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As the New Hanover County School Board prepares to redistrict the county’s middle schools, some parents are very upset with where their kids are tentatively going to attend. Parents from the Echo Farms and River’s Edge communities gathered Tuesday night to learn about middle school redistricting plans for the 2010-2011 school year. Since a new school is being built in the northern part of the county, about 2,400 students will be moved around, and these parents aren’t happy about where their kids might go. "It’s just unfair that they’re asking Echo Farms to do this, cause they are asking no one else, no other neighborhood in the county is being asked to bus their children, to not only the fourth farthest middle school, but the third farthest high school,” said John Hirchak. The two options currently on the table both move the kids from this area from Myrtle Grove Middle to Williston, in the heart of Wilmington. The planning process is still in the early stages and the board has requested to see other maps drawn. Board members say everyone’s voice will be heard. "There are many, many variables that we have to look at but we’re trying to be as fair and consistent as possible,” stated Jeanette Nichols. Still, these parents say they’re concerned about sending their kids to low performing schools that are nowhere near home. “My son went through Williston School and the programs were fine at that point in time, and now everything has gone down hill,” said Kyle Zupan. Parents will have a chance to speak up at the August 4th school board meeting at Codington, as well as other public forums.

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  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Sorry, but someone is going to be unhappy about re-districting no matter what. No way around it.

  • lolatyourselves

    yes you are so right..there’s no pleasing everyone, so sorry members of the Echo Farm area and other areas that you have to redistrict. i’m sure they’ll (the kids) survive through change. sometimes change is good and as usual here people are judging…just give it a chance, homeschool your kid or leave them in the district and transport him/her to school everyday. there are other options if you don’t agree with the redistricting.

  • 2greatkids

    The residents of these communities are already doing their part by attending elementary school and high school at underperforming schools. Should these children have to “suffer” for their entire 13 years of taxpayer funded, public education?

    What happened to the concept of neighborhood schools that was mantra of the Board of Education during the recent elementary school redistricting. Residents of these communities pay the same taxes as every other homeowner, yet their high school district is the third farthest high school from their home. And now they are being considered for a middle school district that is the fourth farthest from their home!

    Yes, you can never please everyone in a redistricting plan, but it’s time for some other neighborhoods to travel farther from home to attend an underperforming school!


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