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Many people in the community have been telling us for months that the behavior with Sen. R.C. Soles and various young men in Columbus County has been happening for a long time. Today, we are taking a look at why there is no official action has been taken to date. "He did try to molest me when I was 15 years old,” said Soles’s client, Stacey Scott in August 2008. Stacey Scott tells NewsChannel 3 there are a lot of reasons he has not come forward before now to talk to authorities about Soles. One of them is money. “Would you refuse $3-4,000? He just hands it to me, hands it to me, and says, ‘Don’t tell nobody where you got this. You can get in a lot of trouble,’" Scott said. Scott also said Soles wields a lot of power in Columbus County. He said he did not know if anybody would do anything about it if he did come forward. “He said, ‘I’ll have you done away with and nobody will ever ask questions. Don’t you know who I am? I’m a senator. I’ve been a senator for 40 years,’" Scott said. What’s more, Scott did not think anyone would listen to him. He has a criminal record, which is why he was a legal client of Sen. Soles. "Nobody is ever going to believe anybody like me with my criminal record. Nobody is going to believe me,” he said. “But R.C. Soles is not the man he paints the picture to be." There is no way for us to know if Scott is telling the truth. Sen. Soles has consistently refused to speak with us about these serious allegations. But Scott’s story meshes with speculation that has gone on in Tabor City for years. We asked the district attorney for Columbus County if his office has ever acted on these accusations. "We can’t prosecute people because of things we hear out in the community, or things we know are being said, it takes evidence,” said Columbus County DA Rex Gore. Scott’s interview with us may have changed the playing field. The State Bureau of Investigation is now looking into these charges of molestation, but Gore said it will be an uphill battle. "Sex crimes are difficult to prosecute," Gore said. "It is very seldom that you’ll see cases go to the point where arrests are made and people’s lives are altered, based on one person’s uncorroborated statement.” Difficult to prove or not, Gore said Sen. Soles close ties to many of those in law enforcement will not hinder this investigation. “I would hope that the public would start with the proposition that the elected district attorneys in this state are committed to doing our job, and our job is to prosecute crime," Gore said. We want to repeat that we have been trying to talk with the senator about not only these charges, but also about reports we have done on 17-year-old Allen Strickland. Sen. Soles bought the Tabor City teen a house, and gives him a generous allowance. The senator told another news organization it was simply a kind gesture for a good friend, and Allen Strickland tells us there is nothing sexual going on between the two of them. However, there are still dozens of unanswered questions. And we continue, as recently as this afternoon, with our attempts to talk to Sen. Soles.

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3 Comments on "Alleged Soles victim explains why he didn’t come forward sooner"

2015 years 8 months ago

hit the nail on the head. It takes evidence to prosecute with any chance of gaining a conviction.

It takes corroborating evidence.

Let the charges begin. From the appearnaces of those young men on the interviews, they would be very easy to trip up; to cause them to possibly make conflicting statements. To cause them not to look straight at the jury or Senator Soles but rather to cast their eyes downward as thought they may not be telling the whole truth. In other words to create enough doubt about their integrity to cause the jury to not have reasonable doubt as to the Senator’s guilt.

You want to hit Senator Soles where it will hurt? Get a credible candidate. Put him or her forth early in the process. Let them focus on how they can better serve the community and the District with concrete legislative ideas.

Defeat him and you take away his power.

On the other hand, let all of these locals who keep posting “all of their first hand knowledge” go see the DA; and volunteer to testify. Do the right thing.

For those young men, go back to school; get jobs for in all liklihood the gravy train is over. Mr. Strickland may want to sell the toys and Corvette now so he will have some liquid assets to pay his future bills with.

2015 years 8 months ago

I got my Masters at State.

What do term limits have to do with the alleged crimminal charges?

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

There was a time when the NC Governor was limited to a single term.

George Wallace worked around term limits in Alabama by having his wife elected Governor.

Landslide Lyndon Johnson was able to draw his Congressional salary while serving in the Navy for a brief time during WWII by having his wife appointed to his seat.

What would term limits accomplish here?

Go Wolfpack!
2015 years 8 months ago

Term Limits. We need term limits.


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