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Each year, Rep. Mike McIntyre holds a celebration for Black History Month honoring African-American leaders within our community. For the last 14 years, that event has been held in Lumberton. But this year, it came to the Port City Sunday.

Neighbors looking out for neighbors, taking race out of the picture, and treating everyone with dignity and respect. That was the message from Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the third-highest ranking member in the US House, and guest speaker at this year’s Southeastern North Carolina Black History Celebration.

“You just gotta work together, pull together,” Lumberton Police Chief Michael McNeill said. “The right hand’s got to know what the left hand’s doing, the left hand’s got to know what the right hand’s doing, and at the end of the day it’s all about the people. It’s all about the people.”

And this celebration was all about the people. Before the program even got underway, McIntyre went around the room and gave the mic to each and every person allowing them to introduce themselves.

“The fact is, we all matter,” New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield said. “There’s no one greater than the other.”

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  • Guest2213

    Black beauty pageants, black television, black music awards and black history month exist because they have to. These things had to be created so that blacks could participate & be recoginized. Blacks were forced to create these things. And now that blacks have created some things of their own, they’re considered protected & priveleged? It’s too bad that blacks didn’t have this “protection” and these “privileges” that you speak of when they couldn’t vote, drink out of certain water fountains, ride in the front of the bus or eat in certain restaurants. I do agree with you that Jesse and Al get carried away sometimes. I’m not a very big fan of either of those “reactive”, attention grabbing gentlemen. But the truth is, We protect ourselves and earn our own privileges, no one gives us anything.

  • Sun Tzu

    12 months a year….. Don’t let one insignificant event in the month of February fool you or in you case make a fool of you. The history of African Americans or any other group of people in this country could never be appreciated in twenty eight days of observance.

  • blackjack

    the other 11 months of the year!

  • Guest7969

    type of thing just continues the racist/discrimination cycle that our OWN GOVERNMENT WILL NOT ALLOW TO STOP…how about it doesn’t matter if your black or white…lets call it AMERICAN history month and make it every month and teach based on the significance of an individual based on what they did….not break it out into black versus white…

    The government is the BIGGEST player in discrimination….both economic and race….IF YOU GET a welfare check or help from the government…guess what…YOUR A SLAVE!….you’ll drop to your knees, sing Kumbaya and kiss the ring of the seal of the great USofA if they tell you to before picking up a check!

  • Guest730

    There will always be racism. The Black race is the most protected, privileged group on earth. There is a Black History Month, Black beauty pagents, black music awards, black tv network and plenty more exclusively for the black race. If whites were to come up with something like that, Jesse and Al would be on their way.

  • Guest350

    When is White History Month?

  • radar

    Mike is making his rounds and is in full blown campaign mode.Did you bring them a check? A Princess Pelosi Lap Dog!

  • Guest333333333

    “We all matter,” True.

    “There’s no one greater than the other.”

    This is egalitarianism in the extreme.

    Greater in what respect?

    Greater in intelligence? Yes, I know innumerable people far more intelligent than I will ever be.

    Greater in talent? Accomplishment? I have very little talent, but I know many who are loaded with all kinds of splendid talents and who are highly accomplished.

    Instead of resenting those who are “greater” in some capacity, we need to look up to them and strive to emulate them.

    No, Mr. Barfield, we are not all equal in intelligence, talent, inventiveness, industriousness, athletic ability, etc.


    Then why is it not PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.



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