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Last week, a Columbus County house burned down in a suspicious fire. Since then, we’ve been looking into the relationship between the boy who lived there, 17-year-old Allen Strickland and the man who Strickland says paid for the house, Senator R.C. Soles. The two have known each other since Strickland was 14. The 74-year-old Senator befriended Strickland, and served as his attorney, but the two have a rocky relationship. In fact, Soles has a rocky relationship with many of his clients, as proven by dozens of police reports, just in the last year. There are about 20 reports, nearly all of them involving altercations between the Senator and his clients. "This has been sort of an ongoing thing with a lot of clients and ex-clients. I’ve been here for five years, and it’s kind of a steady amount of calls of that nature,” said Capt. Dean Foley of the Tabor City Police Department. While a handful of calls involve the Senator calling in complaints about 17-year-old Allen Strickland. Other young, male clients have been involved in the disputes as well. The nature of the complaints range from trespassing at the senator’s law firm and residence, to larceny, harassment, and even extortion. The Senator’s calls for help come in at all hours of the day and night. They take up a lot of time for the police department, but rarely result in prosecution. "He doesn’t want to press charges the majority of the time,” Foley said. R.C. Soles’ clients say they’re frustrated with the mixed messages they’re getting from him. "I really don’t know how to feel about him being my attorney, and calling the cops on me and having me banned from his office,” said Jackie Jordan, one of Soles’ clients. Strickland added, “He said he’s tired of us being at the office, but he’s our lawyer, so that’s what we don’t understand.” Columbus County residents may remember another situation a few years ago with a client of Senator Soles named B.J. Wright. Wright had dozens of charges against him dropped with Senator Soles’ assistance, but the District Attorney ultimately decided to prosecute him anyway, and he was sent to prison. Wright is scheduled to be released next week. We called D.A. Rex Gore to see if he’s considered intervening again because of the volume of called related to Senator Soles and his clients. He says not at this point. While there are a lot of calls to police involving the Senator, R.C. Soles hasn’t been pressing charges, so at this point, the District Attorney for that area says there’s not a lot he can do.

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  • Guestcitizen

    How many 17 year olds need a lawyer? I’m 41 and have never needed one. All these people are shady.

  • watchyoursix

    Is it always young males that he has “encounters” with? Are there ever any young women that follow him? I don’t think these are so called tough guys, I believe they’ve been misled by RC Soles. Its even more odd that he pretended he couldn’t hear the WWAY interviewers on the phone the other day. This may require the SBI.

  • concerned tabor cty citizen

    I want to thank WWAY for airing this story. Everyone in NC needs to know what kind of Senator they have representing them. He does not have any morals and only cares for himself. He has harmed many young men over the years. He thinks that he is too powerful for anybody to question his actions. I have a few questions: Where is Allen Strickland going to school if the deal is for him to finish high school? Or is Senator Soles home schooling him? How is Allen driving all around TC without a valid driver’s license? It is perfectly clear that someone is guarding him and keeping him out of jail. And the only one in NC with that kind of power is Senator Soles. I think it is time for someone to bring all of these issues out in the open. Oh, one more question: How is BJ getting out of prison so quickly? I think there’s been some dirty work going on there too. Once again, thank you so much for airing this story. Keep up the good work………..I can’t wait for 5:00 to watch your station. All of my friends are watching TV3 too. That’s the topic of our daily discussion around the water cooler…….

  • SurfCityTom

    someone should consult the NC Bar. The report notes the excessive use of police resources in filing the paperwork and responding to the calls by Officers. Then the charges are left dangling and not pressed.

    If that is deemed filing of frivilous charges, then perhaps the Bar would look at his standing before the Bar.

    On another note, there are plenty of attorneys in Tabor City, even though it is a small town. Those frustrated clients could always get new attorneys.

  • Guest5

    C’mon now, how many of those other attorneys would buy their frustrated clients a ‘Vette?
    You are quite right about the Bar looking into misconduct. Wouldn’t you say this relationship with a minor is inappropriate regardless of the nature of their “relations.” This young man (or DSS) needs to show us documentation of his guardianship or emancipation asap. A senior lawmaker, of all people, should be concerned that the law be followed to the letter.

  • swartz

    These young Tabor City Toughs are attempting to take advantage of the good-hearted Senator Soles because they know his reputation for offering financial assistance to needy residents.

    Senator Soles and his father are well-known in the area for their charitable contributions to needy families. They are highly respected for the financial support they have given to area residents who find themselves in desperate financial circumstances.

    The proverb “No good deed goes unpunished” is certainly true in Mr. Soles’ case. I just hope that from now on he presses charges against these juvenile hooligans.

  • Guest5

    …then give to the Boys and Girls Home. Don’t build a house for a minor with no guardianship or give him a Corvette!!! (DSS?) Talk about being charitible, think how many others he could have helped by spreading Allen’s tens of thousands of dollars to others. (IRS?) He has done them an injustice. You should encourage some of these “families” he has helped speak up on his behalf? He could really use their support at this time.

  • Witness

    On numerous occassions I have witnessed people approaching Senator Soles and badgering/accosting him. One instance I vividly remember happened last Christmas Eve. His family was gathered at his father’s house for Christmas dinner. Someone named “Stacy” came to the house wanting to see him. He cornered Senator Soles between his car and the door to the house not letting him leave. I had to physically get between them and tell “Stacy” to leave. He was obviously on something (alcohol/drugs) and was demanding money.

    Another time was this past spring. I was at his father’s house and witnessed him being harrassed from inside. He pulled into the driveway and was followed by another car. Two men got out and were yelling at Senator Soles. He had to fend one of them off by kicking at him. Again, I went outside and they left.

    I’ve seen it there, at his office, at the Todd House,….everywhere. Perhaps he started something by giving the first one some money, but it has gotten rediculous. They should just leave him alone.

  • Hope101

    Why is it that Soles is paying out money to all these clients/people??? Is there a hidden agenda? Maybe another trade is taking place than just being an attorney. Mighty funny some incidents take place in ALL of hours of the night. Come on people of Tabor City. Give the truth. If a political figure is so unliked, why is he still in office? Why are charges never pressed? What has Soles got to lose if he does press charges?

  • Guest45667

    I am friends with plenty of attorneys and none of them complain about having to dodge clients at there home and office. It would take a lot to go to someones home and try to physically attack them. I could understand if there was one crazy/angry person doing it, but this seems to be a pettern. If he is that upset and scared of these people than why not prosecute? This leads to me thinking that they may have something on him.

  • Guest406

    It is not unusual for lawyers who represent troubled and incorrigible young men to have altercations with them. The young men naively believe the lawyer can get them out of their legal difficulty, and when the lawyer fails to extricate them from their legal mess, they become angry and claim they “paid the lawyer, and he didn’t do nothing.”

    Unfortunately, their unbridled anger often leads to harrassment and intimidation.

  • Guest461

    Sure, it is not unusual for attorneys to represent troublerd young men and women.

    What IS unusual is for the attorney to buy their represented clients brand new houses, corvettes and a healthy spending account. This isn’t a matter of being jealous, this plain out doesn’t look right, I don’t care who you are!

    I like my attorney a lot, but she charged me 20K for divorce and property settlement. I got not rebate one! No corvette, no house and no bon-bon account. Perhaps I just wasn’t young enough, ya thank?

    There’s a dead fish out there somewhere and it’s about to be uncovered!

  • who is protecting our kids

    I agree it isn’t unusual for clients to be angered when their lawyer is unsuccessful, but this report addresses what is strange– buying your perp a corvette and house. “Keeping” a minor without proper guardianship. One of the first lessons a good guardian teaches a child is “do not take candy from a strange person!”

  • guesty

    It must be very bright in that room since they are wearing sunglasses.

  • HonoredGuest

    Minors? Please! They do not look like minors to me.

    They look far too street-smart, too knowing and calculating.

    And the dark glasses! They’re doing all they can to project a cool image for their fifteen minutes of sleazy tabloid fame.

    Tabloid fodder–that’s what they are, and they are playing it to the hilt.

    Keep it coming, WWAY–we viewers can’t get enough of the Tabor City Jerry Springer Show!

  • Guest135

    Yes, Allen Strickland is a seventeen year old young man. He is wearing no sunglasses. When I look at him, I see a teen with the need for a loving home. Please look at him again. I’m sure Jerry would be interested in the fact that this young person, without a guardian, has an elected official lavishing him with tens of thousands of dollars, but so are the voters!
    Allen is the only individual in this picture who was said to be a minor.

  • stratcatz

    I am so glad that WWAY is staying on this story. Please follow up on the Social Services aspect of Allen Strickland, and the IRS should be looking into cash gifts to a minor.

  • Southport voter

    People in his district please call his offices in Tabor City and Raleigh. Ask him why he won’t speak to the press about his relationship with this 17, I repeat 17 year old MINOR! If appearances are correct he is putting the boy up in a house and car–corvette nonetheless–like this is a kept woman. But it’s not a woman–it’s a 17 year old MINOR! This is even more sickening than R.C.’s tax and spend, spend, spend voting record. He needs to GO!


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