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It’s official. Today Republican Ilario Pantano filed to run for Congress.

The decorated Marine Corps combat veteran is seeking the 7th District seat currently held by Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre. McIntyre and Republicans Will Breazeale and Randy Crow have already filed.

The 7th District seat has been held by the Democratic Party for more than 100 years, but the district has begun to lean more toward Republicans in state and national elections

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  • radar

    It is refreshing to see some folks step forward and challenge OUR career politician in D.C. Mike it is time to dust off those law books and go to work like the rest of us regular folks. The only time you see Mike in our communities is when he has a check in his pocket ( wealth redistribution) or is getting some positive PR. He will not debate candidates to talk about the real issues of the day and will not hold forums where he can be pinned down on issues. He proclaims to be a Blue Dog Democrat , who is not influenced by his party, but he votes 90 percent of the time along party lines. He is a well-established Washington insider. Incumbents will bear the brunt of the storm that is coming from the disgruntled voters. You have failed us. Special interest before the interest of the American people. Americans are waking up to the disastrous course we have taken under the leadership of career politicians. The longer you keep a career politician in office , the more passive they will become to the needs of ordinary Americans.

  • If you’re saying we need term limits, then you are clearly correct. But who’s going to vote to shorten his own job and lessen his own job security?

    A real statesman would do it. Do we have any? Maybe McIntyre is a real statesman. I don’t know. I know that he is very responsive to voters, as any good politician should be.

  • Wes H

    You don’t define what McIntyre point of view is nor do you define what the will of ‘the majority of people’ is, so I personally just see someone ranting about the federal government. I’ve heard Congressman McIntyre speak on many occasions and I’m happy to say his voting record follows what he says in public. Also, he doesn’t follow typical party line voting practices (No to the Health Care bill in the House) . In my personal opinion, I feel that more politicians should follow his example. He also has a meeting in Washington for members of his congressional district that presents the issues they have been working on in Washington for our area. Also, he brings in variety of speakers to discuss national issues with the guests. I think any of us would be hard pressed to find a better representative in Washington than Mike McIntyre.


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