Local Producer Hopes for Oscar Win

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Submitted: Wed, 02/03/2010 - 2:52am
Updated: Wed, 01/01/2014 - 6:08pm

Along with Sandra Bullock’s nomination for best actress, “The Blind Side” is also nominated for best picture. The Executive Producer of “The Blind Side” lives in Wilmington. Tim Bourne says even if “The Blind Side” doesn’t win best picture, it’s an honor in itself to be put in the same category as box office favorites “Avatar” and “Up”.

“The Blind Side” is one of 10 films nominated for the biggest award in Hollywood, an Oscar for best picture.

The movie profiles a homeless teen from Memphis whose life changes for the better when a caring woman and her family adopt him. Wilmington’s Tim Bourne was on the front lines as the Executive Producer. “It’s not often that anybody gets to work on a film that gets nominated for an academy award, that’s what you kind of dream of,” says Bourne. The movie became an instant hit. In part because it was based on a true story but also, Bourne says, because of it’s message. “There was no pay back, there was no motive, as I say, no plan. It just happened. They were in a position to help somebody out and I think that’s what comes out in this movie is the pure help, the humanity, humans helping other humans,” says Bourne.

Sandra Bullock who’s nominated for best actress, and Tim McGraw played the teen’s adoptive parents. Bourne says he can’t imagine working with two nicer people. “Just wonderful, wonderful people, real people. I would say it was probably my favorite experience with a leading cast like that, that they were just incredibly warm, hard working, genuine folks,” says Bourne.

Bourne also worked on the film “A Walk to Remember” and the hit series “Matlock”. But he spends most of his time working on the governor’s film council to try to bring more films to our state. He says, “We here need to sort of sweeten the incentive pot to lure more work back to North Carolina.” As for “The Blind Side”, he’s looking forward to the academy awards, no matter what the outcome. Bourne says, “It’s just wonderful that such a nice movie, like a really good movie that you can take your kids to, actually made some money as well, and got critically acclaimed. I mean it’s a home run in practically everything. and for that, that’s the award right there.”

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