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There was a political change Wednesday for Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram. Sheriff Ingram has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Democratic Party recommended Ingram to be Ron Hewett’s replacement in the spring of 2008. Wednesday, Ingram announced his intent to seek the Republican nomination for sheriff in 2010. In a statement, Ingram said, “Serving as Sheriff includes leading a team of dedicated and outstanding men and women. I am honored to work with this group of fine officers who strive daily for excellence. The Sheriff’s office is not about partisan politics, and some may ask why change parties. As I embark upon this season of Thanksgiving, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my life and the opportunities and blessings bestowed upon me. It is after much reflection and contemplation that I have decided to join the Republican Party. Though my career in law enforcement as a Democrat has brought me to this place in time, it is my humble choice to live free as my conservative principles and discipline desire. It is my hope and belief that all of the citizens of Brunswick County, Democrat, Republicans and Unafilliated voters will consider my service and re-elect me as their Sheriff.”

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  • Skulldrag

    IMHO, I wish politics were not a factor in law enforcement. Winning a vote to become Sheriff should never have to happen. Almost anyone can run for Sheriff, even someone who knows nothing about law enforcement. I am not comfertable with that. I think it should be just like hiring for a position, you find the best person qualified to fill that slot, not who campaigns them selves around kissing babies, shaking hands, and trying to make everyone happy by telling them what they want to hear.

    But unfortunalty it’s not like that. I think some may agree with me, but others will stick to the it’s our constitiutional right to elect a Sheriff. Not trying to rub anyones rhubarb here.

    Ingram has done a fine job for the county and I hope to see him stay around a while, so what if he changed parties. As said before vote for the person not that party.

  • Guest54

    I can agree with that post. Not slamming Mr. Ingram, but I dont think he is the right person for Sheriff. I am certain the voters will speak loud and clear come election time.

  • Southern Born

    I like Mr. Ingram as a Subordinate

    Switch to whatever party you wish Mr. Ingram the good people of this county were not going to vote you in this time either, you are a good detective, stick to something you are good at.

    I appreciate you taking on the responsibility during this tuff transition. You have my vote for captain or lieutenant, but let’s face it you just don’t measure up to what we need.

  • Guestjw

    I don’t agree with your take on Democrats,that said thoughtful reply.

  • Guestjw

    When people are paid a salary they can live on maybe more would be required to pay taxes.Republicans would pay one dollar an hour if they could.Bush’s sec. of labor didn’t think there should be a minimum wage.This could be why people would rather get handouts than work,it pays better.I don’t want to hear people can better themselves by learning and all that,because somebody still got to cut you yard,clean your house,etc.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I find modern Republicans to be incompetent and devoid of common sense, but find Democrats to be completely dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life.

    So I vote for individuals based upon how closely they align themselves with my views. Perhaps Libertarians, Conservatives, or a Constitutional Party will use the current nightmare this nation is living to finally offer a viable third-party choice.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    With Pelosi, Obama, and the village idiot Reid all working hard to take over private industry (or at least loot them three ways from Sunday) while defecating on the Tenth Amendment, how can you believe that any semblance of America as it has existed will remain? Only 52% of Americans pay federal income taxes now – the rest get a pass. THAT is America? THAT is equal protection under law?

    Don’t misunderstand me – No Child Left Behind is just as unconstitutional as the proposed healthcare reform will be. Republicans enjoy big, over-reaching government as much as Democrats.

    What we need more than anything is a group of strong governors who will tell BOTH sides of the aisles in Washington to go to blazes. “You’re not pulling that nonsenese in my state. I and my legislature will regulate insurance (or education) in my state.”

    That’s the way it’s supposed to work, and the way it DID work for about 145 years….

  • Guest56

    He must be dumb too if he just figured out how evil the democrats are.Your reason for him switching may be the reason Arlen switched.Yea right Ingram has ethics and I doubt he knows what a conscience is.

  • Guestjw

    Looks like there were more reasons than just to bash the libs.Like you said its not about the party its about being truthful.I like it when people like you say there not rep.but I’m sure you vote for them most of the time.I’m not going to argue with you about that because like Joe says you can’t argue with a sick mind.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    1. I’m not a Republican

    2. At that level of politics, party affiliation is generally inconsequential.

    So I don’t really care what party Ingram chooses. I only posted to remind all Democrats that their general value to mankind is equivalent to a that of a pin worm or pubic louse.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …and Specter isn’t a political opportunist? Nooooooooo….

    Perhaps Ingram sincerely planned on being a Democrat until he realized what it truly meant, and couldn’t face so many sleepless nights. He may be crippled by possessing a conscience and ethics.

  • Guest 73

    Who cares??? He has that right as a citizen of the US. For whatever reason, it is his alone.

  • GuestKXM-534

    It seems Sheriff Ingram has pulled a Bill (Buggar) Sue. The If it were not for the democrats neither would be where they are today. They both turned their back on the people who put their trust and support in them. We have not had a decent Sheriff in Brunswick County since John Carr Davis. He used to tell his deputies their job was to protect people, patrol neighborhoods and protect property,and to stop playing Highway patrolmen. Leave the highways to the State Highway patrol.

  • MoreSenseThanU

    Actually, “Mister Common Sense” (lol), this situation is quite different. Unlike Arlen Spector, who was repeatedly elected to the “Seanate” (sic) by his local constituency (Republicans and Democrats), Sheriff Ingram has never been elected to anything. He only holds his office because he lied to the Brunswick County Democratic Party. The fact is, Ingram is a political opportunist.

  • Guest525

    Smart move Sheriff if you want elected in a predominantely Repulican County!

    Your not the first to switch and survive look at Sen. Arlen Specter. Good luck in your election, I know you got my vote.

  • guesty

    I agree with you but the one item the “daddy” federal government ace in the hole card it holds is federal funding. Remember when the states were “asked” to raise the drinking age to 21 or lose federal highway funds? That way the feds didn’t force the states to change, they did it voluntary. With so many people holding their hand out for that government money the states are in a catch22.

  • Guest23

    The operative word here is ELECTED.Arlen didn’t lie to get elected.

  • Guest88898

    No difference but two wrongs don’t make it right.At least Arlen waited years before he switched.This guy is almost as bad as the one in Calabash who lied to get his job.What would you have said if he was rep and switched? We all know the answer to that.

  • Guest666

    Forget about the parties………both of them are as crooked as a pig’s tail. Vote for the person.

  • Guest555

    You are so off base it isnt even funny. And yet you are telling people to wake up.

  • Guest566

    Okay, this has nothing to do with former Sheriff Hewett. It has nothing to do with his supporters. The fact IS and remains that willing accomplices now work for Sheriff Ingram. IT is just a plain fact. I dont want to start calling names, but corruption is still alive and well at BCSD, because Sheriff Ingram allowed them to remain employed or re-hired the problems Ronald eliminated in the early years of his sheriff career. However, more on topic is the fact that Sheriff Ingram has betrayed the democrats of this county.

  • Guestbc

    Hewett made them problems himself. Atleast the Sheriff’s Office don’t have to clean yards, plant sod, and make things real nice for a wedding.hint hint… The current Sheriff’s Office is doing a great job for what they have got to work with. Everyone who talks smack about the current Sheriff’s Office, why don’t they get out there and do it. These deputies work hard enough without someone talking trash about them. Remember they have families and feelings too. So what the Sheriff whiched parties, God don’t chose who goes to heaven or hell by the party they are a member of. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • What does it matter what party he belongs to? Has his beliefs suddenly changed since he changed his party affiliation? As an independent I don’t see what it matters what party you belong to. I always thought that what a person does and beleives was more important than party affiliation.

  • smin

    It will just be interesting to me to see how this all plays out during election time next year!!!!!!!

  • Guest5150

    on here just because the man switched politcal parties. He is doing a damn good job of ridding the department of corruption and reducing the crime in this county. I am a registered Republican but the party is and has been out of touch for quite some time. But right now the dems have complete control and they are spending us into oblivion and cant make a decision to boot. So can you blame him for changing parties right now? Let him work and continue to do a good job and support this man no matter what the letter behind his name is…

  • Guest555

    Just switched political parties huh?

  • Guest0388

    I was thrilled to read that Ingram had switched parties. Loyalty to one political party is not necessary to adequately protect the citizens of Brunswick County.

    It’s interesting to me that the people who seem to dislike Ingram and are out campaigning against him are the ones who are mistakenly holding him responsible for Hewett’s removal from office. So, some of the ones who blew the whistle on Hewett are still employed by the Sheriff’s office…BIG DEAL…that just says to me that Ingram is a man of integrity and has nothing to hide. He is a smart, capable Sheriff and is making wise decisions to keep our county safe.

  • Guest856

    I just suppose you are perfect? You dont know your republican party as well as you might think then.

  • Guest1313

    It’s easy to see why he switched. The Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that he was ashamed to be associated with them. They are penalizing the hardworking people of this country to support the welfare deadbeats that leech on our society.
    I watched them give out free food to the so-called needy today. It was amazing to see so many of them in their nice cars and talking on their cell phones as they drove up.

  • Guestba

    You must be a Hewett supporter. Will you all please give it up. It is really getting old. Atleast Sheriff Ingram is not a convicted felon. I guess the pled Hewett took was not real either huh. I guess some people are still jealous….lol

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    You know…having that “-D” after your name immediately associates you with Obama….Pelosi….Leahy….Durbin….Schumer….Purdue….Soles…..

    I’d rather be associated with the Manson Family or the FLDS weirdos than any of them.

    As far as resigning, I think he should do it right AFTER Senator Arlen Specter resigns from the Seanate. After all, he was ELECTED as a Republican, but decided to switch to the Democrats when it became obvious that he couldn’t win renomination in the next Republican primary.

    Oh….but that’s different….right?

  • TruthSayer

    Well well well…the snake shows his true colors. I assume Sheriff Ingram will resign from office immediately, since he has never been elected and serves only because he claimed to be a Democrat filling a vacant Democratic Party seat. It just goes to show that the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department continues to be the most politically corrupt organization in southeastern North Carolina. We can only hope that a true law enforcement professional will run for sheriff next year and free our county from this culture of corruption. Remember, almost all the crimes Sheriff Ronald Hewett was accused of involved a willing accomplice in the sheriff’s department. Every single one of those willing accomplices now work for Sheriff Ingram.

  • no name

    Let this man serve which party his personal choices reflect. Let those who cast the first stone be free of sins? Give this man a chance.

  • straight talk

    actually your wrong truth be told they were NOT willing accomplices they were merely doing what they were told to do or risk loosing their jobs. question for you have you ever been up against your boss in something he tells you to do? i’m quite sure you haven’t so with that point think of having a boss that is pretty much the over the entire county, does not have to have a reason to fire you other than him walking in one day to work and if you don’t smile at him he tells you your fired (bad feeling isn’t it) i don’t agree with hardly anything this administration has done however lets not blame all the employees if you only knew the aggravation they have to go through to even want to go to work in the mornings but they do for a job to feed their families. like it was said to me the other day “there isn’t a more powerful man in this county then the sheriff, he is the king of this castle” and just like all other kings they let the power go staight to their heads and forget about the ones taking the blame for their stupidity

  • kjipjno[j

    The party has slapped itself in the face, actually. When Bush was elected and had a Republican congress give him “open checkbook” and “free reign”, the American people were angry. Now,Obama has done the same thing with the Democratic controlled congress and the country is headed absolutely in the wrong direction under his party/leadership. I am a true independent who votes solely on issues and integrity, and I beleive any elected official who sees his party doing the public wrong and switches based on principles is a person of integrity, rather than being a puppet for the party platform.
    I urge ALL of you out there to go to a soup kitchen or homless center at meal time or any place where the needy get assistance and you will see some people who absolutely need assistance and they should get it, but you will see an overwhelming majority pulling up in new cars, wearing all kinds of expensive jewelry and carrying blackberry cell phones, and you tell me how needy they are!

  • Guest1123

    I am absolutely angered by Mr. Ingrams decision. Many months ago, I attended the meeting at the Democratic Headquarters where Mr. Ingram stood and stated why he would make a good choice for the Sheriff nomination. During this meeting, Mr. Ingram was asked point blank about changing parties in mid-term, and Mr. Ingram said “NO”, I will not change my party affiliation, because I am a “Democrat”. Well look what he has went and done. This is an absolute slap in the face to the democratic party. As for the real truth about why he has switched parties, it is the fear of competition-and oh will you get challenged this election time. I WILL NOT vote for Mr. Ingram come election time. This is an absolute slap in the face to the democrats of this county. While I certainly agree the office of Sheriff is about party affiliations, this is the worst case of dirty politics I have ever seen. Mr. Ingram, you should be ashamed.


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