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We’re learning more Tuesday about the finances of 17-year-old Allen Strickland, a Tabor City teenager with ties to State Senator RC Soles. Strickland has been in the news a lot lately, ever since the house that the Senator bought for him caught fire. Allen Strickland is now facing criminal charges, accused of burning his own house. He posted bond on 100 thousand dollars to get out of jail on those charges. "I posted my bond with my own debit card, no one was there to give it to me, you were outside, it’s on record that I paid for it with my debit card, and R.C. had nothing to do with getting me out. I’m innocent, and it’s not worrying me one bit, cause I’ve got proof that it wasn’t me,” Strickland said back on August 30. A few days later, Strickland was arrested again, accused of leading police on a high-speed chase in the corvette he says he bought with money given to him by Senator Soles. In that case, the unemployed teen managed to post bond, a half million dollars, to get out of jail again. Many have asked how Strickland keeps coming up with all this money. He declined to answer that question on the advice of his lawyer. NewsChannel 3 has obtained an affidavit of indigency Allen Strickland filled out just last year, while he was applying for a court appointed attorney. In that case, he had been charged with burning the house of JC Phipps, the father of RC Soles’ law partner at the time. Under the penalty of perjury, Strickland signed his name saying that he was indigent, and had less than 500 dollars in assets. Since that time, he’s acquired a furnished house, a Corvette, several ATV’s and a generous allowance, saying he paid for all of it with cash the Senator gave him While Senator Soles has admitted to paying for the house, he’s publicly denied giving Strickland enough money to meet the $13,000 reporting threshold for the IRS. The Senator then refused a request from the Wilmington Star News to see his financial records pertaining to the extravagant gifts. Allen Strickland has numerous pending court dates on the two arsons, and the high-speed chase. We will continue to follow the story as it develops.

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5 Comments on "Questions surround Allen Strickland’s money trail"

2015 years 8 months ago

WWAY, thanks for keeping on top of this situation.

This 17 year old sure got rich quickly. But, he and Senator Soles admitted that since he was 15 years old, the senator has been providing him a place to stay. Sounds like the truth is not being told. Why? Senator Soles has an obligation to his constitutents to come forward and tell the truth.

As for Allen Strickland, his day will come once he goes to court.

2015 years 8 months ago

when was he convicted? The trial has not taken place yet, has it?

Have you just predjudiced the local community so he can get a change of venue or an appeal after his trial?

Why do so many people want to post supposition or local street gossip rather than let justice take its course?

Are Blondies really that smart?

2015 years 8 months ago

Am I the only one that noticed in the story above that it wasn’t until after Allen burned down of JC Phipps, THE FATHER of RC Soles’ law partner that he received all of the “gifts”? Why has no one commented on this? Seems to me like RC Soles wanted this dirty deed done, found someone to do it (Allen) and then paid him.

2015 years 8 months ago

Good reporting WWAY! You are providing a tremendous public service by covering this story.

Keep it up.

2015 years 8 months ago

do not add up.

Playing the Devil’s Advocate, take a look at the numbers:

House: $70,000 as reported by WWAY
Vette: 40,000 Probably a conservative guess
ATVs: 10,000 Another Guess

$120,000 Total

Unless these “gifts” were financed, it’s hard to believe the IRS gift trigger has not been pulled. If financed, that should be an easy item to confirm just be going to the Columbus County Register of Deeds and looking at the filed documents which would include a copy of any mortgage which some “benefactor” might have co-signed.


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