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Last night, if you look close enough, you would have seen a slew of cuts on the members of the North Carolina Association of Educators. They were not hurt physically, but they are tired of the budget slashing by the Brunswick County School Board. "Our Band-aids are signifying no more cuts, and the cuts that have been made we would like those cuts restored,” said Brunswick County NC Association of Educators member Robin Randolph. “We hear that there is stimulus money and ID money – money that is out there that’s coming back into the schools." Bernest Hewett scolded the school board. He said in the last 2 years the board has gone twenty years backwards. "The school board is supposed to be the governing body. The school board now is taking a back seat to everything and everything that is supposed to be done by rules and regulations is not," he said. A recent grievance filed by employee Sherry Dove has sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice into the Brunswick County School Board’s hiring practices and race relations. Chair Shirley Babson listened. "My reaction is we need to look at those concerns, have them written down and then respond to the people, as far as our grievance policies," she said. Dove, who was Superintendent Katie McGee’s executive assistant, has filed a lawsuit against the board.

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  • Zorro

    I can tell you what is going on between these two ladies in a few words: business as usual.
    This just has gone public. Intimidation, threats, towing the line, doing without, doing more with less – that’s how it is as a lowly employee of Brunswick County Schools. It also includes doing what you’re told even when you know it is wrong or won’t work or there are ways to do it better because you just might be more qualified than the person telling you what to do.

    You can’t tell me that Sherry Dove, who has worked for many years for the system, who has worked for many different superintendents, suddenly has become so incompetent, she has to be demoted to being a school secretary. That position is a tough one. The idea is to embarrass Dove and to serve as a message to others.

    You also can’t tell me that the McGee doesn’t do the kind of things that Dove has stipulated. I know she was doing that when she was the assistant supt. And so does everybody else who works in the system. Even those big shot personnel people who said she doesn’t. They should be ashamed in church next Sunday.

    There have been others transferred, dismissed, etc. by the same methods while the board and the principals all looked the other way. The employees of the system either had no way of changing it, or if they did, were afraid of retaliation themselves. The board did what they usually do – keep their mouths shut and look the other way.

    Parents don’t understand that superintendent’s positions are NOT long-term. They are, by their nature, political and based on a lot of demographic, political, and economic interventions. It is one of the first things you learn in the fundamental introductory class to become a superintendent in graduate school. The ‘turn-over’ in BC is not an issue, actually, it has been not bad, regardless of what some may say. Look that data up before complaining – I don’t want to argue off-track about the real problems here. There are 2.

    First, McGee HAS done what Dove accuses, I’d bet anything. Second, that board is sending a message to every employee that no matter what, you keep your mouth shut.

    They ALL need to go. You know what matters more to a teacher than a higher salary, more supplies, fewer students? Professional RESPECT. It’s nice if you get it from the public, which you seldom do, but it MUST come from the people you work FOR! Talk about a bad work environment!

    How do I know all of this? I worked in the system under McGee. I was one of a unit of others who got treated the same way. We were trained at great expense, worked many years feverishly, then terminated by getting the notice in the STAR NEWS – the great Board or Central Office NEVER NOTIFIED any of us. But I’ll never forget one particular day Ms. McGee blessed us all out, yet again, when she made us STAND UP while she yelled and dressed us down. I have NO doubt what she is and how she works.

    You go, Sherry Dove!!!!!!!

  • Scared To Speak Up

    You are 100% correct! Those who stood up for what was right were let go and those who set by and waited to come forward were scared to in the end for fear of losing our jobs.

  • Guest5000000

    It’s time to get rid of McGee!


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