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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Information in Sunday’s shooting at the home of State Sen. R.C. Soles is hard to come by.

Twenty-two-year-old Kyle Blackburn was shot in the leg by Soles. The incident is still under investigation by the SBI.

Repeated calls to the Attorney General’s office were not returned. Columbus County District Attorney Rex Gore’s secretary told us Gore does not expect to file any charges this week.

Both parties involved in the incident have retained lawyers, who are following law enforcement’s lead and staying tight-lipped. Our calls to Sen. Soles’ office for comment were referred to his attorney Joe Cheshire. Cheshire is a high-profile lawyer based in Raleigh. He’s dealt with cases like the Duke Lacrosse rape charges a few years ago. He represented Soles in the ColCor vote-buying investigation in the 1980s.

Cheshire was quoted by at least one other media outlet Monday, but after repeated calls, his secretary told WWAY he would not be commenting on the incident. Cheshire told the Wilmington StarNews the Senator fired two shots – one warning shot, and a second that hit Kyle Blackburn.

Cheshire described Soles as "enormously frightened" during the ordeal. Despite an extensive surveillance system, Cheshire said Blackburn was not in view of cameras.

Blackburn is a legal client of the Senator. He was released from Loris Community Hospital in South Carolina Monday afternoon. He is now represented by Whiteville attorney Scott Dorman. After repeated calls and a visit to his office, Dorman told WWAY he had "no comment."

Despite the shooting, court documents show Sen. Soles is still scheduled to represented Blackburn in several court appearances late next month.

Monday Kyle Blackburn told WWAY’s Joe Mauceri Soles opened the door holding a shotgun and shot him as he was walking away. Soles’s attorney referred to the weapon as a pistol. Law enforcement would not confirm either account.

Despite other trespassing complaints against his clients, this is the first time Sen. Soles has fired a gun.

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  • Guestbigboy

    anyone remember soles stabbing jim burns ?

  • Concerned_Citizen

    Well I just got the issue of the free weekly newspaper hear in Columbus County (The News Times). I figured the Soles shooting story would be front page news, but there was not even an article in the entire paper. The biggest story in Columbus County in a while, and they decide not to cover it. Probably because of their political bias.

  • Truth Hurtz

    The following is from Soles’ lawyer.

    “He was enormously frightened and HE WENT OUTSIDE TO SCARE THEM AWAY WITH A PISTOL,” Cheshire said. “He shot once in the air. They confronted him and he shot, and whether the young man was shot directly or whether it ricocheted I don’t know. … He was trying to run them off his property.”

    While North carolina does not require you to wait until an intruder is inside your home, there is NO provision in law that allows you to go outside, confront them, and use deadly force in the absence of an assault. There is certainly no provision that allows you to use deadly force to “run them off (your) property.”

    If he was so SCARED, why didn’t he remain inside the locked house (far safer), keep the firearm ready, and call 911?

  • Guest757

    If Soles was ” SO ” frightened why didn’t he call 911 ? Why did he go outside of his locked house? The surveillance tapes didn’t show the shooting, but they should show “IF” someone is kicking down the door.

    Soles is going down on this one.
    Wait until the national media gets this if nothing happens to Soles.

    I can see it now

    State Senator, local DA, and police..

  • POLIGuest

    Great reporting. You are the only local TV station covering the real story.

  • On the shooting with Kyle Blackburn I feel like RC is not in the wrong for what he done..With BJ Wright just getting out of jail why in gods name would he want to get in trouble for trespassing?

  • SurfCityTom

    No one is speaking. That might end the entertainment factor.

    BUT, B J Wright spoke. He was the other fellow who was at the Senator’s door. He stated the Senator was protecting his life and property. He stated Blackburn was somewhat drunk; waving his arms around in a threatening manner; and shouting. Blackburn’s in his 20s.

    On the other side, you have a 70 something Senator who may have a hearing impairment who has a high profile attorney who sucesfully defended him against much more serious charges.

    Given B J Wright’s statements, and budget shortfalls within every government agency, does anyone truly expect any DA, even if Mr. Gore removes himself from the case, to bring charges which any jury would likely throw out?

    Think without emotions about this. There is no way Mr. Cheshire will allow this to go to trial anywhere in the Senator’s district or anywhere in the Wilmington media area. If a trial were to be held, look for it to be in Charlotte or the Triad.

    But, it is beyond reasonable belief this will ever come to trial or even have charges filed.

    The man was defending his property. One of the 2 trespassers stated so.

  • Guest 757

    I have heard the statements that Wright has made,
    but come on people, Wright will do anything to cover for his “SUGAR DADDY”. In jail he received more than 8000.00 and when he got out a few weeks back there was a SUV waiting for him at his mothers house. (a gift from Soles)

    RC Soles can’t keep buying their silence for ever..
    It’s time for the people of that county to get there heads out of the sand. If the DA won’t do anything. VOTE HIM OUT !!!!

  • SurfCityTom

    wake up and set your emotions aside. With no credible witneses, and in fact one of them stated Senator Soles was protecting himself, there is no way a DA, whether it be the sitting DA or a replacement, is going to waste resources on a case which has no hope for a conviction.

    Say what you want about B J Wright. The fact remains he was on the premises and supports R C Soles. You can bet Soles’ attorney will make him one of the most credible witnesses in support of Senator Soles the world has ever seen were it to go to trial.

    That’s not going to happen.

    So take you head out of the sand and work to defeat him at the poles next year. That will hurt him much more than this public embarrasment.

  • peanut stevens

    Rex Gore needs to step away from the Soles
    case. Too much conflict of interest. Remember

  • radar

    Mr. R.C Soles stated that he fired his first shot into the air when confronted by these two men. That would suggest to me that Mr. Soles was outside his property when the two shots were fired. Given that these two young men do not have alot of credibility, the evidence appears that they were possibly fleeing the property as they stated.

    As for Mr. Rex Gore, a crime was committed by one of the parties, therefore should be prosecuted. Mr. Gore is not very motivated to pursue this case because it may shed light on what is really going on. He will provide cover for Mr. Soles til the very end. He did so for Mr. Ron Hewett, former Sheriff of Brunswick County, until pressured by the state authorities to indict him. We may also need to seriously review Mr. Gore’s ability to serve as the District Attorney. I personally think he lacks the integrity and has no moral compass to make a fair decision.


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