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More information in the shooting at Senator RC Soles home


A lone Columbus County Sheriff's deputy blocked the private road leading to RC Soles's home outside Tabor City Sunday night. A quarter-mile or so up the private road other deputies and SBI agents looked into a shooting at the senator's home. Sources tell WWAY Soles shot 22-year-old Thomas Kyle Blackburn in the leg when Blackburn and BJ Wright allegedly tried to break down the senator's door around 5:20 Sunday afternoon. Both Blackburn and Wright, we are told, are legal clients of the senator. Investigators finally left the scene around 10:30 Sunday night without saying anything to the media except to tell us that if we tried to go up this private drive that leads to the senator's house, we could face trespassing charges. Blackburn was taken to Loris Hospital in South Carolina for treatment. Law enforcement sources tell WWAY, the decision on whether to charge Soles with a crime will be left up to district attorney Rex Gore. As of Sunday night, Blackburn was listed in fair condition, but the hospital would not release any information on him as of Monday morning. He got out of jail in June after serving a year and seven months for felony breaking and entering. BJ Wright, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, received $8,000 from Senator Soles while serving time in prison, according to prison documents we obtained. We will continue to follow this story Monday and bring you any new developments.

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Shot while OUTSIDE of the house????

"Sources tell WWAY Soles shot 22-year-old Thomas Kyle Blackburn in the leg when Blackburn and BJ Wright allegedly tried to break down the senator's door around 5:20 Sunday afternoon." From the report in this article the suspects were *OUTSIDE* of the house trying to break down the door when Senator Soles shot them. Doesn't that constitute criminal behavior on the part of Senator Soles? I thought that the only time you can LEGALLY use deadly force against someone was if they had broken into your home and were *IN* your home. THEN you can shoot them if you are in fear for your life. Comments??

I hardly think that shooting

I hardly think that shooting someone in the leg is deadly force. It is very unlikely that a person will die from such an injury. However, I am appalled that this two faced politician would be anti gun yet use one himself. Typical hypocrite.


I am so ashamed of the SolesWrightBlackburnAndtheRest situation involving the Tabor City Community. It is no secret to the lifelong residents that Senator Soles' questionable behavior has gone on for years. Only until now has it been this publicized. People such as Mayor Royce Harper will defend Senator Soles to the dying end because they see him as these criminals do...a gravy train ticket for money. In a way I feel a bit sorry for Mr. Soles because I wonder if he thinks he has a true friend at all. It appears that he is used and he is using people for his re-election. This is a sad situation but has been going on for years. Power and money can make people do strange things. Lives have been damaged by supplying a easy hand out whenever learning to make a living is so much more important. None of these young men invovled with Senator Soles has an education. That speaks volumes in itself. Sen. Soles seems to harp on them getting an education but none have and none will as long as he keeps handing out money by the fist fulls. Rezell Jordan, Allen Strickland Daniel Floyd, Shane Coleman, BJ Wright, Kyle Blackburn, Stacy Scott, Michael Scott, the late Chad Buffkin and Shaun Stanley are individuals closely connected to Senator Soles who are all ex cons with the exception of Strickland. The investigation concerning Sen. Soles should have been done years ago. Sen. Soles is not innocent and all these people totally at fault. Soles Supporters need to get their heads out of the sand and start asking him questions. Sen. Soles knows what he's done and he knows he's in big time trouble or he would not have hired this high profile lawyer who isn't working for nothing I would think. Speculation after speculation can be made by the general public, but a normal and prudent person knows that something is very wrong concerning Senator RC Soles, Jr and these young men. It's time for everything to be laid on the table.

You forgot one christopher

You forgot one christopher byrd!


Are you people defending Senator Soles truly that naive? Open your eyes.


The ignorant locals around here have settled for corrupt government for 110 reason to think that will change any time soon.

Senator Sleaze

Please, SBI, DA Rex Gore, Sheriff Chris Batten, Tabor City Police (even tho Soles does not live in city limits) don't let Soles' influence and money buy a pass for him this time as it has done in other investigations into his wrongdoings. I hope there has been enough publicity and outrage over this latest incident that the "good old boy" system of justice will not prevail this time. DO THE RIGHT THING

R. C. Soles Coverage

Way to go WWAY and Ann McAdams! It's about time someone in the media has the courage to follow this story. You have gained a lot of respect over your competition.


This story keeps getting more and more entertaining every day. I wonder how things will all pan out at the end.

I'm not that familiar with

I'm not that familiar with RC Soles but I watched his latest interview and it just seemed like a feeble attempt at damage control. His reasons do not ring true as to why he is involved with these young men. There are public defenders available to the indigent in every county in this state if they need defended in court. As far as the 17 year old, Mr. Soles should have put him in touch with the proper social programs to assist him with living arrangements. If he sincerely thought he was not getting the necessary assistance, perhaps finding a private foster family for the young man and supplementing his support would have been the prudent course of action. Thus far in my life, I have had occasion to hire a few attorneys, one for a child custody case and a couple for representation against insurance companies after automobile accidents. I associated with none of them outside the legal environment and it was certainly me paying them and not the other way around. I had no idea there were attorneys who would actually pay the clients. Guess I should have shopped around a bit more.


Now why in the world would Mr. R.C. Soles, who is such an upstanding Senator/Attorney, give B.J. Wright $8,000? Not only giving him $8,000, but giving it to him while he is prison. What could you do with $8,000 in prison? I work for a living and I barely bring home $1,500 in one month. Boy, I wish I was a young male criminal, then maybe a nice Senator/Attorney might buy me a house, car, four wheelers, and give me money whenever I get in trouble. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! DOES IT HAVE TO BE ANYMORE CLEAR???


did RC compensate the victims of his clients' crimes?...seems he is showing these young men that crime does pay...their time in prison shouldn't have been subsidized by Soles...if their prison time would have been a bit tougher, maybe they would have been rehabilitated...crime shouldn't pay...unless you are RC's clients...


That is nothing compared to the guy (the one that said he was groped then recanted), he said Soles has given him over $200,000.00. He said he used it to pay rent, buy cars and drugs etc. Two HUNDRED THOUSAND to a loser criminal that is NO relation to you???? Soles has a screw loose.

R.C. Soles' Character

By reading the comments on the Soles' incident, you can readily see that the redneck commentators really have it in for Senator Soles. Their comments are hateful and crude, to say the least. Could it be that the right-wing rednecks (losers--all of them) hate Mr. Soles because he is a highly respected, rich, successful, porwerful man? Is that it? Having known Mr. Soles and his family all my life, I do not hesitate to say that he is a man of fine character and integrity. As a criminal lawyer, he has represented lowlifes, and they have repaid his hard work on their behalf by harrasing him for more handouts. Soles did the right thing when he shot the man who was breaking down his door to do God-knows-what to him. I (and you) would have done the same.


Bring this state into the 21 st century. Enough is enough he shot this boy because he is afraid of the retribution these "Rednecks" would have inflicted for what he has done to them. No upright citizen would have had these young men at his door if he were legit. I hope the DA puts this man away for a long long time.

If RC Soles was anything but

If RC Soles was anything but a hypocrite people would have less negative to say. Mr. Soles has voted for every anti-gun legislation to come his way yet carries and uses a gun to protect himself, his family and his property. Typical liberal, he doesn't want the populace to have the same rights he has.

Reply to disgusted

I wonder why it is that you do not state your name if you have so much good to say about the Sin-A-Ster? If you believe in what you say, you should stand up and be accountable for such.

Disgusted's Comments

You should be disgusted with yourself, Disgusted. You said..."Their comments are hateful and crude, to say the least."...and that was after you said..."the redneck commentators". Then you make another statement,..."Could it be that the right-wing rednecks (losers--all of them)". When you accuse people of saying "hateful" things while you're doing the same thing, You, just like R.C. Soles, have 'NO CREDIBILITY'. I wonder 'How Much He's Paying You'? because I can't imagine anyone defending him for free. HMMM!!!

Character reference by "Disgusted"

Hey Mr. "Disgusted", since you know him to be such a highly principled, purer than the driven snow politician why not explain the $8,000. so we don't have to think that criminal cretin was blackmailing Solis? An $8,000. "handout" as you've suggested it was is beyond credulity. You decision to throw in an arbitrary charge of "right-wing rednecks" as dismissive of anybody who is interested in "the truth" of what was really going on here reveals more about you than is does about "us".

So, using your theory

So, using your theory someone has to be a redneck to have an opinion. You are commenting!! Are you a redneck?? The fact to the matter is, it is very strange that all of these incidents involve young men. What, did he never represent a female as an attorney?? Wherever there is smoke there is a fire!! The blaze will be coming soon. I am prior law enforcement and my neck may be tanned, but not red!! You are sticking up for someone you know. I admire that, but don't be blind or insult others who have the right to voice their opinions.

Represented lowlifes????

You are obviously very, VERY confused if you believe that giving young men thousands of dollars, buying them houses, and buying them Corvettes is "representing them." Do you truly believe that a right wing conspiracy has caused the Tabor City police to be called to Senator Soles office as often as they have been called? Do you think that could explain the innumerable calls to his residence? I fully agree that if someone was kicking in my front door, I would have taken similar (but more lethal) actions. Here's the big difference, however: I wouldn't have had these "lowlifes" as you describe them, as my friends. I'm particular about who I associate with. Keep fooling yourself into believing that all this smoke means no fire....just stop trying to fool us.


Seems you have "known" him so long why don't you tell us why he is the ONLY attorney on the planet earth that PAYS his young male clients instead of the other way around? YOU may have known him a long time but you do not know what goes on behind closed doors. At the moment none of us do but the scale is certainly leaning towards creepy and fishy. Right wing Rednecks? I do not fall in that category, sorry.


Fox News had a brief story on the shooting this morning - sounded like Soles was the victim of a home invasion by strangers. I've sent their newsroom more info - hopefully they will do a clarification. The news media, with the exception of WWAY TV, has sat on these scandals for years. And of course Soles' buddies at the General Assembly have looked the other way, because they wanted his vote. If he'd been a Republcan, like Rep. Cary Allred (he was seen hugging a 17-yr old female page too closely, suspected of drinking at the GA, and had speeding tickets), he'd have been outed & forced to resign years ago. What if he'd killed one of those young men? And it's only his word that they were actually trying to break in - what if they weren't? This is why we need objective & fair news reporting, and ethical legislators - NO MATTER THE POLITICAL PARTY, and no matter how much bacon they bring home to their constitutents.


This makes me a little embarassed to call Tabor City home. I've always been so proud of the town I've grown up in, but things are changing. The News Media has swarmed here all day, in and out of local businesses just trying to get negative info. Please just lock him up and leave us alone. We'd all be better off. Poor Mr. Rob, will die of a heart attack before this is all over.

R.C. Soles

My parents grew up with R.C. Soles and I have known of this man for 40+ years. I believe him to be a fine citizen. I don't believe this to be true of very many politicians. I would like to say that even if he had done anything wrong in the past, which I don't believe he did, it doesn't give anyone the right to kick down his door. If someone were kicking in my door, I'd shoot them too, but I would hope I'd have better aim. Mr. Soles, I commend you for protecting yourself and defending your home!!!

R.C. Soles

These young men are hooligans, that's for sure. The mystery is why Soles would entangle himself with such lowlifes. I do not believe the relationships were sexual--I think it's far more complicated than that . . . but what I would like to know is this: what on earth could have been the basis of their "friendships"? What do the young men have on Soles? What exactly do they know about him? This is the mystery

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that Sen. Soles feels the need to help only indigent young men. Are there no needy women in Columbus County? It also is so very rare to hear of an attorney giving the client money, as opposed to the attorney being paid for services. Do we not have public defenders here in Columbus County?I had heard the story the Scott young man had reported 2 years ago from members of his distant family. If he is lying, he is at least consistent in his story telling. I also find it interesting that Sen. Soles meets behind closed doors with the very same men that he has placed restraining orders on. So much for fear for his person...

Chamber of commerce

I had no idea where Tabor City was until I started following this story. The chamber of Commerce must be happy with all the media attention. We southerners love a good scandal. Maybe we will have one out of Tabor City soon.

Too much going on with RC..

Too much going on with RC.. Remember, where there is smoke there is a fire !!!!


OH can't wait for the TRUTH to come out in this "poor" county!!!!