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Katie McGee’s days as the Brunswick County School superintendent are numbered. The school board decided Tuesday night not to renew her contract come June 30th. They will begin looking for a replacement as soon as possible. School Board Chair Shirley Babson told NewsChannel 3 the decision to find a new superintendent has been a long time coming. Because of privacy laws, Babson would not go into detail about how the school board reached its decision, but she said it was an evolution of events. The most recent controversy in the district involved a grievance and follow-up lawsuit filed by McGee’s former assistant. That grievance also sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice. Babson said it’s important for members of the school board and school system to get along, and remain professional, and that it was just a good time for Dr. McGee to move on. "There’s just too much unrest, there’s just too much division. We need someone to help bring it back together. And help bring the community back together. I’m looking for some peace," Babson said. The board agreed on the decision to terminate McGee except for one board member, Scott Milligan. Milligan supported McGee in August when the board gave her a poor score for her annual review. Dr. McGee could not be reached for comment. WWAY received calls from a few teachers at Lincoln Elementary who told us that they disagree with the board’s decision, and feel McGee has made some great changes within the school system.

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  • Concerned parent

    Ill give it a try!

  • Guest 2

    I agree with most of the posts in this blog. McGee does need to go, and so do most of the members of the Board of Education. It is easy to set on the fence and look at either side and pass judgement on these people. Leaning one way when someone does something you agree with and leaning the other way when they do something you feel is wrong, BUT never doing anything about it other than complain and write your thoughts hidden behind the protection of this blog. I think most of the fault in Brunswick County lies with the citizens. WE voted these people into office, so we get what we voted for. If WE don’t like what they are doing, then WHY do WE keep voting them back in???? We have an election coming up in the not too distant future, so what are we going to do about it? If we do nothing, then guess what will change? Nothing! Change is suppose to be moving from something that isn’t working or is bad on to something that works better and is good. Sometimes we get it wrong, but we must learn from our mistakes and make it right the next time around. We need to look at the facts, not our personal preferences. I like her because she looks good, or he is handsome, or she is my nieghbor, or he got us something I have been wanting, she goes to my church, things that have nothing to do with why they should be elected. Look at the requirements for the job and pick someone who can fulfill these requirements, not just someone that speaks well and makes all kinds of promises. I guess it is easier said than done, huh?

  • Ms. Underwood and Mr. Hobbs must go

    They need to get rid of the adinstrative staff at Leland Middle School.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    This woman committed only one sin – she tried to change the stagnant, business as usual attitude that pervades nearly every public school system. (Inertia takes a tremendous force to overcome.)

    When she did, some of the rats started screaming about the cheese being moved. Strange though….a lot of teachers in the county fully supported her efforts, and are sorry to see her go.

    Trust me, Brunswick County is the loser, here.

    To the rear, march!

  • Queen66

    I think the Brunswick County Board of Education has finally made the right choice. This action should have been taken before now, but atleast they have done it. Thank you Board members!!!!!!!!!

  • bcparent

    I want to thank all the teachers in Brunswick County that has to put up with the people on the school board and McGee’s actions. I know that if it was not for the teachers our children would not have the scores that they do. I am still angry about the board’s decision not showing President Obama’s speech the day it was aired. Now I am a very devoted Republican and I do not agree with some of the President’s decisions but he is the President of The United States. I choose for my child to see the address because I wanted her to remember that education comes first. I believe that the school board has lost sight that education comes first. Shame on you Brunswick County School Board. Thank you Brunswick County teachers for being there for our children.

  • anne

    I am ambivalent about her going or staying. She has done some good things for the county but she has made some mistakes. But I totally agree with the writer that change needs to be made with the school board, starting from the top down. It is time to get these people out and bring in some new people that have fresh ideas. The ones on the board have been there too long.

  • Supply

    I hope that the citizens of this county does not believe that not renewing McGess’ contract is going to resolve the problems with Brunswick County Schools. Our problem is the Brunswick County Board of Education. This Board needs a shake up starting at the top and going down. Many of the things that have occured lately has involved the Board and NOT the Superintendant. The Obama ordeal is totally a Board issue and is not over. Look at what Board Member Cooke has done and nothing is yet to be done. I for one, will not vote for any imcumbant when election times roles around.

  • Guest4000

    Do you live in Brunswick County and have a child in the school system. I am thinking that since you have not even spelled McGee’s name right you do not. While I agree she might not be the total issue in regards to the problems she is a major part of them. I can not wait for her to be gone, and I would love to see some other changes made in the board also. She has not taken the county into the twenty-first century, the parents of the students in this county have a lot to do with that. Fundraising has a lot to do with it. Don’t give credit where it is not due.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Doctor McGhee dared to try and bring Brunswick County’s school system into the Twenty-first Century. Unfortunately, she ran afoul of the good-ol’ boys’ (and girls’) network of those who think they are guaranteed employment regardless of their sloth, and those who think that they deserve special treatment because of past inequities.

    Simply reading the previous story on this site shows the lynch-mob mentality that pulled her down. How in the world is she to blame for teachers with the morals of alley-cats preying upon students who are in heat?

    Good luck, Doctor McGhee. You’ll go far and do greater things somewhere else, somewhere that deserves you.

    Meanwhile, those of you across the river can get back to playing your banjos on the porch….

  • Guest282

    Stereotype much?

    As mentioned above, if you don’t have a child or a realtive in the system, then don’t make asinine comments.

    Teachers and parents deserve the credit for improved test scores not McGee (although she’ll gladly credit herself without ackowledging the dedicated staff’s work in the County).

    McGee was a morale buster. At an annual convocation for Brunswick County teachers used to kick off the new school year and meant to inspire and motivate her staff, she told them that they were lucky to have their jobs and if they didn’t like teaching in the County they could go work for WalMart. Wow, way to motivate Katie.There’s an inspirational speech.

    Good riddance.

  • Guesthere

    It is pitiful that a Superintendent who can lead students to the highest test scores in years will not remain here. Citizens of Brunswick County, when will you wake up and see this for what it is? It is not the Superintendent who needs to go, but the vindictive board who can’t stand her because she is not their “yes” woman. Anyone who does not bow down to their all encompasing power must go in their eyes! Vote these clowns out before our children have to pay for their arrogance.

  • Guest 664510

    Why are you being so rude? How would you like to take up this job? I asume that it’s not that easy. everyday you have to keep track of what every school is doing and where the schools are. Also you have to be in charge of all of the EOG test’s, which may I add there are alot of those test’s! So before you go talking just think how hard that job would be. I think she has done an ok job…. what would you do in this situation??

  • Guest53636

    I hope they do a better job selecting a superintendant this time, cause they blew it big time when they hired her.

  • Guest12

    As a graduate of the class of 2008, I must state that I am overjoyed to see this coming to Mrs. McGee. I have to say a LOT of her actions were made aware of to the students during my years of school. Whether true or just heresay, several instances, changes, and issues were brush off as “Sorry guys, get your parents to complain to the school board or the superintendent”.

    Its about that time!


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