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Wrightsville Beach is getting $3 million for beach renourishment. The New Hanover County commissioners voted Tuesday night to allocate one and half million dollars of the county’s room occupancy tax to renourishment. The state contributed another $1.5 million, which will go toward dredging the channel and putting sand on Wrightsville Beach and Masonboro Island. "I think it’s a great idea,” said Brad Pryor of Wrightsville Beach. “I think anything you can do to keep the beach renourished and healthy is excellent and you need to dredge the channels anyways so it’s not a big deal." The work is expected to start around November.

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  • hello???

    No beach, no room occupancy tax income. Do you not see a connection???

  • Diane Coxe

    This is ridiculous! If the State of NC has 1.5 million laying around, how about putting it into other areas where it is needed. Eastern NC has the highest rate of unemployment, businesses are closing right and left, and the number of uninsured people is constantly rising with job lay-offs and the ever increasing cost of healthcare.

  • Guestwho3

    Generally these funds received from the ROT can only be used for things such as beach renourishment. It’s not like there is just one big tub of cash lying around & it can just be spent for anything. It normally has to be spent where it was made.


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