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There are numerous 911 call records involving the home and office of Senator RC Soles. Many of the stories we saw and heard on these reports and tapes are similar to ones we’ve heard before. An assault accusation sticks out among two dozen 911 calls involving Senator Soles. The date and story correspond to a police report involving Stacey Scott and his mother Peggy. A year ago, Stacey told us he had been sexually assaulted by the Senator, then later recanted those statements to another news organization. According to the police report, Stacey Scott says the Senator pushed him to the ground, kicked him, and took a cell phone from his pocket. The 911 call tells a similar story. Caller: When he drove through the gate, I ran up through there and he went in his door and he came out mace-ing me and knocked me down his stairs…and I’ve got blood marks, my neck is bleeding where he assaulted me. 911 Operator: Who assaulted you? Caller: Senator Soles, I’ve got blood marks where he done it, and he took my mother’s phone out of my pocket because it was ringing and he wanted to know who it was calling. He is at his house at 118 Canal Street in Tabor City. Police urged Stacey and Peggy Scott to request a warrant after the event, but Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless says the Scotts didn’t do it, and as a result, the Senator wasn’t questioned. The curious behavior and events extend to the Senator’s law office. Some of the Senator’s young male clients have told us they often met Soles, or one of his employees, at the law firm to receive money. 911 calls and eyewitness accounts confirm those stories. 911 operator: Columbus County 911, what is your emergency? Caller: um, yeah, I just wanted to report that over, I’m in tabor city, and over at R.C. Soles’ law firm, there’s some guys messing with him and screaming and cussing at him. I didn’t know if maybe somebody could go and check it out. A witness described what they have viewed. “I’ve seen R.C. start to pull out and him just be so mad at some of them, but then he’d hand them money… I have seen him outside with sticks, and him telling them that he was going to work on them if he ever got a hold of them.” Despite the often tumultuous relationships and dozens of calls to police, the Senator declined to press charges for trespassing time and time again. Soles also continues to represent many of the young men involved. Two of the most outstanding examples of those who have received money from the Senator that we’ve documented include $8,000 given to client BJ Wright while he was in jail, and an estimated $100,000 given to Allen Strickland for a new house and car. Senator Soles has told us he would rather give his money to those he considers deserving while he is alive, than leave it in a will.

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  • workingmybunsoffinwhitevilletown

    Come on Guest45 if Soles is so respectible when (according to his video interview with another reporter) Allen came to him wanting to move out (wherever he was living at the time). Why didn’t RC do the right thing and contact Social Services being Allen was a minor instead of sitting him up in an apartment at the age of 15. Then he finances a house at the age of 17 (still a minor). I’m sorry there is no way that I can possible think that anyone would consider this being “respectible”. RC is a lawmaker, he is even more aware of the programs that are available to help a child in this position than you or I. I’m sure RC knows of Child Protection Services. I for one still ask the question Where oh Where is the Dept. of Social Services? There have been many forks in the road (in this saga) where RC could have chosen the respectible path. Maybe I am missing something but I haven’t seen where he did that.

  • Guest1948

    Oh come on Guest 45!
    Now I wonder what you’d say if the tables were turned, and your good buddy Soles were a Republican, and instead of 20 or 30 or more teenaged boys, it was girls he was “helping” over the course of decades, spending tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    BTW, it’s not up to you to decide guilt and illegality – it’s up to the Special Prosecutor, the SBI, and the FBI.

  • Guest45

    Senator Soles’ mistake was offering financial support to these young men who have now turned on him because he declined to offer any more support.

    As for charges of sexual misconduct, Allen Strickland stated that there was “nothing improper in their relationship.” The young man who once claimed that Soles sexually abused him when he was 15 later recanted his story, claiming he was high on a cocktail of assorted drugs.

    Simply put, Soles has done nothing illegal; instead, he has, through his kindheartedness, made errors of judgment.

    The numerous commentators on this site are discrediting Soles because of political reasons or because of just plain jealousy, envy, and spite.

    I know and respect Mr. Soles, and he has my unwavering support through this sordid, frenzied media exposure. He is a good man, and he will survive this hateful media circus.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …and you’re comfortable having a man who commits error after error after error of judgment represent you in the State Senate?

    My criticism has nothing to do with politics, envy, or spite. It has to do with a supposed leader who has placed himself in a bizarre situation wherein he is giving large sums of money to young men (some minors) for reasons that he doesn’t care to share with his constituents. Typical long-term politician arrogance: “How dare you peasants question what I’m doing.”

    Don’t blame WWAY if this has turned into a “sordid” event. Blame Senator Soles and his secret life. This situation stinks to high heaven, and I, for one, am glad that WWAY is trying to force the light of day into what’s going on.

  • to dull

    I agree 100% with you.

  • Guest757

    Does the Senator think that everyone lives in OZ ? he would rather give his money to those he considers deserving while he is alive, than leave it in a will.

    Everyone now knows it’s money to keep all his
    young male clients happy.. it’s been going on for many, many years and now it’s all coming to a head..

    I just would like to hear from the NC Democratic Party on this matter.. He is making a laughing stock out of them. It’s time for him to leave office ?

  • SurfCityTom

    The Legal Beagles — SBI & FBI will determine, to the best of their ability — the true facts.

    The Special Prosecutor will then weight those facts and determine if sufficient evidence exists to merit a trial.

    Then, after a prolonged discovery period and change in venue, assuming charges are brought, will a trial be held.

    It is at the trial, which will feature the best legal defense money can buy, that the guilt or innocence of the charged party will be determined.

    At this point, who knows, perhaps the charged parties will be those youthful miscreants who harrass Senator Soles.

  • Wade Griffis

    Horace Carter was one of my heroes when I was growing up in a conservative southern town and wondering what was the right thing to do and think about racial issues.

    He stepped up and did the right thing when many of us were still pondering.

    He deserved the Pulitzer and he got it.

    The tradegy is that it took the death of one good man to wash out all the negative stories coming out of that place.

  • T A Tavenner

    So what’s up with the investigation? Where do we stand now concerning the shooting of the young man on Senator Soles property, allegations of sexual misconduct by Senator Soles,Status of Allen Strickland financial status, etc. You have been providing up-dates, however nothing at all since September 15, 2009.

    Is there a cover up now that the story has broken. Let finish what was started guy.

    Have a great Soles day.

  • Concerned_Citizen

    These sort of events are spoke of often by some residents of Tabor City who have seen the Senator and his clients weird behaviors and transactions.

  • Watching

    Senator RC Soles, Jr. is often referred to as ” The Man” by his male clients and their families.

    Often when using this term, it means to them that whatever trouble they get in or if they need money, “The Man” is the one to see because he will get the situation(s) under control.


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