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The Cape Fear Skyway was the subject of a public information meeting in Wilmington today. It’s a project that still has many questions to be answered before becoming a reality. One of the big questions seems to be is this billion-dollar bridge really needed?

The purpose of the project is to provide another connection between New Hanover and Brunswick Counties to alleviate traffic, provide access to the port, and serve as an evacuation route. But not everyone’s on board. Leland Town Council and the state Department of Transportation are split on the plan. Leland leaders aren’t sure if a billion-dollar bridge and toll road are the right solution for the area’s growing traffic problem.

Some people at today’s meeting said something has to be done to relieve the congestion. Others say there are more affordable options.

Another part of the debate centers around where to build the I-140 bypass that leads to the Skyway bridge. Earlier this week the Brunswick County Commission supported a more northern route that would stay away from some Leland neighborhoods.

The Skyway would carry I-140 over the Cape Fear River to Independence Boulevard and lighten the load on the other two bridges that cross the river to Wilmington. An alternative plan suggests building a much cheaper bridge next to the Cape Fear Memorial and letting each bridge take traffic in only one direction.

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8 Comments on "Skyway debate continues"

2015 years 9 months ago

let me see, the bottle neck on 74/76 pretty much turns my usual 10-15 minute commute into a 20-25 minute commute. Usually going 2 miles an hour, or less for 10 plus minutes, on a good day. Do that 49 weeks a year (I get a weeks vacation, + traffic not usually too bad during Xmas/New Years), times 5 days a week, times the thousands of other drivers who are also wasting time and gas and patience in the same situations. And that is just because of traffic volume. Throw in the bridge being up, or an accident, where you can’t, at that point, get to either bridge in the northern part of the county, and the 1000’s of houses they are building in Brunswick Forest and other new developments in Leland, which is going to make the current situation that much more worse in the near future. So yes, I do think building another bridge south of the problem is justifiable. I bought a house years ago in Leland to get away from the traffic issues in Wilmington, and it is becoming just as bad over here now, thanks to these so called government leaders and planners.

2015 years 9 months ago

I don’t disagree something needs to be done.

I do disagree that a billion dollar bridge is required to fix this problem.

How many of the other drivers stuck in traffic didn’t want or need to go through Leland to get to their destination?

How many of those drivers are trying to get to Independence Boulevard? And how many of them are trying to get to I-140?

My bet is that most didn’t want to go through Leland at all, and that many are trying to get to I-140 or 421. In either case, a bridge to Independence Boulevard is not a good solution. But a bypass around Leland is.

So let’s ask DOT to complete the I-140 bypass to 74/76 and to Highway 17 south of Leland (much quicker and cheaper than the Skyway bridge) and then see what happens to the traffic jam. I suspect it will all but disappear, but we won’t know until we get there.

I can’t imagine the taxpayers footing the bill for yet another project when the DOT still hasn’t finished the I-140 project due to funding issues.

It just doesn’t add up.

2015 years 9 months ago

Building a cheaper bridge next to the Cape Fear bridge is a superior common sense idea. The Skyway is an outrageous project designed to line the pockets of developers & keep DOT administrators in high paying positions. Hopefully common sense will prevail, but with the current state of NCDOT politics & their ties with corrupt developers..I won’t hold my breath.

2015 years 9 months ago

Someone needs to adequately explain why a billion dollars needs to be spent constructing what is basically just another entrance to the Port. Practically speaking, it goes nowhere else. It’s ludicrous to dump the eastern outlet onto two already crowded surface streets.

If our county commissioners, over the last twenty to thirty years, had shown some guts instead of greed, there would be a corridor for a southern loop. Too late for that now. To do a southern loop, it would cost another billion to relocate all the homes and businesses that were ignorantly allowed to build.

And everybody keeps forgetting that the I-140 northern loop will provide another large way to traverse the Cape Fear River, which, in addition to the construction of the new Port facility in Brunswick County, will help alleviate traffic on the east side of the river.

2015 years 9 months ago

Gee, maybe Mr Futch and any other Brunswick Co official who doesn’t see the need for another bridge, should try sitting in traffic everyday, stuck in the bottle neck, and then decide if there is no need for another bridge. Just because you all live and work in Brunswick county, and aren’t affected by the horrible traffic in the morning, doesn’t mean we don’t need another bridge. How can that guy say “I don’t see how a bridge south of the Cape fear bridge is going to help the bottle neck on 74/76″ REALLY…. Common sense tells me that if they were to build bridge in the southern part of Leland, a good chunk of the people coming north on 17 and River Road, would go over that bridge, to get across the river, instead of coming all the way up to 74/76. Seems to me that would fix the bottleneck that is created every morning by all of these people from south Brunswick Co, north, to get across the river. It’s not rocket science. That’s the problem with these dinosaur leaders we have, they can’t see past their own lives. They have no problem building all of these new housing developments, getting people to move here, but don’t want to do the smart thing when it comes to the traffic problems they have caused.

2015 years 9 months ago

I sit in the same traffic as you do…the reality is that we need a fix sooner than later. The Sky Way is a political cluster that is going nowhere fast. So common sense says, lets fix the problem on 74/76 coming in and out of Wilmington. Have a lane that extends from the Leland exit to the 421 exit and another lane from 421 back to the first Leland exit. If we can build another bridge beside the Cape Fear Memorial at a fraction of the 1+ Billion dollar price tag then I’m all for it. Besides most will opt for the free route and not the toll fees. You may, but most will not…

2015 years 9 months ago

How long do you actually sit in traffic every day? Enough to justify a billion dollar bridge?

Everyone involved, especially the Mayor of Leland, understands the need to do something, hopefully something that can improve this situation without spending boatloads of money.

Thank goodness that Leland has a Mayor who is challenging the agencies in charge of the Skyway project.

Too many ‘people in charge’ are far too anxious to mortgage the future in order to further their own best interests.

Read the article in the paper and look at the list of questions Mayor Futch is asking about the Skyway project. They are legitimate questions that should have already been answered. If the ‘people in charge’ will address the Mayor’s questions and concerns, it is almost certain that the traffic problem can be solved without the need for the Skyway bridge.

I strongly support Mayor Futch’s position and hope that his questions result in a REAL solution.

2015 years 9 months ago

ggggggggggggg cant u see we need 2 work


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