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Seventeen-year-old Allen Strickland is back in the Columbus County jail Tuesday morning after allegedly violating his electronic house arrest in Tabor City. Strickland figures prominently in the investigation involving State Senator RC Soles. He was on house arrest after being charged with setting fire to the house that Soles built for him and with allegedly leading a Tabor City Police officer on a high-speed chase. Sources told NewsChannel 3 that Strickland was in the area near Soles’ home when he was sent back to jail this time.

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  • fisherswife

    House arrest is a viable option to ensure that people show up in court instead of crowding the jails with more juveniles. They are monitored through an electronic ankle bracelet and some are even allowed to leave for work, dr. appt…. It is called pre-trial release. He apparently can’t be trusted to even meet simple curfews so he should be locked up. He is simply a dolt that shouldn’t be let out until his trial date.

  • to dull

    No its not fair for him to be on house arrest.Its fair for them to have arrested him on the same charges not even 24 hours apart. The last time i heard of this happening the law ended up gettin some major trouble for it but i guess Tabor City has different law than any one else.

  • amy

    Wait a moment. I am not saying this kid should not be made to be responsible for his actions,but as far as I can tell he has not been convicted yet . Why is he on house arrest? I think that we are innocent until convicted aren’t we? I am assuming this house arrest is part of his bail? I am just thinking if i were to be accused of something and was awaiting trial how outraged I would be if I was on house arrest prior to the trial.
    What do you all think? Is house arrest fair before being convicted? I am confused!

  • Its Me

    Its called pre-trial release house arrest. It is a condition of his bond which he obviously violated since he is back in jail. It is an alternative to incarceration that saves the taxpayers of Columbus County money. His bond was set with the extra condition of house arrest but apparently Strickland would rather stay in the Columbus County Hilton instead of his home. Yes, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty but the judge who set the bond has to face the scrutiny of the citizens and the media if bond is set and Mr. Strickland goes out an does something else stupid such as being caught in the area of RC Soles home. With the high bond and added condition of house arrest the citizens and media can only blame Mr. Strickland. Not the Senator, the Judge, the police or Sheriff. He made that bed all on his own.

  • guesty

    Do you mean the home he set on fire?

  • Guest Yeah right

    Is that the same “loving family” that has taken care of him all these years? No, that would be RC Soles. Where has this “loving family” been all this time?

  • to dull

    the truth shall set allen strickland free today. the truth will come out and allen strickland will come home to his loving family that has been waiting for him and standing behind him knowing the charges against him where not true. allen will becme a free man.

  • Angie

    It is obvious this young man does have some problems, mainly with authority and dicipline but whatever the case it doesn’t matter where he was or what he was doing – he was on house arrest – which means you do not leave your house. If he left then he broke the law – again – and should have been arrested.

  • SurfCityTom

    certainly proves the value of an education. Too bad you missed class.

  • Amused

    If you trustpass, law enforstment might get ya!

  • Stratcatz


  • Guest Commontater

    that you?

  • d wax

    Maybe you should talk to someone better at writing and fact gathering. This whole thing sounds fishy to me. Why does an old man give young boys money? That’s a question I would like to see answered.

  • to dull

    enough is a enough why is it that the police is staying on allen strickland like they are? allen strickland goes to the gravesite with his grandmother to visit shawns grave and the law pick him up. first they that he is trustpassing on rc soles land but cant make that one stick because gravesite are public. So now they have to come up with something else to take him back to jail so they say that he is on the street where rc soles lives. I want to know does the any body that is in the law inforstment have any human feelings at all.Do they not know what this is doing to allen strickland family his grandmother is very sick and his sister is being emotionally destored. Some one to help Allen prove that all these charges against him is not ture. there has got to be a lawyer out here some where that rc soles isnt going to beable to scare. there has got to be a lawyer out here that is listening to this storie and saying to them self something isnt right and they will come forward and help allen out.

  • guesty

    The name you, dull, decided to post under speaks louder than your post. I’m worried about the law inforstment.

  • Its Me

    Perhaps you should return to school and not become a further part of the problem.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ..I’d be emotionally destored too.

    Stay away from the glue, kid.

  • Das Weibstück

    Missing a few brain cells I would say.

  • Back in jail? He should have never been released following the second arrest. What a brat!

  • guesty

    Yep, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • anne

    Put him in jail and leave him there. He is an accident waiting to happen and he is not only a risk to himself but to the community. It is evident that this young man is not “wrapped too tightly” and needs some guidance.

  • cintrek

    This boy, literally a boy, needs to be shown guidance that he’s probably never had in his short life. He’s making decisions that are going to follow him for the rest of his born days. He definitely has to take responsibility for his actions. RC Soles stop giving these young boys $$$$ and make them go back to school & get a job or end up in a foster home, you’re not helping them grow up to support themselves. To the writer of “Leave Allen Strickland Alone” – next time bring out the dictionary and go back to school to learn how to spell or you’ll only be getting jobs on the back of a garbage truck. I read these posts on occasion & there are quite a few folks who do not know how to spell.


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