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From Myspace and Facebook, to e-Harmony and Match.com, internet dating is quickly becoming a widely accepted and popular way to find love.

If you believe some people are just meant to be, here’s your couple.

“I was using Myspace and I was on it just about everyday and I was like, ‘I wonder if there are any other Casey Townsend’s in the world. So I typed my own name into Myspace and there I saw Casey Samuel Townsend, from Bolivia, North Carolina. I was from Dayton, Ohio,” said the female Casey.

After exchanging Myspace messages, these two realized 700 miles was the about the only thing that set them apart.

“I thought it was extremely ironic that there was a Casey Townsend living in North Carolina that was the same age as me, that was also a videographer, and a musician, and a Christian, just like me.”

The male Casey’s cousin even happened to go to the same high school in Dayton as the female Casey. The connection gave them an excuse to meet in person.

It was love at first sight. After four months of dating, they tied the knot.

Having the same name made a lot of things easy. For instance, since their names are spelled the same, no one had to get their name changed.

But sometimes it can get confusing.

“We bought two tickets for Casey Townsend and Casey Townsend but they only gave us one seat, but they only gave us one seat for Casey Townsend, they thought it was a mistake.”

Finding love online doesn’t work for everyone, but it certainly worked for Casey and Casey.

“We were both really funny about online dating, we weren’t into the online dating thing…
I think it seemed too good to be true, that I type my own name into Myspace, and magically I find my husband. I just didn’t believe that it could be that simple.”

The Townsend’s did research to make sure they weren’t related. They said they plan on having children, and they’ve ruled out the name “Casey.”

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  • Great story. Nice to hear good things in the news too. I also found happiness online. July 2008 I became a member of Tagged.com. There for no reason other than an invitation from my niece. So I made a few friends. One of whom convinced me that all men are not the same. He would send me messages and comments several times a day. We finally exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. There was a bond there that couldn’t be explained. We were 150+ miles apart and seemed to always know what the other one was thinking. On October 15, 2008 I made that 150+ mile trip to be with him. October 23, one week later, on my birthday, we were married. Over nine months later I know I am with the one I belong with. We are truly soulmates. Thank you Terry for everything.

  • Casey Townsend

    This is Casey Townsend & Casey Townsend-we’ve been happily married for 2 and a 1/2 years! Thanks Haley for sharing our story!!!!

  • Jenna

    These two were made for each other, they make each other complete! I love you guys and I’m glad the news is finally covering good endings!!


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