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The Cape Fear Skyway Project has come to a fork in the road. Wednesday, elected leaders who make up the Transportation Advisory Committee met to discuss the billion-dollar project that would connect New Hanover and Brunswick counties. It looks like it will be another few weeks before there could be a decision about whether the project becomes a reality. While leaders are all in agreement that there needs to be a solution to a growing traffic issue through New Hanover and Brunswick counties, it's where the bridge will go that's up for debate. Previous plans for the bridge would cut directly in to the Brunswick County subdivision, Snee Farm. Wednesday, two new ideas were proposed. They would bypass residential areas, and go north of the Brunswick Forest subdivision. Brunswick County officials are generally in favor of those plans. "The Skyway Project, is a critical need for the future transportation needs of southeastern North Carolina. Where it goes is the key, and the latest route that they've proposed is the only one that I could give serious consideration to," said Brunswick County Commissioner Bill Sue. But time is ticking on the New Hanover county side. Right now the land where the bridge would start, at Carolina Beach Road and Independence is protected. That protection runs out this Sunday. Wilmington transportation planners say there's no point in stopping development there, to hold it for a bridge, if an agreement can't be reached on where the bridge lets out on the Brunswick County side. From here, the transportation authority will review the new plans for the bridge and get community feedback. The next meeting is October 28 at Wilmington City Hall.

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9 Comments on "Cape Fear Skyway Project still up in the air"

2015 years 10 months ago

By all means..please tell me what plan would satisfy everyone and not disturb someone’s neighborhood? If you can tell me that I will gladly cut you a check for $1,000…

2015 years 10 months ago

Are you honestly telling me that uprooting families and residents who’ve lived in a town for over 15 years is worth it to give you an easier drive in to Brunswick County? Are you serious?

2015 years 10 months ago

Brunswick Co. is not against the new skyline. Obviously they are not talking about running it through your backyard or development. There are areas where the bridge can come through that will effect less homeowners. I lived in New Hanover County for 15 yrs. before moving to Brunswick Co. and love it over here. One can tell by the way you choose your wording that you are a real idiot!

2015 years 10 months ago

I commend the Brunswick County Commissioners for
thoroughly investigating alternate routes for the proposed Skyway.
Unlike many US Senators and Congressman, the Brunswick County Commissioners are not succumbing to the “fire drill” approach now very much in vogue in their decision making process.
There are potentially thousands of home owners who could be adversely affected if extensive research is not performed.
It is true that thousands of Brunswick Cty residents use the existing bridges,however those same travelers also spend millions of dollars in New Hanover County.Remember that “only fools rush in and haste makes waste.

Really, dude?
2015 years 10 months ago

That’s not offensive at all.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this skyway proposed to run through where people currently live? Gosh, I guess those people should just get with the times and let the city bulldose their houses so you can have another option for getting into Brunshick County where we hicks live.

Your remarks make me want to join the opposers in their fight. You don’t deserve an easier way to get into our town. Stay on the other side of the bridge.

We're happy here in the "backwoods"
2015 years 10 months ago

“Replace it with something that will bring value for once.. to our area….”

As for “OUR” area

We’re quite happy in Brunswick county.

We don’t build things WE don’t need. The planning for this road has been a joke, I’ve been to the meetings.

When we have a bridge plan that doesn’t disturb neighborhoods, create more problems than it solves, and is fiscally responsible, we’ll “Git r done”. But a “plan” that has changed as many times in as many years is not a plan, but a “JOKE”.

Our property values have not taken the extreme hits of New Conover County.

Wilmington is the result of unbridled and unplanned growth at the expense of a southern lifestyle that is now gone.

If by “backwoods” you mean

Relaxed lifestyle

Uncluttered neighborhoods without traffic within 10 feet

A quick and responsive Police and Sheriff’s department

Neighborhoods with little crime

Doesn’t have an Increasing tax burden

Doesn’t have an Insane “water authority billing department” well that’s just a few things us backwoods hillbilly’s enjoy.

So by all means, let’s hurry and break our necks to provide Wilmington with the added tax revenues to keep desperate NHC taxpayers searching for others to pay a FEE to go into town.

We just don’t need it as bad as Ya’ll. Besides, there’s the convention center and an invisible hotel/Howard Johnson’s that you need to build first.

“done backwards in your neck of the woods”?

What have you really gained? Make sure you’ve paid your $1,12,341,431,341.00 water bill.

2015 years 10 months ago

Tahhh Dahhh!!!
Brunshick County.. The only county that has not committed…
STOP doing things the good ol boy way and come to your senses.. Both sides of the river have needed this project.. This NON-OPENING bridge that is SAFE for YEARS.. Not Years.. DECADES….
So keep on Brunshick County.. Keep dragging your feet and like everything else done backwards in your neck of the woods, funding will dry up and what could be a reality and this area’s most needed project ever, will be dust in the wind doing nothing but further devaluing your properties…. When this fails.. It will again.. Be Brunshick Counties fault…. And something that all three counties desperately need that will take a decade to complete will be history…
PS… The Cape Fear Bridge is going to have to be replaced one day anyway Einsteins.. Replace it with something that will bring value for once.. to our area….

Pension Dipper
2015 years 10 months ago

The I-140 bypass has a bridge north of the Holmes bridge going from 421 thru Navassa and into 74/76 and on to 17. This has been funded already and the money has been diverted to the second, unfunded leg to nowhere. If they would do what they said they were going to do then there would be no traffic, no toll, no problems, but no lets do the skyway.

2015 years 10 months ago

If the bridge doesn’t get built we are asking for problems. 1st: evacuations from the beaches would be chaos going up College. 2nd: you think traffic on the old bridge is bad now, just wait 5 years.(Its going to fall sometime & there would only be one bridge & then Brunwick County would have to go to Burgaw to get to Landfall, every day! 3rd: No Skyway bridge limits the area’s economy to grow via trade. Savannah and Charleston both got major Federal money to assist in building their bridges. It make$ economic sense. Its obvious the NCDOT is way behind on planning for the future.


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