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Last night, if you look close enough, you would have seen a slew of cuts on the members of the North Carolina Association of Educators. They were not hurt physically, but they are tired of the budget slashing by the Brunswick County School Board. "Our Band-aids are signifying no more cuts, and the cuts that have been made we would like those cuts restored,” said Brunswick County NC Association of Educators member Robin Randolph. “We hear that there is stimulus money and ID money – money that is out there that’s coming back into the schools." Bernest Hewett scolded the school board. He said in the last 2 years the board has gone twenty years backwards. "The school board is supposed to be the governing body. The school board now is taking a back seat to everything and everything that is supposed to be done by rules and regulations is not," he said. A recent grievance filed by employee Sherry Dove has sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice into the Brunswick County School Board’s hiring practices and race relations. Chair Shirley Babson listened. "My reaction is we need to look at those concerns, have them written down and then respond to the people, as far as our grievance policies," she said. Dove, who was Superintendent Katie McGee’s executive assistant, has filed a lawsuit against the board.

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